Opening an account and issuing a visa card in Turkey

افتتاح حساب و صدور ویزا کارت در ترکیه
Opening an account and issuing a visa card in Turkey

Is it possible for Iranians to issue Visa and MasterCard in Turkey? What is a Visa Card? What is a MasterCard?

What are the benefits of these cards? Can I get them with an Iranian passport? Is it possible to get a MasterCard in Iran?

Is it possible to open an account in Turkey without staying with an Iranian passport?

How to buy a bank card in Turkey? Is it possible to get a Visa and MasterCard by opening an account in Turkey?

Issuance of Turkish Visa and MasterCard

Before getting acquainted with these two cards, we first need to know what Visa card and Master card are? MasterCard and Visa Card are the most valid and widely used credit cards in the world. These cards serve in more than 140 countries. The scope of activities of these cards is money transfer in foreign currency in the international arena. These two cards have a total of 3 million ATM and POS terminals.

The difference between a Visa card and a MasterCard is negligible and it is better not to compare the two, because it practically does not matter what type you use for everyday use and travel.

Visa card and master card provide access to foreign currency resources abroad, the possibility of receiving cash in foreign countries for leisure, business or study trips for their holders. For example, purchasing from foreign websites such as Amazon, Avanto and Ali Express is possible with Visa and MasterCard.

One of the advantages of MasterCard and Visa Card is that they have fees. Using these cards, you can exchange money with international companies; Use them to transfer money from Iran to Turkey, especially when buying property in Turkey. After all, you can do your financial transactions internationally.

Why can't you get a MasterCard and Visa card with an Iranian account?

Because these cards are issued by US companies, it is not possible for Iranians to open a Visa card account or obtain a MasterCard with an Iranian account due to US sanctions. Since these companies do not operate in Iran, it is not possible to receive these cards in Iran either. But there is a solution to everything. Iranian citizens can apply for a Visa and apply for a MasterCard by opening an international account in Turkey, especially at the Turkish Agricultural Bank. In addition, note that:

  • Getting a credit card in Turkey in the form of a master or visa does not require a residence permit in Turkey.
  • Iranians will only need their passport to obtain a credit card in Turkey.
  • To get a Visa and MasterCard in Turkey, you will not need to establish a company or business in Turkey.

Types of Visa Cards

Types of Visa Cards for buying property and houses in Istanbul, Turkey

Most Iranians apply for a visa by opening a non-resident account and a Visa card in Turkey. In addition, it is not bad to know that there are two types of Visa cards; The first is a physical Visa card, the second is a digital Visa card. Usually the cost of a physical Visa card and its fees are lower. Of course, it should be noted that in order to issue a visa card of any kind, it is necessary for the applicant to be present in person at the relevant bank. How to use Visa Card is also very easy and when using an ATM and POS machine, a person can use the convenience of her credit card.

Visa cards are divided into three main categories:

  • Credit card (credit card)
  • Debit card (cash card)
  • Prepaid card (prepaid card)

The first two types, Visa Credit Card and Visa Debit Card, each have five different types:

  • Classic Visa Card
  • Visa Gold Card
  • Platinum Visa Card
  • Visa Signature Card
  • Infinite Visa Card
Visa card

Common visa card for Iranians

Most Iranians prefer one of the two types of credit or debit card to get a MasterCard and Visa card in Turkey, depending on their needs. Mainly, the most important difference between different types of Visa cards in Turkey is the withdrawal and transaction ceiling. The most common types of debit and visa credit cards are as follows:

Classic Visa Card

Classic Visa Card is suitable for all classes. A suitable tool for international banking transactions. This card is known as the most popular card in the Visa card family and has features such as withdrawing from ATMs connected to the Visa network, shopping from online websites and withdrawing cards in stores.

Features such as low cost and full features have made this card popular among credit cards. This physical Visa card is denominated in Dollar or Euro currencies and is sometimes referred to as the Euro Visa Card. The cost of a classic physical Visa card is $ 100.

Visa Gold Card

Types of Visa Cards for buying property and houses in Istanbul, Turkey

Visa Gold Card is reasonably priced and has all the important business features. If you are an international investor and you intend to invest in Turkey, opening an account and getting this card is for you. Prestige card that in addition to all the classic Visa card services, you also enjoy services such as offline shopping. Offline shopping is a purchase that you can make when the card reader is not connected directly to the network online. For example, in airplanes where it is not possible to establish a direct connection to the Visa network, you can make purchases with Gold type cards and above.

In addition, car rental companies can easily rent cars to cardholders. Gold Visa cardholders are allowed to withdraw $ 5,000 a day from ATMs and withdraw cards in stores without restrictions. The Gold Visa card is issued in dollars or euros. The cost of a Gold Visa physical card is about $ 150.

Platinum Visa Card

Types of Visa Cards for buying property and houses in Istanbul, Turkey

The highest level of Visa Card is the Platinum Visa Card, which has all the features of its predecessor cards, plus features such as the use of airport lounges and some special benefits. Holders of this card, in addition to features such as unlimited withdrawals and offline payments, can enjoy some benefits such as using Visa network discounts in some international stores and using the services of some airport lounges. This Visa card opens in dollars or euros.

Types of master cards

Types of Visa Cards for buying property and houses in Istanbul, Turkey

Just like Visa Card, the issuance of MasterCard in Turkey is possible both physically and digitally, and at three levels. As in the previous case, obtaining a physical master card usually costs less and using it will cost less.

There are many types of master cards:

Credit card (credit card)
  • Standard Master Card
  • Standard Master Card
Debit card (cash card)
  • Standard Master Debit Card
  • Global MasterCard Debit
Prepaid card (prepaid card)
Types of Visa Cards for buying property and houses in Istanbul, Turkey
  • Pripid MasterCard daily
  • Pripid Master Travel Card

Gift card (gift card)

Types of Visa Cards for buying property and houses in Istanbul, Turkey
  • Peri gift gift card

Common types of master cards

In continuation of the explanations that we provided to you in the previous section, we now want to describe the types of debit cards and master credit cards. These two types of master cards are, in fact, the most common type:

Standard Master Card

Turkish MasterCard is one of the best choices for people who are looking for a card with a reasonable cost for all their affairs. Owners can use it for things like hotel reservations, online shopping or even cash withdrawals. One of the advantages of MasterCard is the low cost of issuing, re-issuing, maintaining and Services in addition to the services that can be obtained with this card, this card has become popular. If you are studying in Turkey and have a student residence and of course you want to be more economical, this type of credit card in Turkey is ideal for you. This master card is opened in dollars or euros. The cost of a standard MasterCard will be approximately $ 100.

MasterCard Gold

It is a high-prestige card from the MasterCard network that, in addition to having all the features of a standard MasterCard, allows its holders to rent a car in many car rental companies. With this card, you can easily pay all travel expenses or buy on online sites. You can make offline payments with MasterCard Gold. This master card is opened in dollars or euros. The cost of receiving Mr. Gold is $ 150.

Platinum MasterCard

The highest level of MasterCard company cards. In addition to all the features of MasterCard Gold, this card has the ability to withdraw money from MasterCard ATMs to an unlimited amount. With this MasterCard, you can enjoy the discounts that some companies offer to the owners of Platinum MasterCard. Also, in some airport lounges, you can use the lounges for free by having this master card. This master card can be opened in dollars or euros. The cost of obtaining a Platinum MasterCard is usually $ 150.

How to issue and obtain a Visa and MasterCard

Opening an account in Turkey and getting a credit card or Visa card in Turkey is very easy and does not involve much complexity. As mentioned earlier, in order to obtain a Visa and MasterCard in Turkey, it is easy to come to Turkey with a tourist residence and apply for a physical MasterCard with a Visa card. It is obvious that there will be no need for citizenship or permanent and long-term residence.

To open a Visa Card and MasterCard account, you can go to the Turkish Agricultural Bank, because it is the only bank that provides services to Iranians without hindrance. Note that the presence of a person is required to open this type of account and issue a Visa and MasterCard in Turkey. In addition, note that:

  • Visa and MasterCard are valid for 8 years in Turkey.
  • It can be used for both dollars and euros.
  • Depending on the type of card, the price of issuing and obtaining it will also be different.
  • Issuance of MasterCard and physical Visa card will take about 15 to 45 days.

Increase the credit card limit


It is interesting to know that with a special trick, the credit card limit can be increased from what it is. Note, however, that this trick is not permanent and can only be used once a month. Suppose your credit card limit is 5,000 lira and you have now used 3,000 lira and have 2,000 lira left. To increase the limit, you must do the following:

  • Apply through the debit menu in the ATM or your internet banking application,
  • Instead of paying 3,000 lira in debt, pay 7,000 lira.
  • Now your credit card limit has been increased to 9000 lira instead of 5000,
  • This means that you have paid 3,000 lira as the principal debt, and 4,000 lira as extra.
  • With this trick, the credit card limit can be increased up to 2 times.
  • As we said, it is possible to do this only once a month, unless you increase the block amount to the bank by proving more income.

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