Minimum cost of living in Türkiye 2023

حداقل هزینه های زندگی در ترکیه
Minimum cost of living in Türkiye 2023

Life in Türkiye is attractive to many immigrants and tourists. This country has a very rich history and diverse culture, beautiful nature, interesting customs, delicious food and reasonable living expenses, and has a good place among tourist and immigration destinations.

In recent years, Turkey has tried to join the European Union. If it succeeds in joining the union, it can bring more growth and development for the country.

Life in Turkey as well as education costs in this country are relatively low and it can be said that it is comparable to Iran. For this reason, many people seek to immigrate to this country through different methods every year.

In this article, an attempt has been made to discuss the cost of living in Turkey in detail.

Living in Turkey
The average cost of living in Turkey is about 400 dollars per month for a single person and about 750 lira per month for a family of two. The cost of living for a student in Turkey is about 500-600 dollars.
In general, the information provided about the cost of living in Turkey depends on the region and city of residence, housing type, lifestyle and income level.
For example, the cost of living in large cities in Turkey, such as Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir, is higher than in smaller cities.

Average cost of living in Türkiye in 2023 for one person

The cost of housing and daily necessities such as food, clothing and transportation significantly affect the cost of living in Turkey. The average cost of living in Turkey in 2023 is between 1,500 and 2,500 liras per month for one person and between 3,500 and 4,500 liras per month for a family of two. Of course, these figures depend on the city and region of residence, lifestyle and income level of the person and may be higher or lower than these values.
Cost of living in Turkey

Cost of living as a student in Türkiye

The cost of living as a student in Turkey also depends on the city and the university where the student studies, but it can be considered an average of 1200 to 2200 lira per month for the cost of living as a student in Turkey.
The cost of normal living and the cost of student life include such things as the cost of housing, food, transportation, books and stationery, and other such costs. The cost of living for a student, just like the cost of normal living, depends on the city and region of residence and the level of living expenses. Costs will vary based on each person’s needs and lifestyle, and therefore may have different amounts in each city and region.

Cost of living as a student in Türkiye

Monthly living expenses in Türkiye

Cost of food and restaurant in Istanbul

  • The monthly cost of a family of 4 is about 12,000 liras. The monthly cost of living for a single person is 3000 liras.
Family expenses in Türkiye
  • A meal in an expensive restaurant costs 200 liras
  • A meal for two people in an average restaurant 180
  • A meal at McDonald’s costs around 80 lira

Turkish cuisine

The cost of food in Istanbul

  • A fresh baguette is 7.50 lira
  • A kilo of basmati rice is 28.00 lira
  • Local eggs 5.00 lira each
  • Regular eggs 2.50 lira each
  • A 200 gram mold of cheese is 45.25 lira
  • One kilo of mutton is 350.00 lira
  • One kilo of veal is 450.00 lira
  • One kilo of chicken meat is 70.00 lira
Food prices
  • One-way metro ticket 9.00 lira
  • Marmara ticket 18.00 lira
  • Monthly commuting 1200.00 lira
  • Taxi entrance fee is 40 lira
  • A liter of diesel is 19.60 liras
  • A liter of gasoline is 19.90 lira
Shipping cost in Turkey

- The cost of renting and buying a house in Istanbul

  • The monthly rent of a one-bedroom apartment in the city center is 10,000 lira
  • One bedroom apartment on the outskirts of the city, 6000.00 lira
  • Three bedroom apartment in the city center 18000.00 lira
  • Three bedroom apartment on the outskirts of the city, 12000.00 lira
  • Buying a house in the city center is 20,000 lira per square meter
  • 12,000 lira per square meter in the outskirts of the city
قیمت اجاره مسکن و خرید در ترکیه

The average monthly income in Istanbul after tax deduction is 8000.00 liras.

Disadvantages of living in Türkiye

Disadvantages of living in Türkiye

One of the disadvantages of living in Türkiye can be the language problem. In general, except for the people of Istanbul and part of the Turkish society who are fluent in English, the majority of the Turkish population is not fluent in English. Therefore, in order to live in this country, it is necessary to learn the Turkish language so that you can communicate with the local people in your daily life.

In addition, in Turkey, the ability to communicate in English is very limited and in some cases impossible. This issue may cause problems for newcomers who are not fluent in Turkish, especially when interacting with government officials, public services, and in some tourist places where Turkish is spoken.

One of the other disadvantages of living in Turkey is the labor market situation for immigrants. Without special expertise, it is difficult for immigrants to find employment. Although Turkey is attractive for foreign investors, even those born in Turkey are not satisfied with the work situation in this country, so it is recommended that if you want to live in Turkey, try to work as an entrepreneur to benefit from government support.

Another disadvantage of living in Türkiye is the paperwork. To pursue some issues, people may wait for many hours in the offices of this country and fill out many forms. Also, many officials of these departments are not familiar with English and only speak Turkish.

The high cost of fuel in Turkey is another disadvantage of living in this country. Also, in some areas, there is no nationwide gas supply and people may use other methods to set up the heating system.

The cost of buying cars, industrial equipment, etc. is also relatively high in Turkey due to the heavy taxes imposed on some goods.

The large population of Turkey has caused that in big cities like Istanbul, the streets are always crowded and people cannot reach their destinations easily.

For this reason, it is recommended to use public transportation such as subway, taxi, etc. in these cities

The dangers of living in Türkiye

The problems of living in Turkey for Iranians depend on many factors, including learning the Turkish language, some high costs of living, abuse of immigrants by fraudsters, etc.

In addition to the mentioned cases, there are other problems for Iranians living in Turkey. For example, one of the main problems is the lack of correct information about the rules and regulations of immigration to Turkey.

Before entering Turkey, many Iranians face problems such as the right visa, choosing the right city to stay, finding the right job, etc., due to the lack of sufficient information.

To carry out economic activities in Turkey, various licenses and permits are needed, otherwise your financial activities will not be legal. Therefore, people who immigrated to Turkey and intend to generate income should be aware of Turkish financial laws and regulations and conduct their activities in compliance with these regulations.

Failure to comply with Turkish financial laws can lead to problems such as financial sanctions, high fines, and even discrimination against individuals. Some illegal immigrants who have not legalized their financial activities can face problems such as unresolved legal issues, deportation and higher fines. Therefore, to create financial stability in life in Turkey, it is important that people have sufficient knowledge about Turkish financial laws and conduct their activities in accordance with these laws.

General information about Turkish residence and citizenship laws

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