Turkey (+3 GMT):
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Prediction of the Turkish housing market after the election

DepreciationLearAfter the election!!

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Depreciation of the Turkish lira after the election

Housing crisis in Türkiye

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Statements by Mustafa Koçak

(Vice President of TÜGEM Entrepreneurial Real Estate Consultants Association)

Statements of Mustafa Kochak
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The existence of an uncertain market in Turkish housing

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Uncertain market in Takayah
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Reducing the purchasing power of property in Türkiye

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According to Erdogan's policies, what will happen to the real estate market in Turkey?

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Erdogan's policies
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Is 2023 the right time to buy property in Türkiye?

Buying property in Türkiye 2023
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Analysis of 4kgroup experts regarding the Turkish housing market

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Turkish Legal Laws 2023 and latest Turkish citizenship changes

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