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هزینه تحصیل در ترکیه
Study in Turkey

At a time when science and knowledge are paramount, studying at Turkey’s top universities has become very important. The country, which has focused on growth and development in the global economy, has focused on higher education, paving the way for further development, and in recent years, has been able to place itself among the most important countries in terms of both tourism and Open in terms of work and education. Applying to immigrate to Turkey through education

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Why choose Turkey for student migration?

Studying in Türkiye: Opportunities and tips before starting studies

Today, Turkey has made significant progress in all aspects. This modern country, by implementing the Canadian and American educational systems in its scientific centers and accepting students through valid tests such as (SAT and GRE) for international students, has become the most attractive academic pole among foreign applicants, Iranian students from education in Turkey. They have welcomed more than other students.

Easy access from Iran to Turkey, no need for travel visas, culture and customs similar to Iranians, is a factor that has led to a significant increase in the number of Iranians living in Turkey. Accordingly, sightseeing and visiting for a maximum of 3 months is possible for Iranians without obtaining a Turkish visa. However, studying in Turkey, which takes longer, has required applicants to obtain a Turkish residence card (for one year).

Therefore, each of the Iranian applicants will be able to study at all levels of education, including schools, universities and, without any obstacles in their way. But do not forget that first of all, studying in Turkey requires familiarity with the Turkish education system. The country’s educational institutions start their educational activities every year from the middle of September or the beginning of October, and finally finish the educational program in May or June.

Study in Turkish schools

In Turkey, public schools provide free education in both primary and secondary levels (guidance and high school) for all those interested without any fees. In the Turkish education system, 12 years of education is mandatory, and for this reason, students should start from the age of 6 Absolutely mandatory to pass study in this course so that after completing 12 years of education, they can Turkish universitiesregister.

Study in Turkish schools - 4Kgroup
  • Kindergarten or preschool: Children between the ages of 3 and 5 who are not yet allowed to attend school will also be able to enroll in public or private kindergartens or preschools to receive basic education.
  • Primary school: For children, at the age of 6, it is mandatory to spend 5 years studying in Turkish primary schools.
  • Junior High School:After completing elementary school, students are required to participate in a 3-year junior high school course.
  • Secondary high school: Finally, students between the ages of 15 and 18 study in the 4-year secondary school (high school).

Tuition fees in Turkish schools


Tuition in Turkey in public schools is completely free; However, since the main language of instruction in such schools is Turkish and the second language taught from the fourth year is English, immigrant students can study in Turkish international schools. Studying in Turkey, in international schools with English as the main language and Turkish as the second language, requires the payment of tuition fees; The tuition fee can be changed according to the city and the areas where the schools are located.

The cost of studying in Türkiye in Tomans

Turkish private universities

Tuition in Turkish private universities to Toman, based on Grade and Zcourse languagecame below.

It should be noted that the costs in the form ofyearlyhave been calculated and may be in any University differentbe.

Gradecourse languageTuition ($)
Bachelor’s degreeEnglish1500-4500 (75 million tomans – 225 million tomans).)
Bachelor’s degreeTurkish2000-2000 (50 million tomans-100 million tomans).)
MastersEnglish2000-3000 (100 million tomans – 150 million tomans).)
MastersTurkish1500 to 3000 (75 million tomans – 150 million tomans)

* The dollar rate is calculated as an average of 50 thousand tomans.

Tuition fees in Türkiye

Turkish public universities

In Türkiye, to study in public universities, you also have to pay feesyearly the payment to be. Of course, this cost is much lower than non-government universities. Also, to enter public universities, you must pass the examYÖS Be successful. You can see how the YÖS exam is held and the questions on different sites.

Scholarships are also available in Türkiye and students can benefit from them. To know more about how to get a scholarship in Turkey, you can read various articles.

In general, the approximate costs in Turkish public universities are according to the following table:

GradeLanguage of educationCost
MastersTurkish300 to 800 dollars per year (15 million to 40 million tomans)
English500 to 1800 dollars per year (25 million to 80 million tomans)

MastersTurkish300 to 600 dollars per year (between 15 million and 30 million tomans)
English600 to 900 dollars per year (between 30 million and 45 million tomans)

P.H.DEnglish 500 to 800 dollars per year (between 25 million and 40 million tomans)

It should be noted that the fees may vary depending on the university and field of study.

* The dollar rate is calculated as an average of 50 thousand tomans.

Student living expenses

Cost of living as a student in Türkiye in lira

The cost of living as a student in Turkey is very important, which is generally between 350 and 500 dollars per month. Also, students have to pay about 100 to 150 dollars per semester to buy books and pay the administrative costs of the university. Also, the cost of health insurance for students is between 40 and 50 dollars per year.

* Due to the fluctuations of the dollar and lira rates, the costs are written in dollars.

Study in Turkey, Bachelor's Degree

The issue that international students cultivate in their minds more than anything else is academic migration to Turkey at the university level. Nowadays, when students are worried about entering the labor market after their university education, choosing a country with higher universities along with a suitable labor market has been targeted.

Applicants who have passed high school with high grades and have passed the entrance exams of Turkish universities, and also have obtained a score between 5 and 6.5 in the IELTS exam, are among the priority students admitted to study in Turkey. .

However, the conditions of studying in Turkey at the undergraduate level may change a little in some universities.

Study in Turkey, Master (Master)

Students typically complete their master’s degree in two-year courses. Having an IELTS score between 6 and 6.5 is one of the main conditions for studying in Turkey.

The rest of the requirements for a master’s degree at a Turkish university are very similar. However, in some cases, based on the field and type of university in question, it becomes clear that it is better for students to assess all the conditions of the universities before migrating to Turkey. This is because some universities, in addition to receiving the necessary documents, have included face-to-face interviews with the applicant as one of their registration requirements.

Study for a doctorate

The length of the doctoral studies is usually between 3 and 4 years and in some cases less or more than this time. Students in educational centers Türkiye At the doctoral level, in addition to compulsory courses, they can help themselves financially by doing separate research. The conditions of studying in Turkey at this stage are also different in each university and field. However, in the IELTS language test, a score between 6 and 7.5 is one of the requirements for accepting doctoral students.

Attention: The IELTS language test is one of the requirements for admission to Turkish universities, but it should not become a concern for students. The presence of these documents has a positive and effective effect on the process of immigration and admission of students by Turkish universities, but بدونAlso, foreign students can easily improve their education by taking Turkish-Istanbul language training coursesin universities and Turkish colleges Follow up do.

Turkish universities
Gradecourse languageTuition ($)
Bachelor’s degreeEnglish1500-4500 (75 million tomans – 225 million tomans).)
Bachelor’s degreeTurkish2000-2000 (50 million tomans-100 million tomans).)
MastersEnglish2000-3000 (100 million tomans – 150 million tomans).)
MastersTurkish1500 to 3000 (75 million tomans – 150 million tomans)

* The dollar rate is calculated as an average of 50 thousand tomans.

Turkish universities

When you decide to leave your country for the purpose of studying in Turkey, the choice of universities and educational institutions must be made first. More than 200 educational institutions are currently operating throughout Turkey. Most of these centers, under the auspices of the Turkish Higher Education Council, train students at the international level as public and private universities, while maintaining all educational standards.

The best universities in Turkey

Global ranking University name
301-350 Koc University
351-400 Sabancı University – Sabancı Üniversitesi
471-480 Boğaziçi University – Bogazici Üniversitesi
471-480 Orta Doğu Teknik Universitesi Middle East Technical University
401-500 Bilkent University
401-500 Istanbul University
651-700 Istanbul Technical University
451-500 Atılım University

How to immigrate to Turkey for study

To obtain a Turkish study visa and emigration To this country, the invitation and acceptance letter of the centers Educational Türkiye

You must have it before any action.

In the registration of the visa application, this information indicates that the foreign student’s initial admission from an institution

has received training and needs to Study visa has it.

By sending the application and required documents, by checking the eligibility conditions and receiving the study visa,

Students are getting ready to fly and emigrate.

Turkish Legal Laws 2023 and latest Turkish citizenship changes

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