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Registration of international marriage in Turkey

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Marriage in Türkiye

Comparison of marriage registration in Turkey compared to Iran

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International marriage in Türkiye

Restrictions on International Marriage in Turkey

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Keep in mind that Turkey has very strict laws for child marriage, and in this country, marriage under the age of 18 is a crime, and the Turkish judicial system deals with it severely.

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Marriage of people under 18 in Türkiye

Marriage of two foreign nationals with different nationalities

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Marriage of two foreign nationals with similar nationalities

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Dual nationality marriage

Marriage to a refugee in Turkey

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tip: Upon the birth of a child in Turkey, the parents and the child are not granted residency; Only the place of birth of the child will be in Turkey.

Things to know to get married in Istanbul

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tip: Regarding marriage in Turkey and residency, we must say that by registering a marriage in Turkey, it is not possible to apply for residency in Turkey unless one of the spouses resides or is a citizen of Turkey.

Wedding ceremony in Türkiye

Marriage registration process in Turkey

- Refer to the consulate of the applicant country

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Necessary documents to apply for a celibacy certificate

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Where are single marriage certificates obtained in Turkey?

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Obtain approval from the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs to register an international marriage

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- Perform medical health tests

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Obtaining marriage forms from the municipality and approval in official offices

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Schedule a formal marriage

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Marriage registration at the Iranian Embassy

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tip: If one or both spouses are not fluent in Turkish, the presence of an official translator at the time of marriage is required.

Necessary documents for marriage registration in Türkiye

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International marriage certificate in Turkey

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Registration of international marriage in Turkey for Iranian citizens

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International marriage

In which countries is international marriage performed?

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Divorce in Turkey

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Wedding in Turkey

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The cost of holding a wedding in Turkey

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Wedding venues in Turkey

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Wedding venues
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Registration of international marriage in Turkey
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