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Differences between residency and citizenship in Türkiye – key points

اقامت و شهروندی ترکیه2024
Differences between residency and citizenship in Türkiye – key points

What is the difference between Turkish citizenship and residency?

اقامت و شهروندی ترکیه2024

These days, there are still people who intend to immigrate or buy property in Turkey, but they do not know the main differences between citizenship and residence in Turkey, and this factor makes them make a wrong decision with insufficient information.
In this article, we examine the differences and basic points of citizenship and residence in Turkey.

The main differences between residency and Turkish citizenship

Citizenship means that it gives you the rights and duties of a full citizen of a country. As a citizen, you have rights such as the right to vote, the right to benefit from government services, and the right to benefit from government support. You may also be subject to duties such as paying taxes.

Residency allows you to stay in the respective country without having citizenship. This may be for a specified period or for an indefinite period and can usually be linked to certain specifications and conditions. People with residency status usually do not have some citizenship rights, such as the right to vote, but may enjoy other rights, such as access to temporary services.

RegardingTypes of accommodation in TürkiyeYou can refer to the relevant article.

The noteworthy point is that different types of Turkish residence are limited and can be extended, but Turkish citizenship It is unlimited.

Advantages of Turkish citizenship over residency

Turkish citizens with a Turkish passport can enter and leave without restrictions. This allows them to easily return to their country or travel to other countries.

Turkish citizens can work in any job they want with a passport. This includes jobs that may be off limits to foreigners. This right may provide them with more job opportunities in the country and help them economically.

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With Turkish citizenship, people can use government insurance such as health insurance and other social insurance provided by the government. This ensures them to afford medical and other health services.

Turkish citizens can borrow from private and public banks. These loans may be used for various purposes such as buying a home, education, or starting a business.

One of the basic rights of citizens is the right to vote in elections. Turkish citizens can participate in various elections and have an active role in the formation of the government and political decisions.

If you intend to study in Turkey and have received a Turkish passport at the same time, you will benefit from many discounts and benefits.

The mentioned items are provided to the citizens of Turkey and are among the important benefits obtained by having the citizenship of this country.

The mentioned items are provided to the citizens of Turkey and are among the important benefits obtained by having the citizenship of this country.

اقامت و شهروندی ترکیه2024

Getting a Turkish passport can help you a lot in different situations and bring many benefits. For example, a person looking to immigrate to Canada can benefit from more attractive facilities and opportunities for immigration by obtaining a Turkish passport.

By receiving a Turkish passport, your economic value will increase compared to an Iranian passport, because you will receive more rights and privileges as a Turkish citizen.

For example, as a Turkish, you can do business in any country you want and open a bank account in any bank you want.

Also, Turkish passport holders can travel to 72 different countries without the need for a visa, and in some cases even receive the required visa at the destination country’s airport.

These facilities and various privileges will help you in foreign travel and immigration matters and increase international communication and job opportunities.

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Do not get a Turkish passport for the purpose of foreign trade!!

Some people may decide to get a Turkish passport for business reasons and trade with foreign countries. But it should be noted that in some cases, determining the nationality in the passport can have an effect on banking transactions and financial communications, especially in cases where there are laws or financial policies related to communications with certain countries.

For example, some banks and financial institutions may restrict or impose restrictions on transactions with individuals whose nationality is registered as Iranian in their passports, especially in cases where financial communications with Iran are prohibited or restricted.

Therefore, before choosing to obtain a Turkish passport as a business purpose, it is important that you carefully review these points and familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations related to financial transactions with other countries.

Consequences of illegally obtaining a Turkish passport!!

(Podcast recorded on September 15, 2022)

General conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship in 2024

  • The applicant for citizenship must be mature and capable of discernment and show by her behavior that she wants to live in Turkey.
  • She must not be suffering from a disease that threatens the health of the society and must adhere to moral principles.
  • Also, she should have a suitable income level and job in Turkey and know the Turkish language well.
  • The applicant should not be a threat to the public order of the society and the national security of Türkiye.

The applicant should not be a threat to the public order of the society and the national security of Türkiye.

It is said in many advertisements that you can get a Turkish passport after 5 years by buying a property below 400,000 dollars!!

 It should be noted that in order to obtain Turkish citizenship, immigration laws clearly state that the property purchased by you in Turkey must be worth at least $400,000. Even if you buy the property in installments, you should Your payment to The total amount reaches 400 thousand dollars so that you can apply for a passport.

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But, if you buy a property worth at least $400,000, you and your family (spouse and children under 18) can apply for a Turkish passport. Otherwise, by purchasing a property below this amount, you can only get a one-year short-term residence and renew this residence annually.

last word..

In this article, we tried to review all practical tips related to residence and citizenship in Turkey. Therefore, when investing or buying property in this country with the aim of obtaining a passport or residency, you should avoid profiteers so that your capital is not at risk.

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