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Buying property in Türkiye or Iran? Where is better?

مقایسه رشد مسکن-ایران ترکیه
Buying property in Türkiye or Iran? Where is better?

Considering the recent fluctuations of the dollar and the increase in the value of the dollar compared to the Turkish lira and the Iranian rial, what effect can it have on property prices and capital markets, both in Turkey and in Iran?

According to the different opinions of analysts, and Predicting the increase in the price of the dollar Up to 60 thousand tomans or even possible The decline of this trend, in addition to its effects on inflation, will definitely lead to price fluctuations Attention will be paid to intermediate, consumer and imported goods.

even climbing The price of the dollar, or in other words, the weakening of the value of the rial, has a significant impact on the country’s manufacturing industry. This makes manufacturers not only have to reduce the quality of their products. Rather, it makes them unable to compete well with their foreign competitors.

خرید ملک استانبول یا ایران

Considering the many questions these days, we will compare the purchase of property in Iran and Turkey.

For example, if two years ago, a person bought for $100,000Property in Istanbul has done and the approximate rate of conversion of rial to dollar in that year is 25 thousand tomans (actually he has converted 2 billion and 500 thousand tomans to dollars) and another person has bought a property in Iran with the same amount, now considering We compare these two investments from an economic and scientific point of view to the drop of the Rial in Iran and the Turkish lira and the current dollar rate.

Comparison of housing price growth chart in Türkiye and Iran!

There are two important points. First, we should check the growth rate of the real estate market in Iran and Turkey during two years and see how much they have grown in these two years. Suppose in 2022, property growth in Turkey is very high in some cases and has experienced an average of about 150%, which is sometimes up to 100% due to the growth of foreign exchange.

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The second point is that during two years, how much has the value of the national currency decreased in both countries?

مقایسه رشد مسکن ترکیه و ایران

According to these points, it is clear that in the last two years, the value of the national currency in Iran has decreased compared to Türkiye It has been more, with this Now, the growth rate of the real estate market in Iran has been higher than in Turkey during the last ten years.

People who bought property in Turkey in the last two years have benefited from added value and dollar profit, because the growth rate of property in Iran in the short term does not compensate for the depreciation of the rial, and the currency advantage has benefited investors in Turkey.

Which people make more profit in buying property?

Buying a property can have different purposes, including as a shelter or to preserve capital value. People may want to buy a property with certain characteristics in a certain area for their personal use, even if the growth trend in that area is balanced.

On the other hand, people may want to buy property as an investment and only care about preserving the value of their currency, without getting into currency policy games.

From the point of view of investors who came to Turkey from other countries, choosing to buy property with dollars in Turkey can be They have facilities such as obtaining a passport andTurn into Turkish citizento provide, which is possible in It was not possible in other countries.

These types of investments can achieve significant profits and increase the dollar value of these investments.

It is true that when providing investment information, a few general conditions must be observed, regardless of the specific location or time. In these cases, the information should be timely and complete so that investors can make better investment decisions.

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The first thing is that when it comes to the property price growth rate, one should not be satisfied with the information of a particular year. Rather, long-term data and the history of price growth should also be examined to make better decisions.

The second is that in articles related to investment, the information should be presented accurately and completely, without being limited to the sale or purchase of property. This information should help people make better decisions for moving or investing in real estate.

When it comes to buying property, the type of information required depends on the goals and needs of each person.

For some people, they don’t pay enough attention to the overall details of their investment to buy a property. For example, for this group of people, the location of the property or even the country is not important, and they are only looking to make a shelter for themselves with their taste and capital, while for people who buy property for the purpose of investment, , all aspects related to investment and key points are important.

In any case, the purpose of the article is to provide information that will help people make better decisions about their property purchases and investments.

Considering the economic and mismanagement issues that exist in Iran, it can have an important impact on investments and investment decisions in this country. But this does not mean that there are no problems in other countries or that it is the best option for investment.

However, some people may decide to invest in these countries due to the conditions and facilities available in other countries. This may be due to better economic conditions, more effective government policies or better investment opportunities.

Finally, properly managing the investment portfolio and choosing suitable investment methods based on personal conditions and goals can help preserve capital and increase profitability. It seems that if someone manages his investment portfolio in Turkey, it seems that in 2024 Total capital preservation is better than Iran

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Final word..

Is it better to buy property in Türkiye or Iran?

خرید ملک ایران یا ترکیه؟

The decision between buying a property in Iran or Turkey depends on various factors, including personal goals, economic conditions, laws and regulations related to property ownership, the state of the property market, and the specific needs of each person. Below, we explore some of the key factors to consider:

  1. Economic conditions: The economic situation of each country and its exchange rate have a significant impact on the prices and value of properties. For example, if the exchange rate changes in Iran or Turkey, this can have a direct impact on property prices.

  2. Laws related to property ownership: The laws and regulations related to property ownership are different in each country and should be checked carefully. For example, in some countries, there are restrictions and limitations on the purchase of property by foreigners.

  3. Geographical and regional location: The geographical and regional location of the property can have a direct effect on its price. Also, this situation can affect the consideration of the property’s added value and its profitability.

  4. Personal needs: Each person’s personal needs and goals play an important role in the decision between buying a property in Iran or Turkey. Some people may be looking to buy property as an investment, while others are looking for a place to live.

Therefore, the decision between buying a property in Iran or Turkey should be made carefully and considering all relevant factors. Doing thorough research and consulting with real estate professionals can help you make a better and more rational choice.

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