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حمل و نقل در استانبول

Transportation in Istanbul

Formerly known as Constantinople, Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey and the fifth largest city in the world. It is the only city in the world located on the two continents of Asia and Europe. Bosphorus Strait which ...

مقایسه پخش آسیایی و اروپایی در استانبول

Comparison of Asian and European parts of Istanbul

Living in Turkey and settling in Istanbulhas become very popular in recent years. But there is still controversy over which side of the city is better for life. Living in a big and historic city can be anyone's dream; Especially that such a city is also a launching pad for growth and development. Istanbul is exactly such a city. This city is amazingly located between the two continents of Asia and Europe...

اسکوتر هوشمند مارتی

MARTI Smart Scooter

MARTI is the name of a smart scooter rental service that aims to take you to different parts of the city in a fun way. In addition to being fun, these scooters are environmentally friendly ...

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