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TÖMER آزمون تومر
tomer test

Tomer exam is one of the main entrance exams to prestigious universities in Turkey. Every year, many students apply for a Turkish student visa to continue their studies at Turkish universities. The appropriate conditions and costs of studying in prestigious universities in Turkey have led to an increase in the number of international applicants and students who intend to study in Turkish universities every year. Studying in prestigious universities in Turkey is the same as studying in other universities

Tomer exam is one of the main entrance exams to prestigious universities in Turkey

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The Tomer test is a test for determining the level of Turkish language of international students and applicants to enter Turkish universities. The main purpose of the TÖMER test (Turkish and Foreign Languages Research and Application Center) is to teach Turkish to foreign immigrants who intend to study at Turkish universities. The Tomer test consists of five main sections to assess applicants and foreign students in the areas of writing, reading, speaking, listening and Turkish grammar. By passing the Tomer exam, students and applicants can enter university courses directly and study in their favorite field of study.

The purpose of tomer is to educate and prepare foreign students and applicants in the field of Turkish language to participate in educational programs, research and applied activities and related matters. Tomer, a research and application center for Turkish and foreign languages, is affiliated with Ankara University to teach Turkish to non-Turkish citizens. The level of the tumor test is from A1 to C2 and the written and oral exams of this exam are as follows:

CEFR level writing test
A1 Listen | Reading | Write
A2 Listen | Reading | Write
B1 Listen | Reading | Write
B2 oral test
C1 oral test
C2 Conversation

Oral and written exams are held separately. These tests are separate, so students and applicants can focus on each test separately and get great results.

Tomer test levels

Tomer test levels

As mentioned, the TÖMER test consists of six main levels A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2, which are described in the following section:

Level A1

One can meet one’s basic needs by using very simple topics that are known to everyone in everyday life. She can introduce herself or someone else. If the person you are talking to helps her to speak frankly, she can communicate.

Level A2

A person may communicate with people close to them using simple terms related to the environment. He or she can exchange information about the situations he or she often encounters.

Level B1

The linguist can understand the basic idea of clearly used words. She can also understand difficult texts about her interests. She is able to make simple but related sentences. A person with B1 language skills can explain the events that took place at the time of their occurrence.

Level B2

A person with a B2 language level can understand the main topic of complex texts, introduce himself / herself very quickly and fluently, and provide clear information on various topics.

Level C1

A person with a C2 language level can understand long and complex texts and prepare detailed summaries. She can express herself fluently and quickly without having to search too many words. This language can be used in social and professional life or education. She can talk about complex issues in an open, planned and detailed way.

Level C2

A person with a C2 language level is able to understand all texts. Summarize written or verbal information from a variety of sources and can make clear statements about these topics. She can express her ideas quickly, very fluently and very clearly. She is able to distinguish and transfer details to complex subjects.

In Turkish, the TÖMER test levels are as follows:

• Level A1: Temel Seviye 2

• Level A2: Temel Seviye 4

• Level B1 Orta Seviye 4

• Level B2: High level 2

• Level C1 High level 4

• C2 level:: Competent level

Tumor degree level

It is possible to receive a Tomer language degree in the form of a diploma and a certificate. The Tomer language diploma is valid forever and students can enter Turkish universities with this degree. The lowest score of this degree is C2; But it is better for applicants to get a C1 score so that they can participate in various activities in Turkey. Unlike a diploma-type Tomer language certificate, a Tomer language certificate is a certificate of at least six and a maximum of two years. By obtaining a B2 score, applicants can receive a certificate language certificate with a validity of six months, and it should be noted that to receive a certificate language certificate with a validity of two years, applicants must obtain a minimum score of B1. The highest and lowest scores on different TÖMER test skills are as follows:

Skills Highest score The lowest score
Auditory (comprehension) 25 15
reading 25 15
Interaction (conversation) 15 9
Production (oral explanation) 10 6
Writing (written explanation) 25 15
Total 100 60

It is also necessary to mention that international applicants and students can obtain the mentioned documents by obtaining the following grades:

Get a score of 50 to 59Receive A2 level modest
Get a score of 60 to 65Receive a B1 level certificate
Get a score of 66 to 70Get a B2 level degree
Get a score of 71 to 100Receive a C1 level certificate

Necessary documents and conditions to participate in the tumor test

Participation in the TÖMER exam is for admission to public universities in Turkey, and students and applicants who intend to study at private universities or English-language universities in Turkey will not need to take the exam. Other students and applicants who are considering entering and studying at the country’s public universities must provide identification (translated into Turkish), passport (along with two photographs, and a diploma or pre-university diploma in the TÖMER exam). Participate to obtain a license to enter Turkish public universities. The cost of taking the TÖMER test depends on the type of test. Applicants must pay € 150 to obtain a Diploma, and applicants must pay € 100 to obtain a Certificate.

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