What is Noter (official registry office in Türkiye)?

What is Noter (official registry office in Türkiye)?

Noter (NOTER) in Turkish is called notary office.

The notary has many duties, one of which is to confirm and confirm the documents and make them equal to the originals.

If you intend to buy a property in Turkey or if you are looking for a tourist stay, you should go to the official registry office of Turkey to confirm and make the originals of identification documents.

Notary or notarial offices is an official institution in Turkey that is responsible for verifying and registering official documents, contracts and transactions. Its main function is to verify signatures, issue and verify official transactions and documents.

The duties of these notary offices include verification of correctness Commercial contracts, real estate and other types of official documents.

What is Neuter?

What are the duties of notary offices?

In Turkey, new centers provide different services to applicants based on legal laws, and the duties of these offices are as follows:

  • Preparation and arrangement of documents related to the purchase and sale of property, land and commercial properties
  • Arrangement of power of attorney
  • Setting up a will
  • Arrangement of car purchase and sale documents
  • Arrangement of car purchase and sale documents
  • Setting up documents related to companies
  • Confirming the translation of people’s documents and documents such as real estate documents, marriage documents, bank documents, educational and marriage documents
  • Preparation and arrangement of all legal documents and contracts

How much is the cost of new in Türkiye for 2023?

The cost of notarization in Istanbul or other cities varies according to the type of documents required and the price of this service varies between 300 and 500 Turkish liras.

Working hours of Noter offices in Türkiye

Most notary offices in Turkey work from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM, except on Saturdays and Sundays.

Working hours of Noter offices in Türkiye

Where can I find Noter offices?

In each region of the provinces of Turkey, there are different notary offices that you can use Google Maps to search for their location and find the nearest office to your place.

The importance of knowing the Turkish language in notarial offices

In notary offices in Türkiye, knowing the Turkish language is very important. Because this language is used as the official language of the country in most official transactions and contracts. Also, to communicate with customers and interpret documents and documents, it is necessary to know the Turkish language.

In fact, notary office officials in Turkey often speak Turkish, and if you are not fluent in this language, you may face problems in transactions and official affairs. Therefore, it is very useful to know the Turkish language in order to better communicate with Notary offices in Turkey.

To do any legal work in Turkish notary offices, you need Turkish language. If you are not fluent in reading and writing Turkish, you must have an official translator with you to translate the required text for you and you will know its contents.

This will help you to know the details of any official document and contract before signing it and make sure that its contents match your opinion.

For this reason, if you are not fluent in Turkish, you must have an official translator with you to ensure that any official documents and contracts are signed correctly.

Procedures for confirming or renewing documents

It is very simple in Turkish notary offices. To begin with, you must have your documents translated by an official translator. Then, bring the original and translated documents to the notary office.

Here, you pay the required fees and provide the original and translated documents. After checking and confirming the documents, they will be approved for you.

Procedures for confirming or renewing documents

The importance of translating documents into Turkish

Translation of documents into Turkish is very important in Turkey, because many official offices, universities and institutions only accept documents that are notarized as valid.

In other words, to use your documents in Turkey, you need a translation and a notarization to be recognized as valid. Therefore, to submit your documents to official offices, universities and institutions in Turkey, translation and notarization of documents is very important.

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