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Istanbul Souvenirs / Turkish Food & Beverages

Istanbul Souvenirs / Turkish Food & Beverages
Do you know the souvenirs of Istanbul? Suppose you have bought a ticket to Istanbul and you are counting the moments to reach this city and see its unique attractions! Your thoughts are on the luxury hotel you have booked and what times you should consider to enjoy what entertainment. Have you thought about Istanbul souvenirs? What souvenirs do you think this historic and vibrant city, which has been dubbed the largest city in the world, has? In this article, we draw your attention to the most famous souvenirs of Istanbul and the places where you can buy them.

The most famous souvenir of Istanbul

Istanbul has both food souvenirs and handicrafts and handicrafts. With any taste, you can buy the souvenir you want from the markets of this city and take it with you. To make it easier to know the souvenirs of Istanbul, we have divided them into two categories.
  • Istanbul Foods
  • Istanbul Handicrafts and Confectionery
The most famous souvenir of Istanbul

Istanbul Foods

Turkish tea and herbal teas; The most famous souvenir of Istanbul

As you wander the streets and alleys of Istanbul, you will see that most people are drinking black tea. You guessed it, black tea is one of the favorite drinks of the Turks. Of course, tourists also follow the tradition of drinking tea when traveling and take refuge in it to relieve fatigue. Turks have special etiquettes for brewing and drinking tea. To brew tea, a special kettle called (çaydanlık) is used and the tea is served in traditional narrow waist cups. This traditional method of serving tea makes it more palatable and you will want to try Turkish tea again and again. In addition to black tea, herbal teas can also be found in Istanbul cafes. Of course, the customers of the drinks are more tourists than the Turks living in Istanbul. The pure aroma of apples and roses can be smelled from these teas. Once you try Turkish black tea or one of these drinks, it is unlikely that you will no longer be attracted to any drink. Turkish tea price: From 7 to 27 lira Where to buy these souvenirs?
  • Spice Bazaar
  • Grand Bazaar
Turkish tea and herbal teas - the most famous souvenir of Istanbul

Comfort of Turkish turkey; With different designs and tastes

Sweets lovers are very interested in this attractive and tempting souvenir. Rahata al-Halqum is known in Turkey as “Lokum” and is one of the most attractive souvenirs of Istanbul. Turkish comforters are made like Iranian comforters. They use sugar and starch to make this sweet. Of course, sometimes fruit and nut extracts are added to the convenience of al-Halqum to increase its variety and satisfy everyone. The most popular examples of this food are those made with pistachios, oranges, lemons, roses and cinnamon. Turkish delicacies are easily prepared in various shapes and designs. Of course, the deformation of this food does not change its taste, and all the conveniences of the delicacies are more delicious than you can imagine. Before buying this souvenir, ask the seller about the raw materials, because some baiters reduce the shelf life of Al-Halqum, and this food does not last and spoils along the way between the two countries. Turkish Lokum price: From 20 to 60 lira per half kilogram box Where to buy these souvenirs?
  • Grand Bazaar
  • Spice Bazaar
  • Arasta Bazaar
  • Confectioneries and pastry shops in the city
Lokum Turkish - with different designs and flavors

Turkish spices; Different flavors and aromas for foods

The world of flavors owes all its charm to the aroma and flavor of various spices. Turks are skilled cooks and their food is famous almost all over the world. If you want to cook like a professional Turkish chef and cook dishes that guests and families eat with their fingers, it’s time to try Turkish spices. What do you think Turkish spices are like as a souvenir of Istanbul? For those who love cooking, Turkish spices are a luxury and valuable souvenir. Because it can make their cooking style famous and special. For souvenirs, you can buy Turkish spices in bulk or in packages. If you want a lot of spices, obviously buying it in bulk is more economical; But if you want to try Turkish spices to test the taste, you can make a few small packages of it.
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Packaged spices seem more suitable for souvenirs. Because they are easier to carry and the shop owner has taken the trouble to pack them. Turkish spice price: From 3 to 25 lira Where to buy these souvenirs?
  • Spice Bazaar
  • Grand Bazaar
Turkish spices - different flavors and aromas for foods

Eat baklava and taste sweet

Istanbul is a city of sweets lovers. Baklava is one of the most delicious and traditional souvenirs of Istanbul that you can eat and take to others. This delicious dessert is full of pistachios and has nectar. Be aware that excessive consumption of baklava can lead to diabetes. Eat enough of this sweet so you can try it on your next trip to Istanbul. Winning baklava as a souvenir has its own difficulties. You have to be careful not to crush the sweets and make them look good as a gift. You should also be careful that the baklava package is not torn. Because everything in your suitcase is soaked in nectar. Turkish baklava price: From 50 to 150 lira Where to buy these souvenirs?
  • City-level pastry shops
Eat baklava and be sweet

Turkish coffee; Caffeine favorite drink of friends

Istanbul is a paradise for caffeine lovers. The Turkish coffee you drink in this city will definitely be the best coffee of your life. After eating coffee, turn the cup over so that your fortune and fortune will be engraved in it. Leave the divination to someone who is capable and make your trip more fun. For Istanbul souvenirs, you can choose Turkish coffee. This pure and unique souvenir will bring the memory of the trip to life for you. By taking Turkish coffee, you can share the pleasures of your trip with your friends and family and invite them to an attractive and fragrant drink. Price of high quality Turkish coffee: 100 lira for every 500 grams Where to buy these souvenirs?
  • Spice Bazaar
  • Grand Bazaar
  • Mehmet Efendi
Turkish Coffee - Caffeine Friendly Drink

Istanbul Handicrafts and Confectionery

Eye sores or sores; A different decorative object

It is interesting to know that not only Iranians believe in wounds and blinking, and this belief is also common among Turks. The cracks use a blue glass with one eye in the middle to remove the sore eye. In the popular belief, this decorative glass can remove negative energies from a person and prevent her from seeing bad events. These days, the eye has become a decorative object and few people use it to protect themselves from the evil eye. Existing photographs of celebrities such as Brad Pitt and Rihanna while using decorative eyes are a testament to this, that the source of the wound is no longer limited to certain ethnicities and nationalities and superstitions about it are disappearing. Turkish eye shops offer different types of eyes, key ring, bracelet, pendant and necklace are available and you can buy any model you want as a souvenir of Istanbul. Wound spring price: From 3 to 175 lira Where to buy these souvenirs?
  • Grand Bazaar
  • All souvenir shops
Eye sores or sore eyes - a different decorative object

Iznik ceramics; Special and lasting souvenirs

In the 10th century AH, Iznik, Turkey, was the site of the production of special turquoise tiles, the beauty of which took the intellect away from everyone. These tiles can be seen in Topkapi Palace, Rostam Pasha Mosque and Hagia Sophia Mosque. Iznik tiles are part of Turkey’s cultural heritage and can be removed from the country. Modern examples of pottery whose designs and patterns are inspired by these tiles can be seen in Istanbul. These dishes are known as Iznik ceramics and are a souvenir of Istanbul. Iznik ceramics are made in different models. You can choose and buy one or more models from Iznik plates, bowls and pots. Carrying ceramics is also a great responsibility as a souvenir. To ensure that the ceramics arrive safely at their destination, ask the seller to use bubble wrap between the containers and to provide a strong carton for packing the Iznik ceramics. Prices of Iznik ceramics: From 20 lira upwards Where to buy these souvenirs?
  • Grand Bazaar
  • Spice Bazaar
  • Arasta Bazaar
Iznik ceramics - a special and lasting souvenir

Carpets and kilims, Turkish handicrafts

You are not going to take cumin to Kerman. It is true that the Persian carpet has reached its fame all over the world and everyone throws water and fire to have it; But each carpet tells a different story and the story of Turkish carpets is different from Iranian. As the most different souvenir of Istanbul, you can choose the carpet to take.
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Some of these rugs are decorative and you can install them on the wall, so that they are always in front of your eyes. Some other Turkish carpets have retained their original use and are placed on the floor. Spread these rugs in a place where you want to have a different decoration and enjoy watching it every time. There is another model of carpet in Turkey, cushions that are prepared in the form of cushions are the best choice for houses with traditional decoration. Turkish carpet prices: From 2000 lira for carpet From 300 lira for cushion cover Where to buy these souvenirs?
  • Grand Bazaar
  • Arasta Bazaar
Carpets and kilims - Turkish handicrafts

Turkish lamps; A beautiful chandelier for all homes

It does not seem wise to take the lamp as a souvenir from one country to another; But few can resist the beauty of these lamps and not buy one of them to use. Do not resist buying these souvenirs, which are useless. As you look around every corner of Istanbul, you will see a shop displaying Turkish magic lamps and captivating tourists. Turkish lamps come in a variety of sizes and colors, and you are free to choose a lamp that will decorate your home. If your decision to buy this souvenir is final, do not rush to buy a Turkish lamp. It is true that they all seem to be the same shape and form; But the quality of the lamps is different. Now that you have endured the hardships of these beautiful lamps, buy a quality lamp that will both beautify your home and provide good lighting. Turkish lamp price: From 50 to 250 lira Where to buy these souvenirs?
  • Grand Bazaar
  • Arasta Bazaar
Turkish lamps - a beautiful chandelier for all homes

Turkish towels; The experience of the adhesive heart bath

What do you expect from a good towel? Is it except that the towel should absorb water well and have a good shelf life? Turkish towels meet all your expectations of a good quality bath towel. Softness and high quality are the prominent features of these towels. Turkish towels have a high water absorption capacity and after bathing, you can completely dry your body and hair with them. The interesting thing about these towels is that they are handmade. Each handmade crack towel may weigh about one kilogram. You can also count on Turkish towels as a souvenir of Istanbul. Of course, you should know that these towels are available in two types, handmade and machine-made. Machine towels are lighter and thinner. When buying a good towel, pay attention to the material so that you do not buy a machine towel instead of a handmade towel and do not pay a lot of money for it. Turkish towel price: From 50 to 100 lira Where to buy these souvenirs?
  • Grand Bazaar
  • Arasta Bazaar
  • City-wide department stores
Turkish Towels - Experience a Sticky Bath

Turkish black soaps; For exfoliation and skin softness

Have you ever experienced going to a traditional bath? To get this experience, you have to put aside your body soaps and shampoos and this time go to the bathroom with Turkish black soap. This soap does not contain any chemicals and all its ingredients are natural. Turkish black soap is a strong exfoliating layer. For those who have oily skin and do not know how to get rid of pimples and acne, this soap works wonders. With the use of soap, the dead layer of the skin is removed and a new soft and delicate layer replaces it. You can choose these soaps for Istanbul souvenirs. Black soap is the best gift to relive the memories of old and traditional baths for your family and relatives. Price of Turkish black soap: 50 lira Where to buy these souvenirs?
  • Grand Bazaar
  • Arasta Bazaar
  • Spice Bazaar
  • Health and beauty stores
Black Turkish Soaps - For exfoliation and skin softening

Cezve; Turkish coffee container

If you are a coffee lover and you bought Turkish coffee as a souvenir of Istanbul to take home, why not prepare a special container for brewing it. Cezve is a special copper vessel used to brew Turkish coffee. Cezve has been made by Turkish artists since ancient times, and almost all over the country, Jazwa is used to brew coffee. The taste of coffee prepared in a copper dish is unique. I have no doubt that once you make coffee in this dish and eat it, you will not go to any other coffee maker or brewer.
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Cezve can be found in all of Istanbul’s souvenir markets; But it is better to buy it from local artisans. By doing this, you have both supported the craftsmen to produce this product and you have been able to have a quality copper container for brewing authentic Turkish coffee. Cezve price: From 35 lira Where to buy these souvenirs?
  • Grand Bazaar
  • Arasta Bazaar
  • Spice Bazaar
Cezve - A special container for Turkish coffee

Turkish jewelry; For troubled people

The design and manufacture of gold and jewelry in Turkey has a long history. During the reign of the Ottoman kings, dozens of artisans served in the royal court, making gold and jewelry. Jewelry is still one of the most prominent handicrafts in Turkey and has its own customers. By flipping through the big Turkish market, you can find jewelry that is reasonably priced. However, what is most popular with tourists is the unique gold and precious stones of this market. Swan Bicakci, Tina and Gilan are among the most famous jewelry shops in Turkey where you can buy Istanbul souvenirs. You can even order professional jewelers to make new jewelry to make jewelry the way you like it. Where to buy these souvenirs?
  • Grand Bazaar
  • Citywide jewelry stores
Turkish jewelry - for the troubled

Hookah; Different decorative gifts

As far as the name of hookah is concerned, everyone points to the problems and diseases caused by it and says that not having a hookah at home is better than having it. Of course, there are those who enjoy hookah smoking and are interested in taking a hookah from Turkey as a souvenir. In addition to smoking hookah, this product can also be used for decoration. Hookah is an attractive decorative device for home decoration. You can place it next to other traditional decor items and complete your collection. You can even give this Istanbul souvenir to your hookah friends. Along with Turkish hookahs, tobacco with different flavors is also sold. Depending on the taste of the recipient, you can buy several models of tobacco and place them next to the hookah. Turkish hookah price: From 60 lira upwards Where to buy these souvenirs?
  • Grand Bazaar
Hookah - a different decorative gift

All kinds of leather products

Do you want to take a souvenir from Istanbul that few people think of? Why not think about leather products? Turkey is famous for producing all kinds of leather products with reasonable quality and price. You can choose a leather jacket or coat for souvenirs or buy a leather bag and belt. If you do not have the right size of clothes or shoes or you want a different model of leather products, you can immediately order it from the store so that it can be customized for you. Prices of Turkish leather products: Belts from 20 lira and up Leather coats about 500 lira Where to buy these souvenirs?
  • Grand Bazaar
  • Clothing stores
All kinds of leather products

First-class, high-quality clothes

Cotton and wool are produced in large quantities in Turkey. This issue has provided the basis for the production of quality and first-class clothes by the Turks. If you want to buy quality clothes that are reasonably priced, a trip to Istanbul is the best opportunity for you. Walking through the markets of Istanbul, you can see a variety of Turkish clothes and buy everything you need. Really… Did you know that Turkey also hosts world-famous clothing brands? However, you can compare Turkish and original clothes and you can buy and take the best souvenirs of Istanbul.
First-class clothes - high quality

And at the end

Istanbul souvenirs abound. To buy Turkish souvenirs, you should visit this city and visit all the famous markets of Istanbul. We have tried to bring most of the well-known Istanbul souvenirs in this article so that you can plan your purchase.
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