New Istanbul Airport – information and the most complete guide

اطلاعات فرودگاه جدید استانبول
New Istanbul Airport – information and the most complete guide

Istanbul Airport is actually the new international airport of Istanbul, which is located in Arnavutköy and the European part of this city. 

This airport is the third international airport in Istanbul after Ataturk Airport and Sabiha Gokcen Airport. 

With a high capacity to receive flights and the modern facilities it offers, this airport is very advanced in terms of infrastructure and technology.

This article will introduce you to the features of Istanbul’s new airport from zero to one hundred, so that you can have a more comfortable travel experience.

اطلاعات فرودگاه استانبول

In the past, Atatürk Airport was known as the largest airport in the city of Istanbul, but after the opening of the new Istanbul Airport, all flights were transferred there and Atatürk Airport was visited as a museum.

In the past, Atatürk Airport was known as the largest airport in the city of Istanbul, but after the opening of the new Istanbul Airport, all flights were transferred there and Atatürk Airport was visited as a museum.

Details of Istanbul Airport

Istanbul Airport, in addition to being known as one of the largest and most important airports in Europe, has provided a unique environment for world travel with the abundance of its unique facilities.

This vital center uses the latest technologies and artificial intelligence to bring the travel experience of passengers to a new level of comfort and security.

The unique features of this airport include the use of advanced mobile applications, efficient energy, and advanced security system.

Smart and modern technologies such as biometric identity recognition, advanced passport control centers, and automatic baggage delivery centers bring the travel experience to a new level of comfort and security.

In addition, technologies such as route guidance inside the airport, which allows passengers to find their way more accurately and optimize their travel time, show the advancement of technology in this airport.

By using alarm sounds and up-to-date information, passengers can easily not miss the time of boarding the plane.

In this way, Istanbul Airport, with its unique combination of new technologies, unique facilities, and advanced services, brings travelers a unique experience of global travel that they will not find anywhere else.

Istanbul airport facilities

Istanbul’s new airport has advanced and unique facilities due to its unique size and ability to accommodate millions of passengers from all over the world, which has made it known as the most advanced and smartest airport in the world after the completion of all phases. This large global center provides a unique travel experience with facilities that exceed the expectations of travelers. Among the outstanding facilities of this airport are:

Istanbul’s new airport exceeds expectations and is recognized as one of the most advanced and largest airports in the world. This huge hub welcomes millions of travelers from all over the world and offers unparalleled facilities that take the travel experience to a higher level than we have ever seen.

The airport has

A VIP lounge with exclusive services

Indoor parking with a capacity of 12,000 cars

Air traffic control tower

Two independent runways with a capacity of 500 planes, a large space with a capacity of about 250 thousand cars

Two passenger terminals with a capacity of 90 million passengers are also features of this airport

9 thousand smart cameras

88 jet bridge aircraft

And the air transportation terminal, hotel with 451 rooms, hospital, prayer room, and 228 passport control counters are also available to passengers.

An airport with financial facilities such as ATMs, banks, post offices, free internet, smart electric walkways, a large shopping area with reputable brands without customs fees, and the possibility of booking and renting a car, as well as facilities such as mobile phone chargers, smart rest areas, and cameras. The motion sensor is provided to passengers in the passenger terminal and parking lot.

Also, 8 parallel taxi ways and facilities such as coffee shops and various restaurants are also other features of this airport that take the travel experience to a new boom.

Using Wi-Fi Internet at Istanbul Airport

Istanbul Airport offers free Wi-Fi to its passengers. To connect to the Internet, you can use two methods: First, by using your passport at Wi-Fi kiosks and receiving the password via SMS; Second, if you don’t have an active SIM card, you can get the connection password by entering your passport number.

To use Wi-Fi, after reaching one of the kiosks, click on the option “use with passport number” and enter your passport number to get a password. This password is unique and limited to one person.

If your phone’s SIM card is active, you can enter your phone number so that the internet connection password will be sent to you. The number of kiosks is very large, so you can easily use this service.

Video guide for using airport Wi-Fi

Yoal hotels in Istanbul airport

If your itinerary includes a short layover at Istanbul Airport, you’re probably looking for a short break to re-energize. In this case, staying in one of the rooms of the Yotel chain hotel located at the airport can be a suitable option.

This hotel offers rooms by the hour, so you don’t need to leave the airport. Room amenities include a bed, TV, and desk, along with access to a shared bathroom and toilet.

In addition, you can also use the hotel’s public facilities, including a restaurant and coffee shop that offer food and beverage vending machines, as well as a 24-hour fitness center.

To reserve a room or view prices, it is better to use the relevant website.

هتل های یوتل در فرودگاه استانبول

Access to Istanbul's new airport

Taxis are often the most expensive option for getting to Istanbul Airport, costing around $50 from the city center to the airport.

If your time is limited and you may arrive late at the airport, paying for a taxi may be a good option.

The next option is to use the city buses, such as H1, H2, H3, H6 or H8, which arrive at the airport.

To use city buses, you need to use the Istanbul Card, which you can use to enter the bus.

Another option is to use Havaist buses, which is one of the most convenient and affordable options.

To use these buses, you need to find the hours of their presence at different stations in the city through the Havaist application and be at the desired station at the specified time.

Istanbul Airport Metro

The last option to reach Istanbul airport is one of the latest transportation methods.

Using the Istanbul Metro Station, which will be operational in 2023, will provide you with more convenience.

From the city center to Istanbul Airport, the distance is only 40 minutes, which can be traveled using this metro.

To reach this metro, just start from the M7 line at Kaytane station and then change to the Istanbul Airport metro.

قوانین ورود و خروج کالا به فرودگاه ترکیه

Istanbul airport rules

Arrival of goods at Istanbul airport

People over the age of 18 can bring a certain amount of cigarettes and tobacco into Turkey. For example, for cigarettes you can carry up to 600 strands, cigars up to 50 strands, bulk tobacco up to 250 grams, and cigarette papers up to 200 pieces.

These values are valid for entry through air borders and there is no problem at Turkish airports.

For example, you cannot import 600 cigarettes along with 250 grams of tobacco and 200 pieces of cigarette paper into Turkey.

Also, for things like tea and coffee, chocolate and candies, each of them can carry up to one kilogram of each item.

In the case of perfume and cologne, the maximum amount allowed to enter Turkey is 600 ml.

The import of gold and jewelry is also accompanied by certain restrictions, the maximum amount that can be carried by each passenger is equal to 15 thousand dollars.

In the case of medicines, you can carry your personal medicines with you according to the need and without the need for a medical prescription. But drugs that contain codeine or psychoactive substances require a prescription.

Regarding alcoholic beverages, each person over 18 years of age can bring a maximum of one liter of these beverages into Turkey.

Also, regarding pets, each passenger can bring a maximum of 2 pets to Turkey.

The rules of currency entry into Turkey allow travelers to enter any amount of foreign currency such as dollars and euros. But if the amount of open currency in dollars or euros is more than 5 thousand dollars, you must declare this amount when entering Turkey so that this amount is recorded in your passport.

This declaration is necessary and the reason for it will be explained to you in the section of leaving Turkey.

Departure of goods from Istanbul airport

In general, you can carry up to 2 kg of tobacco, cigarettes or cigars or even 3 cartons of local cigarettes out of the country through Turkish airports.

You can also take jewelry and other valuable goods with you up to a maximum value of 5 thousand Turkish Liras. If the value of these goods is more than 5 thousand liras, you must provide a document that shows that this value was obtained through the entry of foreign currency such as dollars or euros and converted into liras.

You can also bring up to 5 liters of alcoholic beverages with you and there is no problem at Turkish airports.

It should be noted that items such as antiques, flour products, tea, cocoa, coffee and spices are prohibited from leaving Turkey.

One of the most important points when leaving Turkey through air borders is the withdrawal of foreign currencies.

For people who do not have a Turkish passport, they can withdraw up to 5,000 dollars or its equivalent in cash.

It is better to remember that if you have brought more than 5 thousand dollars with you to Turkey, declare this amount, so that you do not face problems if you need to leave the country.

For people who have a Turkish passport, the outgoing amount is twice this amount and they can take out a maximum of 10 thousand dollars or its equivalent in cash.

An important thing to note is that the rules regarding the entry and exit of items and supplies from Turkish airports may change, so make sure you are up to date with the latest regulations.

Up-to-date and accurate information on Istanbul city flights through the official websites of Istanbul and Sabiha Airport

final word...

Istanbul New Airport is one of the most advanced and beautiful airports in the world. This airport was put into operation in 2019 due to the many tourist attractions in the city of Istanbul. Now every day, airlines from all over the world fly to this airport, and for this reason, it has managed to be recognized as one of the most prestigious airports in the world.

قوانین حقوقی ترکیه 2023 و آخرین تغییرات شهروندی ترکیه

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