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Kadıköy is located in the Sea of Marmara and is one of the oldest areas of Istanbul that is developing day by day.
The area of this area is about 41 square meters, which includes shopping centers, cafes and restaurants, mosques and 3. Although Kadikoy is an old neighborhood, it has grown rapidly over the past few years and is now a popular neighborhood in Istanbul.

Kadikoy district of Istanbul - Asian Istanbul

It is interesting to know that the first mosque was built in this neighborhood, but there is no historical building here.
It is located in Kadikoy, the ancient village of Gelson, and many monasteries were later built there. The early church council of the Christian Church visited the village several times in the fifth century.

Today only a few monasteries are left in beautiful gardens. Yacht clubs, beach resorts and wide roads are located on the shores of Kadikoy.
Kadikoy is an old neighborhood in Istanbul that is a great place to shop.
This neighborhood is always crowded and has a wide range of atmospheres and architectural styles.

The largest food market in Turkey is located in this neighborhood, which starts next to Osman Agha Mosque and offers a wide range of fresh food and other products from all over Turkey, including a wide range of fresh fish and seafood, olive oil soap, etc. Has accommodated.
There are also modern shopping malls in the neighborhood, the most important of which is the large Tepe Nautilus shopping mall behind center of Kadköy.
In the streets behind the main post office, there are many famous bookstores that sell both new and second-hand books, handicrafts and photo frames.
On Sundays, the area becomes a large second-hand market for books and street music.

Kadikoy is one of the most popular entrances to the Bosphorus in the Asian part of Istanbul. Numerous and attractive.

Kadikoy area includes Göztepe, kızıltoprak, bostancı, Suadiye, Bostan Road, Acıbadem, Fenerbahçe, Feneryolu, Fikirtepe, Hasan Pasha, Kalamış, Moda, Şaşkınbakkal and..
Most of the mentioned neighborhoods are located by the sea and in the most famous street of the Asian part of Istanbul called Baghdad Jadsi or Baghdad Street.

Baghdad Street

Baghdad Street Kadikoy district of Istanbul - Asian Istanbul

Bağdat Street is one of the most famous streets in the region, located in the Asian part of the city and is about 14 km long, which runs parallel to the Sea of Marmara. This street is one of the oldest and oldest streets in Istanbul and it is full of cafes, restaurants and famous international brands. Most travelers who travel to Istanbul have heard the name of Esteghlal Street and go there to shop. However, you should know that one of the best shopping streets is in the Asian part and it is so attractive and spectacular that it is worth boarding a ship and coming to the Asian part of the city. If you want to get a closer look at Istanbul’s nightlife, come to Baghdad Street, because it is always lively and there are always a lot of people shopping, having fun and sightseeing.

Baghdad Street leads from the east and west to two famous districts of Istanbul, Kadikoy and Mal Tap, and in terms of fame and prestige, it is on the same level as Esteghlal Street in the European part of Istanbul. In fact, the European part is mostly for tourists and the locals of Istanbul themselves come to Baghdad Street to buy luxury. A large part of this street is one-way and with sycamore streets soaring, it has created a very pleasant atmosphere for walking and shopping. As we said, this street is full of large and modern shopping malls, shops and stores, boutiques and agencies of various brands of clothing, cosmetics and.. In addition, very luxurious and high-end restaurants, cafes, luxury car shows and various banks have made this street one of the most luxurious streets in Istanbul. Baghdad Street Istanbul is considered by many to be a large and open shopping center! Many vendors and retailers are open every day and every week, even on Sundays, and are full of customers.

If you come to this street on summer days and weekends, the sidewalk of Baghdad Street in Istanbul is crowded and full of people who have come to this street to see the shop windows, shop and spend time. Young people also like this street very much and it is considered as a kind of Istanbul youth hangout. In each city, there is usually one or two streets to take a course and the so-called far away is famous. Baghdad Street in Istanbul has also become a popular street for professional car riders since the 1960s, with young people coming to this street in midnight to race and compete in their latest model cars. However, in the late 1990s the phenomenon declined due to numerous traffic accidents that occurred, and today Baghdad Street استانstanbul is a safe street for driving.

Although all over Baghdad Street, Istanbul is full of shops and boutiques, but the busiest part of the street is between Suadiye and Caddebostan neighborhoods, and most of the modern shopping malls and brand and fashion stores are within this area.

Spring Street

Kadikoy district of Istanbul - Asian Istanbul

After Esteghlal Street, one of the most important streets in Istanbul in the Kadikoy region of the Asian part is Bahariye Street. This street is located in the central part of Istanbul. This old street in Istanbul is very important because of the architecture of its buildings. For the first time, tourists in Istanbul are interested in their magnificent buildings and architecture on this street. Another reason that attracts tourists to this street is the many shopping malls that are located there. Shopping malls on this street are very suitable for those who want cheap and quality shopping. The variety of products and goods in Istanbul’s Bahariyeh Street is great and after Esteghlal Street, it is one of the busiest streets in the city.

Istanbul Bahariyeh Street is full of various shops, chain stores and small and large boutiques. This street has an old and beautiful architecture and shopping and sightseeing in it is very enjoyable and attractive. Bahariyeh Street is a good place for all people, old, young, children, teenagers and adults to shop, and its shops and boutiques have affordable prices and quality. Istanbul Bahari Street is one of the most famous and best shopping areas in the city, just like Esteghlal Street.

The first attraction of Bahariyeh Street that we want to introduce to you is the big bronze bull that is located in Kadikoy area. Tourists in Istanbul can reach Kadikoy by tram and visit the Great Bronze Bull.

Bahariye Street, Kadikoy district of Istanbul - Asian Istanbul

The Boğa statue was erected in 1864 and was donated to Anwar Pasha during World War I, and this is how the statue entered Turkey. In 1969 she moved to her current location in Kadikoy.

If you visit a bronze cow, you will see a florist street just to your left as you cross this street. In this area, local artists sell their handmade art products such as paintings, sculptures, handmade jewelry, stained glass, etc. at different prices. You can buy unique and special souvenirs for yourself and those around you from this area.

Another attraction of this popular street is the opera house, which dates back to 1924. The opera house has a capacity of up to five hundred people and has recently been renovated. In this building, various programs such as ballet, music and شوند are held and performed. The opera house on this street has many fans.

Restaurants and cafes

Persian restaurant cafe in Kadikoy district of Istanbul - Asian Istanbul

There are many traditional restaurants and cafes in Kadikoy where you can try the most delicious and best Turkish food. In addition, cafes with a friendly atmosphere, live music, nightclubs offer a variety of entertainment.

Istanbul Salı Kadıköy Pazarı

Istanbul Kadادیköy Bazaar - Salı Kadıköy Pazarı

Tuesday Kadikoy Bazaar is one of the weekly markets in Istanbul. In Turkey and the beautiful city of Istanbul, every day during the week, a big market is held in a part of the city and they sell their goods to the customer first hand.

In the Asian part of Istanbul, there is a commotion every Tuesday from 1969 until today, people from all over the city and even from small and big cities around them come to Istanbul and in this market, both as a seller and as a buyer of the company. they do.
You should be very lucky to be in Istanbul on a Tuesday to be able to participate in the purchase of goods without intermediaries. You will certainly not regret your purchase on Tuesday at Kadikoy Market.
The interesting thing is that this market is not only for Tuesdays, but also returns to the people on Fridays. So, Kadikoy market is both a Tuesday market and a Friday market.

This thriving and beautiful market is also known as the women’s market, because most of the sellers are women, which is why it is the favorite of most women in Istanbul.

You can also listen to music by walking in this market, every seller sings the same text to introduce the goods inside her booth, and this has caused noise and commotion in this part of the city.

Our suggestion to you is to see the whole market first and walk, if you liked sex but it was expensive, wait until the last hours, there will definitely be a good discount on goods.

At Kadikoy Bazaar, you will surely find everything you can think of, from colorful clothes, to fresh food, fresh and fragrant fruits and vegetables that adorn the Kadikoy Bazaar, so do not hesitate and this Tuesday at Be Kadikoy Market.

Kadikoy Opera House

Sureyya Opera House Kadikoy Opera House

Soraya Opera House is also called Suraya Sureyya Academy, an opera house with special facilities, which was opened in 1927 by order of Ayman Pasha. It was actually a theater and opera house, which was later used as a cinema. Renovated in 2007, it became the first opera house in the Asian region of Istanbul and the sixth opera house in all of Turkey. This hall with artistic masks, tragedy, comedy and beautiful interior space is one of the most popular places of Kadikoy among artists and is located on Bahariyeh Street.

Osman Aga Mosque

Osman Aga Mosque Istanbul - Osman Aga Mosque

Osman Aga Mosque – Osman Aga Mosque This historic building with a wooden structure was renovated in 1811 by the Second Ottoman Sultan and in 1878 it was severely damaged by fire and was rebuilt. There is also a huge and old sycamore tree about 200 years old in the courtyard of this mosque.

Haydarpaşa Train Station and Wharf

Haydarpasa Railway Station and Pier - Haydarpasa Railway Station and Pier

One of the first things that comes to mind when we say “Kadikoy”; The Heydar Pasha train station is the pole of the century that connects Istanbul to Anatolia and has hosted many Turkish films.
Construction of this iconic building began on May 30, 1906. Two German architects and 1,500 Italian stone masons worked to build it. The station opened on May 19, 1908. Prior to the construction of the station, the last stop on the railway connecting Anatolia to Istanbul, it was the first railway station to be built there until 1872. Salim III (Sultan of the period) ordered that the neighborhoods around Haidar Pasha station (Admiral Haidar) be named because of the goodwill of Haidar Pasha and his services to the Shah, who made great efforts to build the Salimiya garrisons. For this reason, the Sultan named the station building after him (Haydarpaşa). With the expansion of the railway network to Anatolia, the station became important as a common center. And the German company that operated the station at the time, known as Anadolu Demirular (Anatolian Railway). He built a pier in front of the station at his request. There are also silos built to store commercial goods by trains coming and going from Anatolian cities. It was initially established on 2525 square meters of land, then the station expanded to 3836 square meters and served seven railroads and four stops for many years. All the famous trains such as Orist Express, Capital Express, Fateh Express and Cortlan Express have been out of the station for years.

Haydarpaşa Station, built using light pink granite from Hereke, also has a special place in Istanbul in terms of architectural features. The bird’s view of the building, which is a classic German design, shows a “U” shape with a shorter leg. The building consists of large rooms with high ceilings. It is known that at the time of the construction of this station, hand embroidery was made on the roof of these rooms, but in fact, these were plastered. Today, only one room has a main embroidery, which is a symbol of the winged train wheels with the TCDD (Turkish State Railway) logo, which can be found in the four corners of the room. This station is built on 100 pieces of wood, each of which is 21 meters long. These beams were nailed using a steam hammer. It is clear that the main structure is based on a grid placed on top of these debris. This historic station is so strong that no damage is seen even in the event of a severe earthquake. Another architectural feature of the historic station is its wooden roof, which is a “mansard roof”, a style often used in classical German architecture. On the ground floor and mezzanine floors, a veneer is made of ottoman stone. There are rectangular wooden windows in the corners of the second and third floors of the building with edging. There are rectangular decorative columns between the windows. The exterior is decorated with a floral and geometric pattern. The beach of the building hosts circular towers at both ends. The towers become narrower from the base to the ceiling.

The project, developed by Helmuth Cuno and Otto Ritter, was launched and used by Italian and German stone masters. A large part of the station was damaged by a large fire in 1917. After this damage, it has been restored to its current form. The impact of hot weather caused by an explosion in a tanker and ship in Haidar Pasha in 1979 damaged lead-stained glass. On November 28, 2010, the station roof collapsed and the fourth floor of the building became unusable due to a large fire on the roof of the Haidar Pasha train station.

Visiting hours of Haydarpaşa train station

There have been no trains at the Haidar Pasha railway station since the fire, and it became unusable after a major fire in 2010. As of June 19, 2013, suburban flights were also disabled. Both metropolitan mayors, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Binali Yildirim, said the Haidar Pasha railway station would be closed for two years. It is not possible.

Istanbul Toy Museum

Istanbul Toy Museum

One of the relatively new and modern museums of Istanbul is the Toy Museum. The Museum was founded in 2005 by the Turkish poet and writer (Sunay Akın). She was interested in collecting and collecting toys from all over the world and in this museum more than 4120 toys from 5 continents have been collected. From the Indian lifestyle to World War II, you can experience a miniature example of it in the Istanbul Toy Museum.

Akin Sauna has collected and exhibited the dolls and toys of this museum, which are more than 200 years old, and has stated its purpose in creating a time tunnel and showing the childhood of three generations of each family.

• Architecture of Istanbul Toy Museum

The architect and interior designer of this museum was the famous Iham Doqan. Istanbul Toy Museum is designed in 6 floors and 10 rooms, which includes 80 toy showcases. Inside the museum, there is a café whose design resembles a fairy tale, and spending time there will be a good experience for adults as well as children, as well as workshops for children and their parents. Becomes.

The museum was nominated for the European Academy Award for Children in 2012.

You will enjoy visiting this museum at any age, but the popularity of this museum is very high among children.
If you are traveling to Istanbul, visiting this museum will be an interesting experience for you and your children.

• Admission fee to Istanbul Toy Museum

The ticket price for this museum is 15 lira. It should be noted that museum tickets are discounted for children at least three years old, people over 65, students and teachers (ticket price is 12 lira) and for children under three years old, children with disabilities,icom card holders (ICOM is the world’s largest family of museologists and organizations that are in any way related to the definition of a museum), members of the press and museum card holders (Istanbul Tourist Card for visiting museums. By purchasing it at a reasonable price You can visit the museums of the contracting party for free, it should be noted that the validity of this card is only 5 days, which is activated from the first use) is free.

• Hours and days of visiting the Istanbul Toy Museum

Visiting hours of the Istanbul Toy Museum are 9:30 am to 6 pm and the museum is closed on Mondays.

• Admission fee to Istanbul Toy Museum

The ticket price for this museum is 15 lira. It should be noted that museum tickets are discounted for children at least three years old, people over 65, students and teachers (ticket price is 12 lira) and for children under three years old, children with disabilities,icom card holders (ICOM is the world’s largest family of museologists and organizations that are in any way related to the definition of a museum), members of the press and museum card holders (Istanbul Tourist Card for visiting museums. By purchasing it at a reasonable price You can visit the museums of the contracting party for free, it should be noted that the validity of this card is only 5 days, which is activated from the first use) is free.

ابstanbul Toy Museum - Ostanbul Oyuncak Müzesi

• Hours and days of visiting the Istanbul Toy Museum

Visiting hours of the Istanbul Toy Museum are 9:30 am to 6 pm and the museum is closed on Mondays.

List of neighborhoods in Kadikoy

The name of the neighborhood in Turkish The name of the neighborhood in Turkish
19 Mayıs Mahallesi Göztepe Mahallesi
Acibadem Mahallesi Hasanpaşa Mahallesi
Bostancı Mahallesi Koşuyolu Mahallesi
Caddebostan Mahallesi Kozyatağı Mahallesi
Caferağa Mahallesi Merdivenköy Mahallesi
Dumlupınar Mahallesi Osmanağa Mahallesi
Eğitim Mahallesi Rasimpaşa Mahallesi
Erenköy Mahallesi Sahrayı Cedit Mahallesi
Fenerbahçe Mahallesi Suadiye Mahallesi
Feneryolu Mahallesi Zühtüpaşa Mahallesi
Fikirtepe Mahallesi

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