Iranian real estate consultant in Istanbul, Türkiye

مشاور املاک ایرانی در شهر استانبول ترکیه
Iranian real estate consultant in Istanbul, Türkiye
Iranian real estate consultant in Istanbul, Türkiye

Iranian real estate companies or Iranian real estate consultants in Istanbul, Turkey or in other cities are experts who have strong knowledge and experience in the field of buying, selling and renting property in Istanbul.

These consultants are familiar with the Turkish language and their main goals are to improve the experience of Iranian customers in conducting real estate transactions in Istanbul.

They act as intermediaries between property buyers and sellers and can help their clients in property selection, price negotiations, legal transactions and other aspects related to buying and selling property in Turkey.

The best Iranian real estate consultant in Istanbul, Türkiye

To find the best Iranian real estate companies in Istanbul, Turkey, you can use reputable online sources such as real estate websites, connect with people who have experience buying or selling property in Istanbul, or consult with Turkish real estate agencies.

Also, you can read other people’s opinions and experiences and interview different real estate consulting companies to find the company that best suits your needs and preferences.

Iranian real estate consultant in Istanbul, Türkiye

Capabilities of Iranian real estate consultants active in Istanbul

Expertise in Istanbul real estate market:They have extensive knowledge about the real estate market Istanbul, known as one of the most attractive cities in Türkiye for shopping and Investing in real estate.

Istanbul Turkish language : Iranian real estate consultants are fluent in Istanbul Turkish, this is very important for Iranians looking for real estate in Turkey so that they can accurately understand the needs and preferences of customers.

Real estate consulting:They help their customers choose the right property based on their needs, budget andLocation helps. Also, they advise thatHow Do real estate transactions in the best way.

Price negotiations: Iranian real estate consultants in Turkey have strong experience in price negotiations and effortsThey try to get the best price for their customers find.

Legal Consultancy: They assist clients in legal matters related to the purchase and sale of property, such as official documentsand legal transactions, they guide.

Post-trade support:After the transaction, Iranian real estate consultants continue to provide support to their clientsand in matters related to property, such as obtaining residence permits andAfter-sales service helps.

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Reliable Iranian real estate consultant in Türkiye

In Turkey, activities in the field of consulting and real estate transactions require specific licenses. Unfortunately, a number of people without these licenses operate illegally or in other words black work in this industry.

They may even engage in fraudulent transactions that may lead to huge financial losses for buyers.

As a result, it is recommended that you exercise due diligence when choosing a real estate agent in Turkey. Make sure that your real estate agent has the necessary licenses to operate in this field and has experience and a good reputation in the Turkish property market.

Also, previous clients and their reviews can help you choose the right advisor to get the most out of your real estate transactions.

An ideal real estate agent should have the following characteristics:

Expertise and experience:The consultant must have experience and expertise in the desired property market. SheMust have enough information about properties, property laws, trends have the market and conditions of the region.

Good knowledge of the market:The consultant should know the real estate market you are interested in well and be up-to-date with market changes and developments.

Commitment and professional ethics:Professional ethics are very important in all stages of work. Consultant She must be committed to the interests of clients and avoid any conflict of interest.

Power of negotiation: The consultant must have strong negotiation power to get the right price for the benefit of his clients To earn for properties.

Language mastery: If the customers are from other countries, especially like Iran, mastering languages It can also be an advantage.

Strong communication ability: The consultant must have the ability to communicate effectively with customers and vendors Have a good deal ahead to go.

Accurate follow-up:The consultant must follow up closely until the end of the transaction and inform the client what the transaction is worth A stage has been reached.

Local knowledge:If the consultant has local knowledge, she can help her clients in choosing the region Suitable for buying or investing.

Ability to provide legal advice: If the consultant also has legal expertise, he can help clients in To better guide legal issues related to property.

flexibility:The consultant must be flexible and able to offer different options to the client.

Attention to detail:In real estate transactions, details matter. The consultant must pay attention to detailsPrevent future problems.

Ability to resolve disputes:In case of disputes in the transaction, the consultant should have the ability to resolve them have.

Due to these features, she has extensive knowledge about the real estate market of Istanbul, known as one of the most attractive cities in Turkey for buying and investing in real estate.

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Iranian real estate consultant in Istanbul, Türkiye

How much is the real estate commission in Turkey?

Normally, the real estate commission fee in Turkey is 4% of the real estate transaction value according to the Turkish laws, according to Article 20 of the Real Estate Trade Regulations published by the Ministry of Customs and Trade in the Official Gazette No. 30442 of this country.

This fee may depend on the agreement between the seller and the customer or the specific real estate market of the area.

In other words, the parties can consider 3% of this amount as a commission for the buyer and 1% for the seller based on their agreement.

Iranian real estate consultants operating in Turkey, if they have official licenses to buy and sell property and carry out these activities officially, they are not allowed to collect any commission from clients.

This is because they contract construction projects as sales representatives and receive their commission directly from the builder.

Real estate commission fee for buying a second-hand house

Regarding the purchase of second-hand houses, it should be noted that according to Turkish laws, the buyer is usually obliged to pay 4% of the total value of the property as a commission. Of course, this issue may also be done by agreement.

For more information about buying property in Istanbul, please contact Our expertsGet in touch. They will provide you with accurate and complete information.

The process of buying property in Türkiye by Iranian real estate companies

Initial consultation: The most basic step in The way to buy property in Türkiyeis. At this stage, you contact an Iranian real estate consultant in Turkey and share your requirements and desires to buy a property in this country.

The consultant will provide you with detailed information about the real estate market, different regions and the laws related to real estate in Turkey.

Visiting projects:In the next step, the consultant introduces projects according to your budget and needs which may be suitable for you. If the property you are interested in is among the projects selected by the consultant, arrangements will be made to visit the property.

At this stage, an amount is usually given as a deposit or deposit to the project developer and the initial contract is drawn up between you and the seller.

Choosing the desired property and initial steps:After setting up the initial contract and completing all the steps related to it, such as bargaining to get the biggest discount from a real estate agent, The project will notify you of the full payment deadline.

Then, after receiving the relevant tax code, the real estate agent will start the process of opening a bank account at the nearest bank branch in Turkey together with you.

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Next, you will be able to easily transfer the desired amount from your home country or any other country to your personal bank account in Turkey. Then, using your Turkish bank account, you will directly pay the transaction amount to the project in question. This process is usually done quickly and safely.

Bachelor of Real Estate (Expertise): Property appraisal, an essential step in the purchase process The property is in Türkiye, which is done by the government agent. This step makes it possibleProvides to accurately determine the real value of the desired property to be.

At this stage, the expert provides an accurate estimate of the property’s value by examining the property’s physical and legal characteristics.

This detailed assessment is carried out by the government agent to ensure that the value of the property is determined based on certain parameters and rules related to the Turkish property market and that there is no discrimination in determining the real value of the property.

This action assures the buyer that she, as a buyer, is getting the best value for the property she is considering.

Final payment of the property amount and receipt of the property document:after Full payment of the transaction amount and Additional costs of buying property andPreparing the required documents, the Tapu office will then set a time for you together with the seller and consultant For real estate and translators, refer to the registry office (Tapo)..

At this stage, you submit the property documents to the Tapu office. to complete the final actions such as property registration and legal procedures. This is an important step in the process of buying property in Turkey and allows you to register the official ownership of the property in your name.

Iranian real estate consultant in Türkiye

Forky Group real estate consulting services in Istanbul

Holding Forky Group withOfficial license to operate in the real estate sectorin the city of Istanbul, Türkiye and with The presence of professional experts And Turkish government lawyers in fields :

Investing and buying property in Istanbul

✔️ Obtaining tourist accommodation

Receive Turkish citizenship and passport

✔️ Company registration and work permit

He advises dear Iranians without any intermediaries and helps them to obtain Turkish citizenship. Immigration and property purchase in Turkey should be accompanied by consultation with experts as well as planning and thinking.

Turkish Legal Laws 2023 and latest Turkish citizenship changes

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