Cost of living in Turkey

هزینه زندگی در ترکیه
Cost of living in Turkey

Knowing the “cost of living in Turkey” is one of the common questions of Iranian immigrants who intend to immigrate to Turkey. Given the importance and role of cost of living in immigration decisions, in this article we address the important issue of cost of living in Turkey. Foreign immigrants in Turkey usually find the cost of living in Turkey more reasonable than other European destinations. This is proven when you compare the different costs of living in Turkey with other countries.

According to available statistics, the cost of living in Turkey is 59% lower than in the United States, 62% lower than in the United Kingdom and 26% lower than in Iran. Turkey’s cost index in the international ranking is 71 and its rank among other countries is 100 m. Another very interesting point about the cost of living in Turkey is the existence of two cities, Antalya and Bursa, Turkey in the first and second rank of cheap cities in the world. Therefore, with this description, the cost of living in Turkey is cheaper than most European and American countries and even Iran.

As with most foreign destinations, the cost of living in Turkey is directly influenced by the location and lifestyle of the individual. Applicants for immigration to Turkey for a comfortable life in Turkey must strike a balance between their average monthly wage and their average monthly cost. The average monthly cost of living in Turkey is approximately $ 500 to $ 600, and the average monthly wage in Turkey after tax is about $ 395.92. Experts of Holding (4K Group) are ready to provide you with additional information in this field, dear compatriots.

Turkey is a large peninsula that connects the continents of Europe and Asia. Turkey is surrounded on three sides by the Black Sea, the Mediterranean Sea, and the Aegean Sea. Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey, located on the lands in the Bosphorus Canal. The highest mountain in Turkey is Mount Ararat, which has two peaks, the height of Mount Ararat reaches 5165 meters. This mountain is considered sacred by the local people of Turkey because they believe that Noah’s ark sank on this mountain after the great flood.

More than 80% of Turks are of Turkish origin and only one-fifth of Turkey’s population is Kurdish. Turks are family friendly people and very hospitable. According to the 2018 census, the population of this country was about 82003882 people. The Turkish education system is one of the top educational institutions in the world with more than 200 universities and institutes of higher education. The Turkish healthcare system is completely controlled by the government and operates in the form of social security.

Leading economy, high quality education system, high standard of living are the most important reasons for migrating to Turkey. Other advantages of migrating to Turkey include the easy process of migrating to Turkey and cultural and territorial proximity to Turkey.

The importance of knowing the cost of living in Turkey

Turkey has the 13th largest GDP (GDP) in the world and is also the 17th largest nominal GDP in the world. It is one of the founding members of the OECD and the G-20. The Turkey-EU Trade Agreement in 1995 led to the liberalization of tariff rates and is one of the most important pillars of Turkey’s foreign trade policy. Therefore, the Turkish economy in the Middle East is one of the top economies in the region.

Due to Turkey’s superior economic situation in our region, as well as valuable Turkish work and educational opportunities for foreign immigrants, Turkey has traditionally been one of the attractive immigration destinations for Iranian compatriots. But to make a better decision about immigrating to Turkey, knowing the cost of living in Turkey is one of the most important priorities of every applicant. The cost of living in Turkey can be divided into smaller sections: The cost of food, the cost of housing in Turkey and the cost of transportation.

Cost of food in Turkey

Of the 100% of the total cost of living in Turkey, the cost of food with 36.3% share is the first cost of living in Turkey. In Turkey, food can be purchased at weekly markets that offer local fruits and vegetables at low prices. Large supermarkets sell imported goods at high prices.

Although the cost of food in Turkey is relatively cheap, the prices of some food items in Turkey are unexpectedly high. For example, one of the unexpected food prices in Turkey is the price of mineral water. Also, although Turkey is famous in the world for its doner kebab, it is strange that red meat is very expensive in Turkey.

The cost of housing in Turkey

Foreign immigrants who have experience in real estate transactions in Turkey know that both the price of property and the legal process of buying and selling real estate in Turkey are reasonable and affordable compared to other European countries and the United States. In Turkey you will find a wide range of properties to suit different tastes and budgets, from very expensive luxury villas to compact apartments.

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But you should also keep in mind that the cost of housing in Turkey does not only include rent, the costs of municipal services including water, electricity, gas and telephone are also borne by the tenant. Although these services are relatively cheap in Turkey, the cost of heating during the winter greatly increases the cost of services.

Shipping cost in Turkey

Turkey’s transportation system is one of the most advanced and complete transportation infrastructure in the world. Global accessibility, speed of transportation, and affordable prices are among the prominent and important advantages of the Turkish transport system. BRTs and metros are the main methods of public transportation in Turkey. In Turkey, you can use Turkish urban transportation services by obtaining city cards called Akbil.

Another transportation system in Turkey is the city taxis called Dolmuş, which are used for short urban distances. Turkish taxi fares are very reasonable and calculated according to the distance traveled. Also, more than 50 domestic and international airports in Turkey support long-distance travel and foreign travel in the best way.

In short, the cost of living in Turkey is relatively low and reasonable compared to many European countries. Now that you know these costs, you can easily decide on your immigration to Turkey and make the necessary plans. Certainly, the experts and immigration lawyers of Holding (4K Group) are proud to provide the best consulting services to our dear compatriots, relying on their legal and immigration knowledge as well as their valuable experiences of many years.

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