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Asian Istanbul

منطقه اسکودار (Üsküdar)

Pendik area

The history of Pendik dates back to the Roman period and the Byzantine Empire, which at that time was known as Pantichion, but in the Ottoman period was renamed Pandik. Pendik area ...


Omraniyeh area

Omraniyeh district of Istanbul is one of the Asian regions of Istanbul, which is bordered by Eskudar region from the west, Atashehir region from the east, Sanjaq Tappeh region from the east, and Chakmeh Koi region from the north ...

منطقه کارتال

Kartal area

Kartal region is one of the Asian regions of Istanbul, which is located between Mal Tappeh and Pendik regions. Many constructions in Kartal area, each of which has some special features, cause the rise ...

منطقه توزلا (Tuzla)

Tuzla area

Tuzla district is one of the Asian districts of Istanbul, which is located at the eastern gate of the city and is home to the largest shipyard in Istanbul. Tuzla region from the west with Pandik region, from the east with ...

نمودار رشد خانه در منطقه مال تپه Maltepe

Maltepe area

Maltepe (Istanbul Turkish Maltepe) is a beautiful and green area on the Anatolian side of Istanbul (ie located in the Asian part of Istanbul) which is adjacent to the silver shore of the Sea of Marmara and in ...

منطقه آتاشهیر استانبول

Ataşehir area

Atashir is one of the most beautiful and large regions of Asia. This area has grown well in recent years and is a good investment option. Atashir from the west with Kadikoy and ...

معرفی منطقه کادیکوی استانبول

Kadıköy area

Kadıköy is located in the Sea of Marmara and is one of the oldest areas of Istanbul that is developing day by day. The area of this area is about 41 square meters, which includes shopping malls, cafes and restaurants, mosques and 3.

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