Omraniyeh area

Omraniyeh area
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General information of the area

عمstanbul رانیmraniye district is one of the Asian regions of Istanbul, which is bordered by Eskudar region from the west, Ataşehir region from the east, Sanjaq Tappeh region from the east and Çekmeh Koi region from the north.
Omraniyeh district is the fourth most populous district of Istanbul. This area consists of 35 neighborhoods and its area is about 22 thousand hectares.

Istanbul Development Zone Ümraniye- Istanbul Asian

Imraniyeh is a very rich region in terms of economic diversity, which consists of small industries producing clothing, spare parts and wood products.
This area is an example of urbanization in which rural and local parts are also preserved.
From the shopping centers of Omraniyeh area, we can mention Ak Yaka Park Shopping Center, Asia Park Shopping Center, John Park Shopping Center and Boyaka.
Among the sights and historical monuments of this region are Ihlamovar forest, Trabzon amusement park and Hakim Bashi mansion.
The DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, Fraser Plus Anthasia Hotel, O’Olie My City and Eurasia Hotel are some of the famous five star hotels in this.
Omraniyeh Public Hospital and Atlas Private Hospital are among the medical centers in this area.
Public transportation in this area is easy and you can reach this area by subway or bus and Dolmoush.
The development area is undergoing great changes, and for this reason, the value of investment in this area is increasing day by day.

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Ihlamurkuyu Ormanı Forest

Ihlamurkuyu Ormanı Forest

The northern part of Omraniyeh region consists of green spaces and forests, and Ilhamour forest is one of the series of forests in this part of Omraniyeh region. This forest is considered as one of the recreational areas of the development area of Istanbul.

Trabzon Park

Trabzon Amusement Park - Trabzon Park

One of the recreation centers of Omraniyeh area, which has been set up by the municipality of this area for its residents, is the beautiful Trabzon Park. This beautiful park has been opened in the heart of the Omraniyeh area to meet cultural and artistic needs.

Hekimbaşı Av Köşkü

Emarat Hakim Bashi - Hekimbaşı Av Köşkü

This historic mansion was built in 1817 in the current area of Omraniyeh. This building was built by the architect Sarkis Balian and is also known as Sultan Abdul Aziz or the mansion of Yusuf Ezzat al-Din. At some point in history, this mansion was also used as a hunting ground. This mansion has been built in an area of 1200 square meters.

List of neighborhoods in the development area

The name of the neighborhood in Turkish The name of the neighborhood in Turkish
Adem Yavuz Mahallesi İnkılap Mahallesi
Altınşehir Mahallesi İstillal Mahallesi
Armağanevler Mahallesi Kazım karabekir Mahallesi
Aşağı dudullu Mahallesi Madenler Mahallesi
Atakent Mahallesi Mehmet akif Mahallesi
Namık kemal Mahallesi Cemil meriç Mahallesi
Necip fazıl Mahallesi Çakmak Mahallesi
Parseller Mahallesi Çamlık Mahallesi
Saray Mahallesi Dudullu osb Mahallesi
Site Mahallesi Dumlupınar Mahallesi
Şerifali Mahallesi Elmalıkent Mahallesi
Tantavi Mahallesi Esenevler Mahallesi
Tatlısu Mahallesi Esenkent Mahallesi
Tepeüstü Mahallesi Esenşehir Mahallesi
Topağacı Mahallesi Fatih sultan mehmet Mahallesi
Yamanevler Mahallesi Finanskent Mahallesi
Yenişehir Mahallesi Hekimbaşı Mahallesi
Yukarı dudullu Mahallesi Huzur Mahallesi
Ihlamurkuyu Mahallesi
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