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sariyer from the European part of Istanbul

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sariyer from the European part of Istanbul

Sarıyer district of Istanbul is the northernmost district of Istanbul, which includes 35 neighborhoods and is located in the European part of the city. Sarıyer Istanbul is one of the luxurious and advanced areas of Istanbul and is about 55 km away from the new Istanbul airport. Sarıyer area is famous for its beautiful beaches and one of the most popular beaches in this area is Klios beach next to this beautiful beach which is full of cafes. And there are stylish seafood and international restaurants. You can spend good and wonderful moments with your loved ones and enjoy the unique view of the Black Sea. The aqueducts cross and lead to the famous beaches of Kilius in the Black Sea. Also, large and aristocratic wooden houses that are remnants of the empire and old mansions give a special charm to this area. We suggest that whenever you have the conditions, you should visit this attractive area. they do. If you also saw the series Forbidden Love and you were interested in it, it is interesting to know that the location of that movie was in this area. Among the textures and attractions of this region, we can mention the historical castle of Rumeli Fortress, Bebek beach and Emirgan Park, which has an area of about 470,000 square meters and is very beautiful. The Sarıyer region has many modern sports venues and equestrian mangers, and the stadium of the popular Galatasaray team is located in this area. This area has advanced hospitals and medical centers, so the residents of this area have no worries about this. Eastiniye State Hospital, Ismail Akgun State Hospital, Sarir Oral and Dental Center are some of the hospitals in this area.

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منطقه ساریر (Sarıyer)
sariyer from the European part of Istanbul
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