Turkish Kimlik Card

کیملیک کارت ترکیه
Turkish Kimlik Card

What is a Turkish Kimlik Card? And what does it mean?

Kimlik or Turkish Residence Card is a card in which all personal information is registered in the system, also known as T.C. or Kimlik kartı. Residence cards issued to foreigners are both temporary and permanent.

Everything we need to know about the Turkish residence card or the Kimlik card, the benefits of receiving this card, the documents and conditions for receiving the Kimlik and.. Is discussed in detail in this article.

Every Iranian is allowed to stay in Turkey for 90 days every 180 days without formalities for obtaining a tourist visa.

If a person wishes to stay in Turkey for more than the mentioned period, he / she must apply for permanent residence or temporary residence as well as a Kimlik card. Otherwise, if the presence of Iranians in Turkey exceeds 90 days, depending on Duration of illegal stay in this country is fined for wrongdoers Failure to pay a fine can lead to the deportation of persons from Turkey for one to five years, and the residency permit is subject to certain legal formalities.

What is a Turkish Kimlik Card?

Kimlik is the Turkish residence card known as T, C or Kimlik kartı. T, C stands for Republic of Turkey, which has an 11-digit number starting with 99.

All personal information, including the address of residence, is recorded in the system attached to this number and is available everywhere.

According to the law on foreign nationals in Turkey, foreigners who are applying for residence for more than the specified period of time between their country and Turkey must obtain a Kimlik card and an identification number or Kimlik nomarasi.

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There are two types of residence cards issued to foreigners:

Temporary card

A temporary residence card is issued when a foreigner only intends to stay in Turkey and still does He is not a citizen of Turkey and he decides to receive a residence permit in Turkey through various methods of obtaining residence, including renting a property, buying a property, studying and These cards are usually issued in two colors: pink (tourist residence) and blue card (temporary work residence). To be.

Permanent residence card

After completing the temporary residence period, if the foreigner succeeds in obtaining Turkish citizenship and passport, this card will be changed and a permanent card will be issued to the person.

How to get Kimlik card

To obtain a residence permit in Turkey and a Kimilk card, you must follow the steps below:

  1. Arrival in Turkey
  2. Buying or renting a property
  3. Get a valid insurance policy
  4. Register on the site of the Immigration Office and receive a Rando form

Documents required when attending the Immigration Office

  1. Original passport and passport photo
  2. Provide a color print of the completed residence permit application form
  3. Image of the last login stamp
  4. Tax number (vergı numarası) Receive the economic code from the nearest tax office
  5. Original insurance policy (sıgorta)
  6. Four photos
  7. Original lease or document
  8. Picture of the lease that has a newer stamp
  9. Confirmation of the address of the place of silence from the district municipality
  10. Copy of residence card for those who intend to extend their stay
  11. Receive a birth certificate from the consulate for people under 18 years of age

People who have children must also have proof of custody of the children

Benefits of Kimlik Card

First of all, we point out that it is impossible to do all the administrative work without having a valid Kimlik number

Connect to a bank and open an account, find out about credit card terms and perform financial processes

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Payment of bills, notification of any debt to the government, including taxes and its payment

Buy a car and register for schools, participate in training courses held in the municipality and the possibility of free use of family doctor centers and access to all medical records…

What should I do if my Kimlik card is lost?

First of all, the first thing you do is go to the police station of the area where you lost your card and, stating that your card has been stolen, you will receive a report from the police that your card has been lost. Do not mention the theft of your card, you will have more complicated administrative steps ahead.

After visiting the police station, with a copy of the missing card, police letter, population card, re-issuance of residence card (89 lira) and a photo, go to the immigration office and apply for a new card. Re-register the documents and pay the card fee, your new card will be sent by mail.

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