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Buying a house and property in Istanbul 1403-2024 – practical podcasts

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What should you do before buying a house and property in Istanbul?

خرید ملک استانبول
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خرید خانه و ملک در استانبول2024
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Shopping tips podcastestate In Istanbul without income

Mistake in buying house and property in Istanbul!!

صادق مرادی |استانبول 2024
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tip: This podcast is related to before the new changes in Turkish citizenship laws

قوانیین حقوقی خرید ملک ترکیه

Conditions for buying installment apartments in Istanbul 2024

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خرید آپارتمان در استانبول

Buying a house and property in Istanbul with one billion!!

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Property and apartment prices in Istanbul in Iranian money 1403-2024

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Buying a house and property in Istanbul 1403-2024 – practical podcasts
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