Military rules and conditions in Türkiye

قوانین سربازی در ترکیه
Military rules and conditions in Türkiye

Today, military service is considered a challenge for most young people in different countries of the world. The rules of military service, including the age and gender of the subjects and its duration, are defined differently in each country.

Türkiye، The western neighbor of our country is not an exception to this rule and the youth of this country must participate in military service for a certain period of time. Military laws in Turkey are determined by the Military Service Law, which is used as the constitution.

This issue is important for citizenship applicants.

قوانین سربازی در ترکیه

Throughout history, the Turkish government has given special importance to its military structure, and the army of this country has always been considered one of the best armies in the world. All male citizens of Turkey are required to perform military service.

During the first 6 months of military service in Turkey, 1,200 liras are paid monthly, and in the second 6 months, which is optional, 2,800 liras are paid.

Its duration has decreased since 1927 and only since 2014 12 monthsmilitary service to It takes a long time.

Of course, for people who College education have 6 monthsand they can 6 months later to serve as optional.

Soldier in Türkiye

At the end of this 6-month period, a person can continue the next 6 months voluntarily with a monthly salary of 2,000 lira.

Soldiers who are in different provinces, if they are serving in Hatay, Kilis, Gaziantep, Mardin, Shinak, Hakkari, Van, Agra, Shanli-Urfa and Ighdir regions, they will receive an extra salary of 1000 liras.

Salary and leave conditions

The first three months of military service are known as training courses.

The salary of each soldier for the entire period of service is about 1600 lira per month.

Eligible leave for each soldier is two days per month, which can be longer if the person stays away from her place of residence.

Soldiers who live at a maximum distance of 800 km from their place of service, get one more day off.

Soldiers who are 800 to 1,600 km away will receive two additional days of leave, and soldiers who are more than 1,600 km away will receive three days of additional leave.

Who are subject to military service?

For those who do not continue their education after school, if they reach the age of 20, they are subject to military service.


Until the end of their university studies, those who intend to continue their studies will be subject to educational exemption and their military service will be postponed.

Upon completion of higher education, a person may defer military service for up to two years.

For example, a person who graduated from university at the age of 26 is still exempt from studying for two years after graduation.

After graduation, in order to maintain the educational exemption, it is necessary to renew in the centers of your choice; Otherwise, he is known as a deserter.

Turkish military

Military age in Turkey

According to the law published on February 22, 2014, the legal age for military service in Turkey is between 21 and 41 years.

The General Staff of the Turkish Armed Forces can increase or decrease the maximum age for military service up to 5 years at its discretion. Deserted soldiers are still subject to their military service even if they are over 41 years old.

Military for foreign nationals in Turkey

One of the questions that has occupied the minds of asylum seekers in Turkey is what the law of military service is for them. According to Article 2 of Law 1111 of the Turkish Civil Service, military service for foreign nationals as well as refugees who acquire Turkish citizenship is determined according to their age.

Yes, foreign nationals can be exempted from military service in Turkey if they meet the educational, medical or other exemption conditions. Also, foreign nationals can exempt themselves from military service in Turkey by paying the relevant fee.

Yes, foreign nationals can serve in the Turkish army, but for this they must meet certain conditions and go through the specified procedures in this field. In general, foreign volunteers to serve in the Turkish army must meet certain conditions, such as having a valid residence status in Turkey, having proper identification documents, and being fluent in the Turkish language. Also, they must receive training and military preparation courses and pass physical and psychological tests successfully.

Holders of non-Turkish nationality who receive Turkish citizenship after the age of 22 must submit relevant documents to prove military service in their country; Otherwise, they are obliged to do military service in Türkiye.

Individuals who receive Turkish citizenship after the age of 21 can postpone their military service for two years.

Obtaining Turkish citizenship after the age of 20, even if done at the age of 30, will lead to military service in Turkey.

Military service in Türkiye for nationals

Who is exempt from military service in Turkey?

If you have the nationality of one of the Turkic-speaking countries such as Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, Applicants Obtain Turkish citizenship By providing proof of military service in your country, you will be exempted from military service Türkiye will be exempted.

Patients with chronic diseases can postpone their military service until recovery. Also, the military service of people convicted by a judicial sentence will be postponed until the end of the sentence.

High school students up to the age of 22, associate’s degree students up to the age of 25, bachelor’s students up to the age of 28, postgraduate students and professional athletes up to the age of 35 are subject to educational exemption.

سن سربازی در ترکیه

Buy military service in Turkey

According to the laws of Turkey this year (2023), military service can be purchased at a cost of 42 thousand liras. Of course, even with the purchase of military service, a 25-day period must be engaged in basic training.

Male citizens over the age of 18 and residing in Turkey can use the plan to buy military service offered by the government at different times.

Also, citizens who have non-Turkish citizenship can perform this service by paying the military service fee through foreign currency.

Concluding remarks

This article examines the details of military service in Turkey and its laws. In short, military service in Turkey is a mandatory 1-year period that even foreigners who have received a Turkish passport must go to this period and complete their service if they are eligible.

Persons residing in Turkey who are originally from the mentioned countries can be exempted from military service in this country according to the mentioned conditions.

Turkish Legal Laws 2023 and latest Turkish citizenship changes

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