The official language of Turkey

زبان رسمی ترکیه
The official language of Turkey

The official language of Turkey is Istanbul Turkish. Before talking about Turkish, it is necessary to study the role of Turkey. Given the history of Turkey, this country has played a difficult and respected role in the history of humanity; From the Stone Age until today, Turkey has been the cradle of many civilizations and there are more than 2,500 monuments in the country. From the Middle Ages until World War I, the Ottoman Empire expanded its influence in the world and was one of the most powerful countries in Asia and Europe. Given the widespread influence of the government

The influence of the official Turkish language on work and education - Istanbul Turkish

Ottoman Turkish was one of the most influential means of communication in commercial and political transactions in the lands influenced by the Ottoman Empire. Currently, between 61 and 73 million people in the world speak Istanbul Turkish, which is more than 40% of all Turkish languages in the world. This means that Istanbul Turkish is the most widely used language among all languages in the world.

First of all, we must first study the geography of Turkey so that we can have a better understanding of the installation in the official language of this country.

Turkey is in West Asia and a very small amount of it is in Eastern Europe, which is separated from the Asian part by the Sea of Marmara. Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey, spread in both Asian and European parts, and Ankara is the capital. Its largest minority is the Kurds, with a population of about 15% to 20%. After the First World War and the fall of the Ottoman Empire and the rise to power of Ataturk in 1922, the country rapidly moved to the West, to the point where even Eastern calligraphy was removed from everyday Turkish language and replaced by Latin calligraphy. With the presidency of Ataturk, fundamental changes appeared in the habits, way of life, culture and philosophy of the Turkish people. Turkey is currently a member of the United Nations and the World Bank and is one of the founders of the G20. Due to its economic power and regional policies, Turkey can be named as one of the influential regional powers.

Familiarity with the official language of Turkey

As mentioned before, the language of most Turkish people is Istanbul Turkish, but it should be noted that along with this language, languages such as Kurdish, Armenian, Zaza, Azerbaijani Turkish are used. Small ethnic groups have also contributed to the country’s linguistic and cultural diversity, such as: Lazes, Arabs, Georgians and Circassians. Many Kurds live in Turkey in the eastern and southeastern parts of the country, where they speak Kurdish at home, but all of them must also learn the official Turkish language. Some believe that Turkish has its roots in Turkestan, China, as well as Central Asia.

The influence of Persian language on the official language of Turkey

The official language of the Ottoman sultans was Persian; This can be clearly seen in the historical monuments of this country. Until Ataturk de-Persianized the Turkish language and this issue dealt a great blow to the Turkish language culturally, among the problems that arose can be mentioned the reading of Rumi and Masnavi, which caused problems for the Turks. Four institutions in Turkey are currently studying the Ottoman Turkish language and the Persian alphabet to connect with their literary past in pre-Ataturk times.

The Istanbul Turkish alphabet consists of 29 letters of the Latin alphabet. Initially, the Istanbul Turkish language consisted of Arabic letters, which was known as Ottoman Turkish, but according to the 1353 law in 1928, Ataturk was able to replace these letters with Latin letters and change its name to Latin Turkish and words from Persian languages. And delete Arabic, etc., which had entered the Turkish language. The very interesting thing about the Istanbul Turkish language is that there is no perfect present tense in the Istanbul Turkish language.

The official language of Turkey

The influence of the official Turkish language on work and education

Working in Turkey has its own special fans in Iran, and applicants for a work-study visa in this country need a job offer from a Turkish employer. Certainly, sufficient mastery and skill in the official language of Turkey can accelerate and facilitate the job search process, as well as facilitate visa-related matters from the Turkish embassy. On the other hand, studying in universities in the official language of Turkey can facilitate the study and living conditions in this country and also cause cheap education in Turkey. Because in the academic year 2020-2021, the average tuition fee in Turkish public universities in Turkish is much lower than the average tuition fee in English.

Familiarity with the common languages of Turkey

The number of international students aiming to study in Turkey has been increasing since 2006 and it can be said that this trend is increasing. Finally, it can be concluded that this rate indicates the growing importance of this The country is in the field of higher education. English is the most common language in Turkey after Istanbul Turkish. In Turkey, English is taught in all public schools from the fourth grade or ten years until the end of high school.

Due to the fact that Turkey is close to Iran and also due to the low cost of living in this country, attending a German language class in Turkey can be a good choice for Iranian compatriots. It should be noted that applicants for immigration to Germany after a period of approximately 5 to 6 months in the field of German language training can visit the German Embassy in Turkey, without returning to our country.

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