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Kağıthane area
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General information of the area

Kağıthane district of Istanbul is another European area of Istanbul, which is located in the east with Beşiktaş, in the north with Sarıyer, on the south by Şişli and Beyoğlu, and on the west by Eyüp Sultan.
The central location of Kağıthane district has achieved considerable progress thanks to the development of other real estate projects as well as regional developments such as transportation and construction of subways and tunnels in the region.
This area has a special feature due to its neighborhood with neighborhoods such as Levent, Taksim and Maslak.

kağıthane District of Istanbul - kağıthane - European Istanbul

Today, many very stylish and luxurious residential and office projects in this area are being built and completed.
Kağıthane district was considered as one of the subdivisions of Şişli district, which was established during the disintegration of Şişli district in 1989 by Kağıthane district municipality.
Among the largest neighborhoods in this area, we can mention seyrantepe, Hamidiye and Talaat Pasha neighborhoods.
In the field of transport, the main highways of Istanbul are available from the north and south of the region. The Kabataş and Mahmutbey metro lines also run south of the area.
The most famous sports club in the area is Has Bahçe Club, which has a basketball and wrestling court.
Shopping centers in this area are Axis and Sapphire shopping centers and the day markets of this area are held in a neighborhood every day of the week.
Among the sightseeing centers of Kağıthane area, we can mention Saadabad Mosque and Has Bahcheh promenade.

Hotels in this area include the Delta by Marriott Hotel and the My Rose Hotel.
Also, among the hospitals in this area, we can mention Kağıthane Government Hospital and Gol Tappeh Private Hospital.

Miniatürk Müzesi

Miniatürk Müzesi

Miniatürk Park istanbul is one of the least visited places and is one of the most famous sights of Istanbul. The park was opened in 2001 as the first miniature park in Turkey and, as its name suggests, is a “small model of the great country of Turkey” and the artifacts and treasures found in it. In the continuation of this article, we will introduce the different dimensions of Miniatürk Park tourism.

As we have said, the area of Miniatürk Park in Istanbul (Miniatürk) is 60,000 square meters, of which 15,000 square meters to model space, 40,000 square meters to green and open space, 3,500 square meters to indoor space and 2 One thousand square meters is allocated to the pool, waterway and parking lot with a capacity of 300 car parking spaces.

Turkey Miniature Park (Istanbul) is the first in the world in terms of the area available for the replica and the duration of the project and the end of the project. It has been multiplied and a special technology has been used for each replica.

In this park, in addition to replicas of various works, various facilities have been considered for the welfare of the visitors, the most important of which are the indoor amphitheater with a capacity of 400 people, gift and handicraft shops, helicopter flight simulator, He mentioned a children’s playground, boating, a mini-playground, a tourist train and a chessboard.

Models and works of Miniatürk Park

At the time of its establishment, the park had 105 historical and archeological sites, 45 of which belonged to Istanbul, 45 to Anatolia, and 15 to sites now located outside Turkey. Later, the number of replicas increased over time and now it has reached 131 works.

These beautiful replicas can be: Göreme and Cappadocia Rocks, Topkapi Palace Museum, Istanbul Hıdiv Kasrı‎, Sultanahmet or Blue Mosque, Kariye Church Mosque, Hagia Sophia Museum, Beşiktaş Stadium in Beşiktaş, Istanbul, Galata Tower, Maiden’s Tower and Bosphorus Bridge, Artemis Temple, Nimrod Mountain, Pamukkale, Ataturk’s tomb in Ankara, the historic houses of Mardin, the house of Mary, the Cave of the Companions of the Cave, the Salimiye Edirne Mosque, the Sham railway station, the Castle of Sham, the Roman temple in the historic city of Ephesus and the Mozart Bridge.

Miniatürk Park Restaurant and Cafeteria (Museum)

The Miniatürk Restoran ve Kafeterya, located on the beach of Haliç, between the park and the parking lot of the Miniaturk, is also ready to provide services to tourists in 3 different areas.

Various events such as engagement, barbecue party, business meeting, breakfast and dinner parties and invitations are held here. This restaurant and cafeteria has a capacity of 500 people in the summer in an open place and in the cold seasons in a closed place with a capacity of 300 people is ready to receive tourists.

Tickets and visiting hours for Miniatürk Park

  • Tickets for foreign tourists are 20 lira.
  • Tickets for tourists and Turkish citizens cost 10 lira.
  • Tickets for students, teachers, police and Turkish military personnel cost 5 lira.
  • If you visit 10 students with a teacher, it is free of charge.

It should be noted that this complex is open every day (even on holidays) and from 9 am to 6 pm you can visit the Miniatürk Park and Museum of Istanbul.

Sadabad Cami

Sadabad Cami

This mosque is the first mosque built in the Kağıthane district of Istanbul, Turkey in the European part of Istanbul. The walls of this mosque are made of stone and its roof is wooden. This mosque, like the Ortakoy Mosque, has a minaret.

Hasbahçe Mesire Alanı

Hasbahçe Mesire Alanı

This beautiful recreation complex is located in the center of Istanbul and has a beautiful view of the nature of the region. The special garden recreation complex is one of the places where you can meet all your needs in the recreation area. Families usually use this beautiful place for picnics on weekends.

List of neighborhoods in Kağıthane area

The name of the neighborhood in Turkish The name of the neighborhood in Turkish
Çağlayan Mahallesi Merkez Mahallesi
Çeliktepe Mahallesi Nurtepe Mahallesi
Emniyetevleri Mahallesi Ortabayır Mahallesi
Gültepe Mahallesi Sanayi Mahallesi
Gürsel Mahallesi Seyrantepe Mahallesi
Hamidiye Mahallesi Şirintepe Mahallesi
Harmantepe Mahallesi Talatpaşa Mahallesi
Hürriyet Mahallesi Telsizler Mahallesi
Mehmet Akif Ersoy Mahallesi Yahyakemal Mahallesi

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