Sarıyer area

منطقه ساریر-sariyer
Sarıyer area
منطقه ساریر (Sarıyer)
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General information of the area

Sarیرr district of Istanbul is the northernmost district of Istanbul, which includes 35 neighborhoods and is located in the European part of the city.

Sarir borders Besiktas and Kait Haneh to the south, the Black Sea to the north, the Bosphorus Strait to the east, and Ayub Sultan to the west. Sarir borders Besiktas and Kait Haneh to the south, the Black Sea to the north, the Bosphorus Strait to the east, and Ayub Sultan to the west.

Sariyer district of Istanbul - Sariyer - European Istanbul

Sarir region is famous for its beautiful beaches and one of the most popular beaches in this region is Klios beach.
Next to the beautiful Sarir area, which is full of stylish seafood and international cafes and restaurants, you can spend good and wonderful moments with your loved ones and enjoy the unique view of the Black Sea.

Another interesting part of this region is the tributary of the Buyuk Valley, which passes through forests and aqueducts and leads to the famous beaches of Kilios in the Black Sea. Also, large and aristocratic wooden houses that are remnants of the empire and old mansions have given a special charm to the Sarir region.
We suggest that you visit the attractive Sarir area whenever you have the conditions.
Many rich, famous actors and celebrities of Turkey live in this region. If you also saw the series Forbidden Love and you were interested in it, it is interesting to know that the location of that movie was in Sarir area.

Among the textures and attractions of Sarir region, we can mention the historical castle of Romali Haysar, Babak beach and Amirgan park, which has an area of about 470,000 square meters and is very beautiful.

The Sarir region has many modern sports venues and equestrian mansions, as well as the stadium of the popular Galatasaray team.

The area has advanced hospitals and medical centers, so residents of the Sarir area have no worries. Eastiniye State Hospital, Ismail Akgun State Hospital, Sarir Oral and Dental Center are some of the hospitals in this area.

There are also many private and public universities and schools in the Sarir district, the most important of which are Kemal Ataturk Private College, Bilent Private School, Goch University, Istanbul Technical University and Biknet University.

To visit this beautiful area, you can use public transport such as buses, dolmus, subway line (M2) and passenger ships.

Historic castle of Rumeli Hisarı

Historic castle of Rumeli Hisarı

Romli Hesar, also known as Romli Castle and Romli Hesar Castle, is a complex of fortifications and military forts located in the city of Istanbul, on the European coast, on a hill overlooking the Bosphorus. This castle is one of the symbols of Istanbul and today attracts many visitors from all over the world. The name Romli Hesar means a fortress in the Roman territory and was built by Sultan Mohammad II between 1451 and 1452 and only in 4 months. The fortress and military fortifications were part of a plan to lay siege to the city of Constantinople (modern-day Istanbul), which at the time was part of Roman territory. The fort was located on the shores of the Bosphorus and its purpose was to cut off military ties and prevent the sending of commercial and naval aid through the Bosphorus to Constantinople. It is interesting to know that this castle was built in only 4 months and is still magnificent and standing in a corner of the Bosphorus coast.

  • Romley Castle Architecture

The castle and military fortifications of Romli Hesar have a small tower and three main and important towers. There are also 13 watchtowers on the walls of the castle and they connect the three towers. One of these watchtowers is quadrangular, six of which are prismatic with multiple corners and the other six are cylindrical. The main tower, called Sarica Pasha Tower, is located in the north and is cylindrical in shape. The tower is 23.30 meters in diameter, the walls are 7 meters thick and the 9 floors of this tower eventually reach a height of 28 meters. Today, this tower is known as the Conqueror Tower in honor of Sultan Mohammad the Conqueror. In addition, the large tower located on the pier and in the middle of the Romli Hesar tower is called the Khalil Pasha Tower. It is a twelve-sided prism and this tower also consists of 9 floors. The height of Khalil Pasha Tower is 22 meters and its diameter is 23.30 meters and the walls are about 6.50 meters thick. The main tower in the south, called Zaghanus Pasha Tower, has only 8 floors. This cylindrical tower is 21 meters high, 26.70 meters in diameter and its walls are 5.70 meters thick.

  • The fate of Romley Castle

بعد از تصرف شهر استانبول، قلعه روملی حصار دیگر کاربری چندانی نداشت. For this reason, the Ottoman Empire used it as a place to study and monitor the passage of the Bosphorus and sometimes as a prison. Unfortunately, as a result of a terrible earthquake that occurred in Istanbul in 1509, Romli Hesar Castle was severely damaged and many parts of it were destroyed. After that, the castle was partially rebuilt and continued to be used under various titles until the late 19th century. Today, this magnificent and historic castle has become a museum and is open to the public. The open space of the castle grounds is also used for seasonal concerts, art festivals and special events.

Visiting hours: Every day except Wednesdays from 9 am to 5 pm

Bebek Beach - Bebek Sahili

Bebek Beach - Bebek Sahili

Babak Beach is one of the most beautiful areas near the Bosphorus, located in the European part of Istanbul. But Babak was a different area from Istanbul, even in Ottoman times, because of the large coastal mansions surrounded by forests.
Expensive Bosphorus apartments, boats moored in the harbor, cafes and restaurants can be found all along the beach.
Babak in Turkish means “child”, which may be the reason for this naming based on the Turkish saying: it is beautiful like a child. This saying is used to express the beauty of a person or place. It is also said that the name of this beach is taken from Babak Çelebi, the head of law enforcement during the reign of Sultan Mehmet II, who paid a lot of attention to the security of this region during the conquest of Constantinople. . Istanbul people and tourists love Babak Beach not only because of the sightseeing but also because of the Egyptian consulate, the white mansion from the 19th century and a small brown mosque, these two attractions have attracted many tourists. .

  • Things you can do on the beautiful and lovely beach of Babak

Things you can do on the beautiful and lovely beach of Babak
Babak city and beach along the Bosphorus River is created so it has a beautiful nature and sea view, so the best time to see this beautiful area is sunny mornings.

♦ Have breakfast at a Turkish restaurant
You can experience one of the best breakfasts in Babak. All you have to do is go inside the restaurant and find a suitable place. The restaurant staff quickly 20 small plates including peanut butter, heated cheese, hot and fresh bread, sweets, fresh vegetables, honey and olives, etc. with tea on your table. they are picking.

Walking along the pier
We suggest you visit Babak on a sunny day. You can walk along the beach and enjoy the pleasant weather.
A spectacular view of the bridge, a beautiful background for your photos. There are department stores, coffee shops, ship docks and balloon shops nearby.

♦ Rent a bike
There is a bike path along the Bosphorus River, which is the best place to experience cycling in Bebek climate.

Amirgan Park - Emirgan Park

Amirgan Park - Emirgan Park

Amirgan Park is a public park that is open every day from 7:00 AM to 10:30 PM. Fortunately, due to its convenient location, it has very good access and can be easily reached by public transport. Visiting this park is completely free.

Amirgan Park is located in the European part of Istanbul in the Sarir region, adjacent to the Bosphorus Strait and operates under the supervision of the city municipality, and is two kilometers away from دانشگاهstanbul Teknik (niversitesi; This park is 300 years old and is actually one of the oldest parks in Istanbul with an area of 470,000 square meters. این پارک به سبب گل های لاله رنگارنگش شهرت داشته و در آن طیف متنوعی از درخت کاج، سدروس، صنوبر، بید و… به چشم می خورد. Amirgan Park is located on a hill in the European part of Istanbul and inside it there are two beautiful and artificial lagoons that are decorated with more than 120 species of plants. In addition to beautiful flowers and trees in Amirgan Park, there are three booths and There is a wooden mansion called Yellow, Pink and White Mansion in Amirgan Park, one of which is a restaurant and the other is a park cafe. Lots of hiking trails and picnic tables; Amirgan Park has become one of the favorite parks of locals and tourists in Istanbul. One of the most special events of Amirgan Park is the International Tulip Festival, which has fascinated many people since 2005. The park dates back to the late 16th century, when it was given as a gift to a person named “Nissan Chancellor Fereydoun B.” The park was later named after him. In the 17th century, Sultan Murad IV donated the entire estate to the Safavid commander, who had surrendered his fortress to the Ottomans without resistance. Which are still standing. Over the years, the name of the park was changed to Amirgan Park, and its ownership was changed several times until 1940, after which it became the property of the city of Istanbul. In the late 1970s, the 200-year-old yellow, white and pink buildings of Amirgan Park were rebuilt. The park was then opened to the public.

  • Yellow mansion in Emirgan Park

The yellow mansion is a large wooden mansion overlooking the Bosphorus in the center of the park and features traditional Ottoman architecture. This mansion has a very beautiful interior decoration and was used as a guest house in the past. The mansion is built on two floors and on a land area of 400 square meters with a balcony, a terrace and a basement.

In the yellow mansion, the roofs are painted with oil paint in the shape of flowers and have prominent carvings. Doors and windows are as brightly colored as interior decorations, displaying their splendor. A lagoon is located near the northeast of this mansion.

  • White Mansion in Emirgan Park

The second mansion of Emirgan Park is located near the Yellow Mansion and is made of neoclassical style, on two floors and made of wood. Hiking trails, a picnic area and pavilions make the park a popular weekend destination for Istanbul residents.

  • Emirgan Park Pink Mansion

The third mansion of Amirgan Park is an Ottoman-style house and is often used for weddings or other events. This mansion is also built on two floors and because of the pink color of the geranium flowers, the outer part of the mansion is called by this name.

Galatasaray Stadium - Türk Telekom Arena

Galatasaray Stadium - Türk Telekom Arena

This famous Turkish football team, which is one of the oldest football teams in Turkey and was formed during the Ottoman period, has won the Premier League 22 times so far to win the title of the most honorable club in Turkey.

Galatasaray’s other honors include 17 FA Cup titles and 15 Super Cup titles.

Galatasaray also won the UEFA Cup in Europe in the 1999–2000 season, and in the 2000 Super Cup, they defeated Real Madrid 2-0 in extra time to win the cup.

The Galatasaray football team is part of the great Galatasaray club, which was founded on October 20, 1905 in Istanbul by high school students in the Galata neighborhood. The symbol of this club is the lion. Apart from football in chess, judo, basketball, sailing, track and field, water polo, chess and wheelchair basketball, the club has teams in both the men’s and women’s divisions, which are in most cases the proudest team in Turkey. Galatasaray basketball team is one of the most famous teams in continental Europe and is the largest sports club in Turkey and one of the largest clubs in Eastern Europe. Galatasaray is one of the three teams that has always played at the highest level of Turkish football and has not been relegated. 15 different teams of Galatasaray won the championship in different sports in 1987, a record that has not been repeated by another club.

Gala is the only Turkish team to win European tournaments. Galatasaray is located in the Galata neighborhood of Istanbul. Galatasaray won the UEFA Cup in the 1999-2000 season by defeating Arsenal in the final. Galatasaray in Istanbul Turkish means Galata Palace. Galatasaray, the oldest and most popular club in Turkey, is also the proudest team in the country. The Lions have won the Turkish Super League 21 times, the Turkish Cup 17 times and the Turkish Super Cup 15 times. Galatasaray’s culmination was defeating Real Madrid in the 2000 European Super Cup and winning the trophy. So it is not unreasonable that “we are the best” has become the main slogan of the club.

Galatasaray is the only four-star team in the Turkish Super League (according to the rules, they have the right to use one star on their shirts for every five league titles), while Fenerbahce and Besiktas are chasing the Lions with 19 and 15 titles, respectively. Galatasaray is currently managed by Mustafa Genghis. The best win in the history of Galatasaray is the 8-0 win against Ankara.

List of neighborhoods in Sarir region

The name of the neighborhood in Turkish The name of the neighborhood in Turkish
Ayazağa Mahallesi Kireçburnu Mahallesi
Bahçeköy Merkez Mahallesi Kocataş Mahallesi
Bahçeköy Yeni Mahallesi Kumköy Mahallesi
Baltalimanı Mahallesi Maden Mahallesi
Büyükdere Mahallesi Maslak Mahallesi
Cumhuriyet Mahallesi Merkez Mahallesi
Çamlıtepe Mahallesi Pınar Mahallesi
Çayırbaşı Mahallesi Poligon Mahallesi
Darüşşafaka Mahallesi Pttevleri Mahallesi
Demirci Mahallesi Reşitpaşa Mahallesi
Emirgan Mahallesi Rumeli Hisarı Mahallesi
Fatih Sultan Mehmet Mahallesi Rumeli Kavağı Mahallesi
Ferahevler Mahallesi Rumelifeneri Mahallesi
Garipçe Mahallesi Tarabya Mahallesi
Gümüşdere Mahallesi Uskumruköy Mahallesi
Huzur Mahallesi Yeni Mahallesi
İstinye Mahallesi Yeniköy Mahallesi
Kazım Karabekir Paşa Mahallesi Zekeriyaköy Mahallesi
Kemer Mahallesi Kısırkaya Mahallesi

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