Pendik area

Pendik area
منطقه اسکودار (Üsküdar)
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General information of the area

The history of Pendik dates back to the Roman period and the Byzantine Empire, which at that time was known as Pantichion, but in the Ottoman period was renamed Pandik.

Pendik area has an area of about 200 km, of which 9 km is the coastal road. This area has 31 neighborhoods.

منطقه پندیک استانبول Pendik - قسمت آسیایی استانبول

Pendik is a passage between the rainy climate of the Black Sea and the temperate climate of the Mediterranean, ie it has a classic Marmara climate. The cold winds that come from the Balkan Peninsula in winter and the rainy weather of the Black Sea show their effect in the region and make its summers hot and dry and its winters hot and semi-humid.

One of the largest hospitals in the Asian ward is the Teaching and Research Hospital of Marmara University, which is located in the Pandik area, Chakmak neighborhood.

Sabiha Airport is another aviation hub located in the Pendik area.

Shopping malls and entertainment complexes include Viaport Shopping Mall, Atlantis, Makis, Pendoria Resort, Pendik Tennis Club and Pendik Beach.

Saturday Pendik Bazaar is one of the largest markets in Istanbul, which is located along Pendik Beach

Among the best hotels in Pendik area, we can mention Glass Hotel, Divan Hotel, My Homes Hotel, Marina Hotel and Green Park Hotel.

Pendik is a developing region that has made domestic and foreign investors more inclined to buy property, given that property prices will grow significantly in the future.

It is a key area for access to public transportation such as metro, minibus and dolmus, as well as sea transport to the islands of Princess, Bursa and Yalova.

Pendik Tren İstasyonu

Pendik Railway Station - Pendik Tren İstasyonu

Founded in 1870, Pendik Railway Station is one of the largest transportation hubs.

Istanbul Pendik Train Station is the main and most equipped train station in Istanbul, which is located in the east of Istanbul in Pendik district of the city.
This state-of-the-art train station is located in the southeast of Istanbul’s Pendik district, between Hatboyu and Abdul Khaliq Randa streets.
Istanbul Pendik train station is currently operating by high-speed train to Konya and Ankara via the famous ski town.
According to the plans, the M10 metro line that is under construction will pass through this station and have an intersection at Sabiha Gogchen International Airport in the same area, which will greatly contribute to the strategic transportation of the Asian part of Istanbul. کرد.
Istanbul Haidar Pasha Railway Station is located in Kadikoy district of the city, 14.94 miles from Pendik Station, which will be connected by the opening of the M10 metro line.
Istanbul Pendik Train Station is one of the oldest and most well-known railway stations in Istanbul, which was launched by the Ottoman government in 1872 as part of the national railway from Constantinople to Izmit from other cities in Turkey. The Ottoman state also extended to Konya and Ankara.
With further development and facilities, the railway line was expanded from Haidar Pasha Station in the center of Istanbul to Pendik Station, and this railway was nationalized in 1927.
With the coming to power of the Republic of Turkey by Mustafa Kemal Pasha, this station was electrified in 1969 and rail travel services began between Haidar Pasha and Gabzeh.
In 2012, Pendik railway station was completely renovated and rebuilt during 17 months of closure. After reopening on July 26, 2014, it provided first-class services and high-speed train lines to Konya and Ankara as the main station. The train was named after the city of Istanbul.

Sabiha Gökçen International Airport Istanbul

Sabiha Gokcen International Airport - Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen International Airport

Sabiha Airport is the second largest international airport in Istanbul after Ataturk Airport, located 35 km southeast of the city center. The airport is located on the Asian side of Istanbul and is the hub of Pegasus Airlines and the Turkish Airlines and Borajet bases. But why did they name this airport Sabiha? The airport is named after Sabiha Gokcen, Turkey’s first female fighter pilot, and you may be interested to know that she was the daughter of Ataturk.

Sabiha Gökçen

Ataturk Airport, located in the European part of Istanbul, was not large enough to meet the needs of a large number of travelers who had suddenly chosen Istanbul as their tourist destination, so they built Sabiha Airport. Initially, the international terminal had a capacity of 3 million passengers and a domestic terminal capacity of half a million passengers a year, until in June 2007 it was agreed to enlarge the Sabiha airport terminal to 25 million passengers. The terminal was built in mid-2008 and opened in October 2009. In 2011, the airport handled about 11 million passengers, an increase of 71% compared to 2009. In 2011, the airport was targeted to accommodate 25 million passengers in 2023, but in 2015, it saw 28 million passengers.

In September 2010, Sabiha Airport was named the best airport in the world and won an award at the World Airlines Congress held in London. But this was not the only award given to the airport in 2010, and it also won other awards, such as the most successful tourism investment of 2010.

Sabiha Airport became the second busiest single-lane airport in the world in 2015 with about 28 million passengers and about 206,000 aircraft transfers. The airport has only one runway, which is 3,000 meters long, and almost all major airlines in the world fly to it.

Sabiha Airport facilities

  • A parking lot with a capacity of about 4,000 cars has been built to park various cars.
  • At the airport, there is a 4-storey hotel with 128 rooms.
  • The conference hall has provided the possibility of administrative and business activities.
  • Large food court with many cafes and restaurants will serve you with delicious food and snacks.
  • Free Shop

Gözdağı Park

Gozdaghi Recreation Complex is one of the recreational and cultural spaces built in Pendik district for the use of the families of this district of Istanbul, who spend their leisure time in this place. The center with all its facilities, especially on weekends, hosts a large number of tourists.

List of neighborhoods in Pendik area

The name of the neighborhood in Turkish The name of the neighborhood in Turkish
Doğu Mahallesi Çınardere Mahallesi
Kaynarca Mahallesi Güllübağlar Mahallesi
Ahmet Yesevi Mahallesi Fevzi Çakmak Mahallesi
Esenyalı Mahallesi Orta Mahallesi
Batı Mahallesi Güzelyalı Mahallesi
Bahçelievler Mahallesi Çamçeşme Mahallesi
Fatih Mahallesi Yayalar Mahallesi
Sapanbağları Mahallesi Esenler Mahallesi
Yeni Mahallesi Velibaba Mahallesi
Yeşilbağlar Mahallesi Sülüntepe Mahallesi
Dumlupınar Mahallesi Harmandere Mahallesi
Ertuğrul Gazi Mahallesi Yenişehir Mahallesi
Orhangazi Mahallesi Kurtköy Mahallesi
Sanayi Mahallesi Kavakpınar Mahallesi
Ramazanoğlu Mahallesi Şeyhli Mahallesi
Çamlık Mahallesi

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