Buying a house and property in Istanbul 1403-2024 – practical podcasts

خرید ملک در استانبول
Buying a house and property in Istanbul 1403-2024 – practical podcasts

What should you do before buying a house and property in Istanbul?

خرید ملک استانبول

Buying a property in Istanbul or any other city may come with challenges and risks.

To ensure success in this process, it is important to familiarize yourself with Istanbul’s property laws.

Any property you intend to buy must be related and compatible with real estate laws.

Property regulations in Turkey may vary, so be sure to check these issues carefully.

In addition, it is important that the property is registered in your name and its ownership is given to you officially and legally. Before signing the purchase contract, carefully review its details and conditions.

If you come across any ambiguous points, be sure to consult a lawyer specializing in buying real estate in Turkey.

Examining the legal and financial status of the property is also very important.

Make sure the property is legally and financially clean and free of disputes.

Checking the registration status of the property and the information in the land registry offices can help you to be sure of the legal status of the property.

Also, it is important to research the macroeconomic situation and currency and financial laws in Turkey.

This information will help you to correctly assess the economic risks and make your decisions based on more accurate information.

People who intend to immigrate and have limited capital, it is better to live in the target country for a while and check the conditions in terms of work and familiarity with the local environment.

This will help them to make better property buying decisions with a limited budget.

خرید خانه و ملک در استانبول2024

One should pay attention to the fact that living in countries outside of Iran costs more. The first priority for people who intend to migrate should be to earn money.

People who have the ability to do business and earn foreign currency compared to the country of origin, can provide the best conditions for their lives.

The most important thing is that they must be able to earn foreign currency, such as dollars or euros, so that their lives can continue easily.

The decision to migrate should not be based on general ideas of renting a house in Iran and living in the destination country.

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The amount sent from Iran to the desired country may seem insignificant due to inflation and you may face financial problems in the future.

Therefore, before any decision, the financial and economic issues related to immigration should be carefully considered and calculated.

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In Istanbul without income

Mistake in buying house and property in Istanbul!!

صادق مرادی |استانبول 2024

Before signing the property purchase contract, it is necessary to read the contract carefully, examine its mechanisms and conditions.

This issue is very important in any country, including Iran, and especially if you intend to buy a property in Turkey.

If the contract is in Turkish and you are not familiar with Turkish, it is better to use the services of a certified translator.

Using a reliable translator will help you understand the general concept and details of the contract correctly and avoid any ambiguity or misunderstanding.

Also, the translator can put you by his side and help in negotiations and possible crises.

Also, in countries whose language and laws are different from your native language and laws, legal advice is also very important.

Be sure to consult with a real estate and purchase contract attorney before signing any contract to ensure that all legal aspects are covered and that your rights are protected.

Experienced consultants 4k Group of Dear compatriots, they are ready to provide you with the best services at any moment of the process of buying your property in Turkey.

Regarding the purchase of property in installments in Istanbul, give great importance to knowing the builder of the property.

This issue is very important in terms of security. Due to the occurrence of incidents even in countries like Iran, where some real estate developers sold to several people in installments and then these properties were put at risk, you should carefully get information from the real estate developer.

To ensure the security of the transaction, it is important to carefully review the builder’s resume. Review of past projects, timely delivery of properties and validity of contracts are among the things you should pay attention to.

Companies with experience and a strong resume can provide you with more confidence.

In the parts related to paying installments, you should pay attention to what your obligations are if you are unable to pay the installments and what suggestions have been made to solve these problems.

Legal guarantees in the contract ensure that your rights are protected in case of problems.

Also, at the contract writing stage, it is very important that you carefully refer to the terms and conditions of the contract. You should never sign a contract quickly without careful reading.

Definitely from oneImmigration lawyerGet help from an experienced specialist in the field of buying property in Türkiye. This lawyer can help you better understand the contract and protect your rights.

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tip: This podcast is related to before the new changes in Turkish citizenship laws

قوانیین حقوقی خرید ملک ترکیه

Conditions for buying installment apartments in Istanbul 2024

The conditions for buying installment apartments in Istanbul may vary depending on the residential project and its developer. But in general, some specifications and conditions usually for buying an apartment with installments in Istanbul are:

  1. Advance payment (deposit): Usually, to buy an apartment in installments, a prepayment (deposit) is requested will be The amount of this advance payment may change depending on the project and different conditions.

  2. Installment period: Usually, when you buy an apartment in installments, a period of time is set for paying the installments. This may be monthly or seasonally.

  3. Interest and other financial costs: It should be noted that additional financial costs such as installment interest and administrative costs may be calculated and requested from you in sets of installments.

  4. Delivery of the building status: In the installment purchase agreement, it is determined at what stage of construction the apartment will be delivered to you.

  5. Available real estate projects: Some residential projects in Istanbul have made it possible to buy in installments. These projects may vary in terms of location, amenities, and lifestyle.

  6. Legal Process: It is vital to review the legal processes and related documents before signing any agreement. Ensure that all documents are properly completed and approved.

Also, as a tip, it is recommended to consult with reputable real estate consultants in this field before making any decision.

خرید آپارتمان در استانبول

فروش واحدهای تجاری در آتاشهیر

پیش فروش واحد های تجاری و اداری درمنطقه آتاشهیر

  • شروع قیمت از 13,800,000₺
    • USA 448,668
    • EUR 418,028
    • GBP 357,384
    • BTC 8.5883
    • AEDAED 1,647,882
    • SARSAR 1,682,721

پیش فروش


Specıal Offer

پروژه با امکانات هتل پنج ستاره

  • شروع قیمت از 7,700,000₺
    • USA 250,344
    • EUR 233,247
    • GBP 199,410
    • BTC 4.7920
    • AEDAED 919,470
    • SARSAR 938,909

For Sale

Specıal Offer

فروش آپارتمان سه خواب در منطقه مال تپه

فروش آپارتمان سه خواب در مال تپه محله جویزلی

  • قیمت واحد 8,670,000₺
    • USA 281,881
    • EUR 262,630
    • GBP 224,531
    • BTC 5.3957
    • AEDAED 1,035,300
    • SARSAR 1,057,188

For Sale

Specıal Offer

موارد بیشتر

Buying a house and property in Istanbul with one billion!!

Buying a house and property in Istanbul or anywhere else with false advertising may be associated with many risks.

Some false advertising may contain false information about the property, area, or conditions of the purchase, causing problems for the buyer.

Make sure ads come from reputable and reliable sources, this includes websites, real estate agencies, and people who publish ads.

Independently research the information stated in the advertisement and use various sources to verify the information to ensure its correctness and accuracy.

Consider seeking advice from independent real estate experts as your advisors. They can alert you to the pitfalls of false advertising.

 Keep in mind, buying a property in Istanbul is a big investment! Before you pay any money, be sure to visit the property yourself.

بیشتر بدانید..  Review of Real Estate Advisors

If you are planning to travel to Istanbul for Nowruz 1403 holiday, don’t miss the golden opportunity to visit the desired property. Increase your confidence in the accuracy of the information by checking the conditions directly.

Also, before making any decision, carefully review the terms of the contracts and ensure that there are no false information in the contracts and that the terms of purchase are formally and clearly defined.

 Stay with us, your guide in buying property in Istanbul.

Advertising costs on large and reputable channels can be very high, forcing some companies to use false advertising.

This can be due to insufficient financial resources of companies. Because of this situation, these companies may try to cover their costs throughFalse advertisingprovide from the people themselves.

This issue creates false information and mistakes about buying property and investing in Turkey.

For example, ads related to buying a property in Istanbul for 1 billion seem unrealistic and lead people down the wrong path.

 Also, advertisements related to obtaining residence in Turkey with these amounts may mislead people and cause mistakes and inconveniences. 

The Four Key Group team recommends that you do the necessary research before taking any action on the path of immigrating and buying property in Turkey.

Ensuring the credibility of the sources, carefully checking the costs, and consulting with independent experts can help you make more sound decisions for security on the way to immigration and investment in Turkey.

Property and apartment prices in Istanbul in Iranian money 1403-2024

With the prices of buying a house in Turkey and converting it to Iranian money, when you consider the financial difficulties, it may be justified that buying a house in small towns in Turkey is possible.

But in reality, even at a lower price, you can still find a house to buy in big cities like Istanbul.

In big cities like Istanbul, with the indicated amount, you can buy a house with smaller dimensions, about 50 square meters. But you should keep in mind that this area is not enough for many people. For example, an apartment with one bedroom in the west of Istanbul with dimensions of 70 square meters is available at a price of about 2 million liras, equivalent to 3 billion and 500 million tomans.

In smaller towns, prices are lower, but it’s still possible to find a home for that amount. For example, the starting price of an apartment in these cities is between 12,000 and 16,000 Turkish Lira per meter.

For 2024, prices are usually higher in tourist cities like Antalya. For example, the starting price of apartments is about a meter
It is 24 thousand Turkish Lira.
In the city of Izmir, the cost of buying a house for each square meter is estimated at 21,000 Turkish Liras.

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