New guidelines for obtaining Turkish citizenship

New guidelines for obtaining Turkish citizenship

“Capital Transfer Circular”

 The Central Bank and Article 13 of the Capital Transfer Circular and the Executive Instruction for the sale of foreign currency to the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey within the scope of the Executive Regulation, according to the Turkish Citizenship Law, the Central Bank is obliged to exchange currency in transactions where foreigners are the buyers.
According to this regulation, the details of which are given in the text of the circular, foreign nationals must first sell their currency to the central bank through the bank, and then submit the currency purchase certificate issued by the bank to the Real Estate Registry Office.
The Real Estate Registry made this procedure effective on January 24, 2022, and it is mandatory to submit a currency purchase document for the purchase of property by foreign natural persons. 

Although the currency purchase document is sufficient in the purchase and sale transactions, it is also required to provide a bank receipt stating that it is transferred from the buyer to the seller regarding the acquisition of Turkish citizenship through the purchase of property.

Frequently asked questions of your loved ones in this regard

No; Only people who buy property for the purpose of obtaining citizenship.

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Payments made before 21.01.2022 will be calculated using the method of the previous law, and the rest should be paid according to the new law.

No; You must first convert your lira into dollars, euros, or pands, and after converting, sell your currency to the central bank and receive the bank’s confirmation slip. (Doviz alim belgesi)

There is no difference between second-hand, new or commercial or residential property, if your goal is to obtain citizenship, you must make your payment according to this instruction.

If your converted currency reaches 250 thousand dollars, you can pay the difference directly to the seller.

If you have an account in a third country, yes! Otherwise, you have to do this through the money changer.

There is no problem with your previous payments, but in order to pay the new installments, you must sell your currency to the bank first at each stage and receive the relevant paper.

Yes; Certainly

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Definitely with the aim of strengthening the value of the lira

It seems that this conversion is done with a slight difference compared to the market rate.

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