Important points to know before flying

نکات مهم قبل از پرواز!
Important points to know before flying

Important points before the flight! Usually, when traveling abroad, most people are as anxious and happy as they are about traveling and flying. An important part of this concern and anxiety is related to the familiarity of each person with foreign flight and its rules.
On a foreign flight, if you know exactly what to look for, what to take with you and what not to do, and what to do before the trip, your stress and anxiety will be significantly reduced.

نکات مهمی که قبل از پرواز باید بدونید

We assure you that by reading this article, you will become familiar with most of the important rules that are important in foreign flight.

For most people who are new to air travel, their primary concern is not to forget the documents they need to get on the plane. ID card, national card, passport, hotel reservation and identity cards are the main requirements of our trip.

To travel abroad, you must first have a valid passport. Valid means that you have at least 6 months left until your passport expires (expiration date).

You do not need a visa to travel to some countries and you will be issued an airport visa for some countries. As a result, you need a valid visa to fly abroad to countries other than these two categories.

Another important document that some travelers forget to bring with them is the exit tax receipt. Although there is a branch of Bank Melli to pay this fee at Imam Khomeini Airport in Tehran, we suggest that you pay for the departure of your foreign flight a few days before the trip in one of the branches of Bank Melli. Because the bank branch at Imam Airport is usually so crowded that you may even miss your flight because of it!

We recommend that in addition to these documents, you bring a copy of the first page of your passport and visa for emergencies.

Always double check your documents

Another tip for traveling by plane is to read the laws of the country you want to travel to. For example, in some countries where a visa is issued at the time of entry, your passport must have two blank pages, otherwise you will not be allowed to enter. Check for the first time that you have the necessary documents and for the second time consider whether you have the specific specifications that your destination requires of you or not?

میزان بار قابل حمل برای سفر

The amount of portable load

The amount of cargo allowed on each flight varies according to the rules of different airlines. This amount is between 20 and 50 kg per suitcase, which is determined depending on the type of aircraft, airline, flight route and type of ticket (economy or business).

Many first-time travelers are confused about airline rules for cargo handling. For a newcomer, perhaps the best thing to do is to check the amount of cargo she can carry with her before collecting.

In general, we are allowed to carry two types of cargo. For the first time in the cabin, which is the necessary equipment and its dimensions are between 50 to 70 cm and the maximum weight will be up to 10 kg.

The second time is check in baggage‌, which is placed in the aircraft warehouse and will be approximately between 30 and 50 kg. In domestic flights, the weight this time generally does not exceed 30 kg, and there are few foreign flights that allow us to carry 50 to 60 kg. The best way to determine the amount of cargo we are allowed to carry is to check our travel ticket; The amount of cargo allowed is stated on the ticket.

The point that most people do not pay attention to is that each suitcase and package should be a maximum of 30 kg and this amount has nothing to do with the number of people. This means that if you are going on a two-person trip, instead of carrying a large 50 kg suitcase, you should have two 25 kg suitcases with you.

اشیا و وسایل غیر مجاز در سفر

Unauthorized objects and equipment

For safety and security reasons, some items are generally prohibited from entering the aircraft and some items are prohibited from entering the cabin with the passenger. So pay attention to this issue when flying abroad so that you do not get in trouble at the airport.

Carrying the following items is generally prohibited by passenger aircraft:

  • Types of incendiary, explosive and fast ignition materials
  • Types of deodorant, cleanser, taffeta sprays
  • Chemical capsules and sprays under pressure such as tear gas, anesthetic, self-defense, liquefied gas, etc.
  • Types of acidic and corrosive substances such as vinegar, lemon juice, acid, etc.

The following items are not allowed in the cockpit (you can put these items in your luggage and deliver them to the cargo area):

  • Types of winning objects and tools such as razors, bottles, glass, knives, scissors, nail clippers, surgical razors, boxing paws, razors and the like.
  • All kinds of tools such as screwdrivers, wrenches, hammers, wires, ropes, etc.
  • Types of toy guns that are very similar to real guns
  • Types of firearms such as military weapons, hunting weapons and shotguns
  • All kinds of bullets for war, hunting and sports

Put your electronics in a safe place.

When your supplies are cluttered and stacked in your luggage, you will probably have to open them when inspecting. This is because when your devices try to pass through the X-ray machine, the inspector does not recognize them properly and forces you to open it. So it is better to put your devices, especially your electronics, in a specific place.


If we get our ticket online, we do not have to worry about printing the ticket. It is enough to have a ticket photo on the phone or a ticket receipt emailed to us by the airline. This will mean that our name is registered on that flight.

Getting on a plane

For domestic flights you need to be at the airport 2 hours before the flight and for international flights 3 hours before the flight. The foreign flight counter opens 3 hours before the flight and closes 60 minutes before the flight.

Be aware to go to the airport a little earlier than usual during busy times and peak travel times, such as holidays, as queues for baggage, passport checks and physical examinations for international flights are usually very crowded and long.

Choose your chair as soon as you can

If you are disabled or have something that makes you need a special place, it is better to say this when you buy a ticket. This is sometimes mentioned on your ticket, and there is usually an option called on-flight wheelchair transport, which if you are elderly or need help for any reason, this should be done before Buy tickets to be told.

اگر جزو دسته های بالا نیستید و شماره صندلی تان قرار است در هنگام صدور کارت پرواز به شما گفته شود نیز، بهتان پیشنهاد می کنیم که هرچه زودتر به گیت مورد نظر بروید تا صندلی های بهتر به شما داده شود و در صورتی که با همراه سفر می کنید از هم جدا نیوفتید.

در فرودگاه باید به چه نکاتی توجه کنیم؟

What should we pay attention to at the airport?

  • Cargo Delivery: On domestic flights about 45 minutes before the flight, our flight counter opens and we notice this from the airport speaker as well as the monitors installed in the lounges.

At our desired flight counter, the luggage that must be transported to the cargo area will be picked up by the counter manager.

We can take a handbag, a bag and personal items such as a laptop with us on the plane. The rest of the equipment is transferred to the carrier. The person in charge of the counter will consider a seat for us by checking our names in the passenger list.

  • Document control: After getting the flight card and checking documents such as identity card or passport, we can now go to the waiting room for outbound flights.

It takes about half an hour to get to the plane by bus. At this point, our documents are being checked for the last time, and we have to travel a relatively short distance by airport buses to get to the plane.

What should we pay attention to on the plane?

  • SitIf we have successfully completed all the above steps, we must now successfully board the plane. After finding a chair with the help of the hostess, we have to put our hand luggage in the cabin above our heads and make sure that it is completely closed in the cabin. The less bags and equipment we have on hand, the more we enjoy the flight.

Flight attendants make sure our seat belts are fastened before the flight and take off If we have trouble tightening our belts, we should not be embarrassed at all. The flight attendants teach you how to fasten your seat belt as soon as the plane moves.

If we are overweight and the belt is small for us, ‌ ask the hostess to bring us a bigger belt. If we are flying at night or we feel tired, we can ask the hostess for a blanket and a small pillow.

  • Getting off the plane: We may be worried about the take-off moment. The moment when the plane suddenly takes off from the ground and everything becomes abnormal for us. We should not worry about getting our ears, because it is normal to get ears in flight and take off.

Before takeoff, if we are worried about our blood pressure dropping, it is better to take the candies that the hosts offer us and put them under our tongues. Getting off the plane is an exciting experience, and if we fasten our seatbelts and sit tight, we will be less worried.

در فرودگاه مقصد چه کار باید کنیم؟

What should we do at the destination airport?

When we arrived, we had to wait for the plane doors to open to get out and unfasten our seat belts. We must be careful not to leave our handbag on the plane, and if the name of the terminal we are going to leave the airport is not on our ticket, ask the hostess for the terminal number to let those who may be waiting at the airport know.

If our flight is foreign, our passport and passport must be checked to enter the destination country and we will probably be delayed a bit. Arriving at the airport, we can pick up our luggage from the cargo ramps and leave the airport.

چمدان خود را از بقیه جدا کنیم

Separate your luggage from the rest

It has been seen that travelers use ribbons or colored ribbons to find their luggage sooner. Ribbons can be lost in the transportation process. It is best to choose a different color, such as light blue or yellow, as soon as you want to buy a suitcase. If you already have a suitcase and no longer want to pay a separate fee, the same ribbon is a good option.

خرید از فروشگاه های (duty-free) فرودگاه

Purchase from airport duty-free stores

Be careful in stores that are known as duty-free at the airport.

It is true that goods are usually cheaper, but this does not mean that they are discounted! This is one of the most useful tips for traveling by plane. If you really need a perfume bottle, first find out how much it costs outside with a simple internet search. Sometimes you find that the difference in price is so small that you want to carry it with you during your trip.

Experts and immigration lawyers of Holding (4K Group)are proud to provide the best consulting services to our dear compatriots, relying on their legal and immigration knowledge as well as their valuable experiences of many years.

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