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Citizenship questions
Buying property and citizenship questions
Purchase of property and questions related to Turkish citizenship and passport

With the amendment published in the Official Gazette dated 19.09.2018 in the Turkish Citizenship Law, financial and investment costs in the process of transferring to Turkish citizenship were significantly reduced.
On this basis, foreigners who have invested at least US $ 250,000 in Turkish real estate can obtain Turkish citizenship.

Anyone who comes to Turkey from abroad and wants to obtain Turkish citizenship can apply. Whether they are from Turkey, Lat has the right to decide by law whether individuals or citizens of a country can be citizens

  • It should be noted that if there is a criminal record in the destination country, it is possible to apply for citizenship only by removing the records.

Depending on the method suitable for your situation, there are different procedures for the Turkish citizenship application process, and currently services are provided for the following methods in our collection:

Yes, your family enjoys citizenship opportunities. درIn this case, you, your spouse and all children under the age of 18 can obtain Turkish citizenship.

In your investment process, you can buy more than one property with a total value of at least $ 250,000. However, it is important that the time of applying for and submitting your investment documents is simultaneous. Likewise, the amount of capital transferred to the Registrar of Deeds may need to be more than $ 250,000.

Within the time period when you complete the application process, the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey announces and uses the exchange rate values.

In case of completeness and completeness of the documents, after the transfer of the ownership document within 3-4 months, the applications of the citizenship of the Republic of Turkey will be answered.

You can become a citizen if the applicant confirms that he / she does not pose any threat to the national security of Turkey and has met all the conditions and submitted all the documents correctly and accurately.

Yes, the process of Turkish citizenship is possible without the presence of people at the Turkish border, all operations are carried out through the consulate and the official lawyer of the complex.

To obtain citizenship with an investment of $ 250,000 in Turkey, you must have purchased real estate after 9/18/2018. And when paying the seller, you must comply with all legal requirements, and most importantly, the seller of the property The buyer was a Turkish citizen, and the next point is that he was expert at the time of purchasing the purchased property
By law, you can receive dual citizenship at the same time. However, you should also read the rules and regulations of your country of residence. Some countries do not allow dual or more citizenship. You should check this in your current country

If your family has a child under the age of 18 during your relocation process, they are required to complete the time of legal service age. In addition, if you have served in the country of your previous nationality, you must document it. More detailed information on military conditions will be shared with you by the 4K Group during the application process.

Your child must be under 18 years of age to be able to obtain Turkish citizenship with you. However, if you have a child with a disability over 18 years of age, you can apply for medical care by providing medical evidence that you and your family need care. There is accompanying citizenship.

You can apply for citizenship under certain conditions on properties that have not yet been completed or purchased in installments. In that case, you would have to invest at least $ 250,000. Other necessary information will be provided to you by the Forki Group legal team upon your request.

Questions about staying in Turkey
Anyone who wants to live in Turkey can apply for a residence permit if they meet the necessary conditions.

A regular tourist visa allows you to stay in Turkey for 90 days. If you plan to stay longer in Turkey, be sure to apply for your stay before the last day of your visa. If you are unable to apply before your visa expires, you will certainly face a possible fine next time you leave the country.

4K Group is ready to be with you in all stages of obtaining residency.

  • Familiarity with various methods of obtaining residence in Turkey

The four most common ways to stay in Turkey are:

  1. Short-term residence – New entrants can receive a residence permit for up to one year, while the extension of this residence can include several months to two years.
  2. Long-term residence – for those who have managed to maintain their temporary residence permit for eight consecutive years. These residence permits are valid indefinitely.
  3. Family residency – for those who are married to a Turkish citizen and minors dependent on a Turkish citizen.
  4. Student Residence – For those pursuing an associate’s, bachelor’s or master’s degree in Turkey.

The required documents for the application are available in full at the official website, but the required documents are as follows:

  • Completed residence permit application form, in color
  • Passport; We suggest that you bring several color versions, including the entry stamp page to Turkey. If your passport is in non-English letters, make a notarized translation of it.
  • Tax number for applicants applying for renewal
  • A color copy of the health insurance policy (or a stamped official black and white copy). We actually suggest that you get the stamp and signature for the color versions as well. This is not required for applicants under 18 or over 65 years of age.
  • Four biometric passport photos; These photos must have been taken in the past six months on a white background.
  • Proof of financial ability; Your statement on the form is usually sufficient, but sometimes you will be asked to return it another day with a bank statement. In this case, the 4K Group will be by your side to prepare and present these documents.
  • Proof of residence; The safest way is to sign a formal housing lease with the property and then bring a notarized copy.
  • Proof of payment of residence permit application fees; All costs are officially paid through this portal in your name and the relevant receipts are documented and provided.

Further information . Articles related to residence in Turkey

The main things to consider when receiving health insurance:
  • Your residence permit will be issued only one day before your insurance coverage expires. If your insurance coverage expires on 09/09/2016, your residence permit will be issued only until 08/09/2016.
  • Your insurance policy should include the following:

    Işbu poliçe 06.06.2014 tarih ve 9 sayılı Ikamet Izni Taleplerinde Yaptırılacak Özel Sağlık Sigortalarına Ilişkin Genelge’ de belirlenen asgari teminat yapısını kapsamaktadır.

Yes, provided you do not have a valid visa, you can leave Turkey for a maximum of 15 days after completing the application process. You will receive documents at the time of your interview (which you must make sure they are signed and stamped) that you are always expected to carry with you until your residence permit is issued. With this account and your payment receipts, you can leave until your stay abroad is less than 15 days.

No, you can always try your luck at the local immigration office to expedite your appointment date, but it is our experience that this does not work except in very rare circumstances. If you leave Turkey after the appointment before receiving official documents or a residence card, you will face a fine and a ban and your application will be revoked.

The only reliable way is to control yourself for 90 days.
Yes, this is actually a common tactic. By doing this, you can have a 90-day period covered by the tourist visa to apply online for your next stay. Be sure to leave Turkey before the initial permit expires. This is considered a “break”, you should note that if you eventually want to apply for a long-term visa, avoid it.

To check and receive a visa, proceed from the following address:

Turkish Electronic Visa Receipt Site

You must report the matter to the police immediately and obtain a formal report form. You can then go to your local immigration office (without an appointment), show them the report, pay the required fees and get a new card.

In this regard, you can see our guide on how to open a bank account in Turkey.

Yes, you are expected to always have these documents with you. You should also take photos or copies of both sides of your card and keep them in a safe place.

Public Service Subscription Questions

Generally no, however you will receive electricity and water during the three day subscription. Internet and natural gas subscriptions last from one to two weeks, depending on the workload of the technicians.

Yes, when you request a connection (electricity, water and natural gas), you deposit an amount that will be refunded if the contract with these service companies is canceled. Internet companies, on the other hand, do not apply for deposits.

No, local electricity and municipal employees will visit your property, check your water and electricity meters monthly, and put your bills in your inbox. You pay for what you use.

Ancillary services are cheaper than most European countries. According to statistics in 2018, Turkey is ranked 16th in the ranking of the most expensive energy prices in the world.

You can pay your bills at banks, post offices and bill payment centers in Turkey. In addition, you can pay using online banking. You can also order automatically for your water and electricity bills. This way, your bills will be paid as soon as you have enough balance in your bank account or credit card.

بله با این حال، به طور کلی، مأموران نمی توانند به انگلیسی یا هر زبان خارجی دیگری صحبت کنند. توصیه می شود این درخواست ها را با شخصی تهیه کنید که می تواند گفتگوها را با مأموران برای شما ترجمه کند. Experienced 4k Group agents are with their clients at all stages to avoid communication gaps and to do so in an easier way.

In Turkey, a useful communication can be established with a power of attorney. If you prefer, you can give us a power of attorney so that our experienced team can subscribe on your behalf.

Tax code questions

This is your special identification number that is used in your daily life in Turkey in registration applications. You must have a tax number for the process of buying and selling and financial transactions, including:

opening a bank account

Transfer of title deed

Power of attorney transactions

Apply for a residence permit


paying tax

Subscribe to applications

Your original passport and a copy of the documents required to obtain a Turkish tax number.

Every city and district in Turkey has tax offices, you can get a tax number by visiting one of them.

You can reprint by contacting the tax office.

No, getting a tax number is free in Turkey.

Receiving a tax number does not mean paying taxes. Using this number, you can know the debts and taxes registered in your name. This is a tool that you will use if you need to pay your taxes, such as: Income tax, annual property tax and document transfer tax.

مطمئناً با این حال، مشتریان فورکی گروپ نیازی به آن ندارند. This is part of our free after-sales service.

Once you receive it, you can use your tax number without time limit.

Questions about real estate appraisal

If you are buying real estate in Turkey as a foreigner, an assessment report is required to obtain your title deed from a notary public.

The cost of a valid evaluation report by SPK varies depending on the city and its characteristics. For more details, you can refer to our costs page.

Zero Forki Group Holding offers these services to its customers for free.

Professionals approve the property when requesting an appraisal report. They film and oversee Tapo’s office. Finally, they search for registered municipal programs. Experts collect prices for comparison. The length of a study is between 20 and 35 pages. Preparation takes 2 days.

Tapo office does not want to be in the real estate law for more than 3 months. If the report expires, we will help our customers to renew it free of charge after 3 months.

If the purchase of your property was made for the purpose of Turkish citizenship, the value of the expertise must be the same as your payment so that your citizenship process does not face any problems.

After selecting a property with Forki Group, our team directly arranges a fast and reliable service specialist.

SPK stands for Board Market Board, which in Turkish means Sermaye Piyasası Kurulu. It is the highest regulator in finance, stock exchanges and banking in Turkey.
Questions about hiring a lawyer

No, however, it is recommended that if you are dealing with someone you do not know or have doubts about, having a good and experienced lawyer will definitely help you maintain and secure your capital. There is only one additional cost if you are dealing with the right people.

The cost of a lawyer’s legal services when buying a property is 1% of the sale price of the property. This amount can be at least US $ 1,750 + 18% VAT. Of course, it depends on the agreement.

Yes, not only your lawyer but anyone you trust can finalize the purchase process for you if you have a valid power of attorney. You do not have to be present at every step of the way to buy a property.

A lawyer checks to see if everything in the transaction has been done correctly and signed by the authorities. In addition, they check all the legal documents of this property to make sure that there is no problem. They also help you secure the transaction in a safe way to avoid potential disputes in the future.

Account opening questions

The information required to transfer money to Turkey is as follows:

  • Full name of the recipient
  • Complete recipient address
  • Name of bank and branch
  • Recipient bank address
  • IBAN receiver

Yes, you do not have to stay in the bank for every period of money. However, one day before you want to withdraw your money for amounts over 50,000 Turkish lira, you must inform the bank.

When you go to the bank with the required documents, opening a bank account takes less than an hour.

No, banks do not charge you to open a bank account.

Documents required to open a bank account are:

  • Passport
  • Turkish tax number
  • Proof of address (water, electricity or residence permit)

Currently, the best option for opening a bank account in Turkey for Iranian citizens is the state-owned Ziraat Bank. Of course, Iranian citizens can also open an account in another Turkish bank called İş.

Yes, and usually most banks have the ability to convert the Turkish language menu to English,

SWIFT stands for Financial Communication Association for the World Between Banks. Each bank has its own Swift code. Hence, each swift code is a unique identifier for registering a bank account. In case of money transfer abroad, a SWIFT number is enough to identify the recipient’s bank account internationally.

IBAN is a combination of fast recipient code and bank account number. For each money transfer, you need an IBAN number.

In Turkey you can have a bank account with all currencies

Questions about the title deed

Yes, at the time of transfer of the title deed, the buyer will pay the following fees.

  • By law, the buyer and seller share the cost of 4% of the document shipping tax. However, as is customary in Turkey, if you do not negotiate before buying a property, the buyer is expected to pay all shipping taxes.
  • Cost of evaluation report
  • Notarized capital turnover
Yes, in this case the parents have to sign for their children. Also, a child’s birth certificate with an apostille document is required in such cases. Also, a child’s birth certificate with an apostille document is required in such cases.

Yes, you can represent anyone you trust. You do not have to be a lawyer or a consultant.

Normally you can sell your property at any time and after. However, when you buy for Turkish citizenship, you will not be able to sell your property for the first three years, and this will be stated on the transfer slip.

Mortgages are used when the buyer owes money to the seller. Using the property as collateral, it secures the seller’s debt. Using the property as collateral, it secures the seller’s debt.

All property in Turkey is absolute property. You only have ownership for a specific period. In other words, you and your family will retain ownership of your property unless you decide to sell it. Following your death, your family will inherit your property.

4K Group helps you transfer your title deed as a free after-sales service.

Insurance questions

There are several insurance companies that you can deal with. However, if you bought your property with 4K Group, you can contact your dealer for property insurance options.

Property insurance costs, in addition to announcing the price of the property, also depend on the total area of your home.

No, DASK insurance only covers buildings.

Insurance companies (building insurance, content insurance and home insurance) offer. Home insurance covers all your belongings and the building itself, while building insurance is only for the building and content insurance is only for your belongings. You can choose the one that suits you.

It is always better to look for insurance that meets your needs, not the price! Instead, you should consider the dangers of the area, such as the possibility of an earthquake.

Questions related to real estate document

It is a legal document that proves a person’s ownership of a property.

The documents you need are as follows:

  • Translation and original of the buyer’s passport
  • Buyer tax number
  • Identity information form
  • Evaluation report
  • Current property document
  • Seller ID

If you buy a property, the seller is obliged to provide you with all the relevant documents.

The costs of transferring the property document are as follows:

  • By law, both buyers and sellers pay 2%. If you do not negotiate before buying the property, the buyer is expected to pay all the transfer tax as a custom in Turkey.
  • Cost of evaluation report
  • Real Estate Office Capital Turnover

First money! Before signing the document, the secretary asks the seller, “Have you received the full amount of your property?” And the answer must be “yes”. “First, confirm the full payment, then transfer the title deed” which is the correct and customary method in Turkey.

Generally, this process takes a day or two, depending on the volume of work in the Land Registry and Cadastre.
All property documents in Turkey are absolute. There are no rental properties in Turkey.

You can buy and sell real estate of your own free will because all real estate in Turkey is absolute property. On the other hand, you can not sell the property you bought for Turkish citizenship with an investment within three years, and this must be stated on the title deed.

Yes, in this case, an apostille birth certificate is also required.

Yes, you can buy a property with several people. Depending on the size of the yard, only one or two toys will fit. There are no restrictions for shareholders of a property.

There is no limit to the number of people whose names can be listed on the same title deed.

According to Turkish civil law, if you buy a property after marriage, your spouse has the same right even if your spouse’s name is not written on the property deed.

Yes, it is possible! Reprinting a title deed is a simple task. The Land Registry and Cadastre will keep your original registration as a hard copy and high security software.

In Turkey, your family members have the right to succeed you after your death because the property you buy is your absolute property.

The title of the deposit procedure is to make a secure online payment for the purchase of the property, where the General Registry and Cadastre Office is located between the buyer and the seller. The money is paid into the office account bank account (Takas Bank) and after registration, the office transfers the money to the seller within a few seconds.

Using the following channels, you can contact the General Office of Document Registration and Cadastre.

Website: https://www.yourkeyturkey.gov.tr
email: bilgiedinme@tkgm.gov.tr
Phone: 60 60 413 312 90+
Call center: 181

Inheritance and testament questions
Anyone over the age of 15 can make a will.
All property and possessions will be paid to your heirs with a certificate of inheritance.

Yes, this property still belongs to you and you can decide what you want to do with it until your death.

A will registered in a notary public office is considered valid. After the death of the person, the judge searches the official documents for the existence of any possible will. If there is a will in the notary, notify the court.

You can easily arrange your will with a lawyer or at a notary public.

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