The most expensive cities in Turkey

گرانترین شهر های استانبول
The most expensive cities in Turkey

Since the beginning of the 21st century, the government of Istanbul has taken great steps to improve the living standards of its inhabitants; The construction of thousands of kilometers of roads and bridges, hundreds of kilometers of new metro lines, as well as the improvement of facilities in the city are among the most important of them. Such a drastic change has pushed up real estate prices. The most important question, however, is what are the most expensive cities in Turkey now and in which areas is the most desirable life available?

The most expensive cities in Turkey

According to research, two of the most important cities in Turkey are on the list of developing cities in the world; Istanbul and Ankara are the cities with the highest investment or purchase ratios in Turkey. According to statistics, Beşiktaş منطقهstanbul is at the top of the list of the most expensive areas in وstanbul and Turkey, where the price per square meter in the region has reached 15,251 Turkish lira; The second place is located in the Beykoz district of Istanbul, where the price per square meter has reached 10141 lira; Bakirkoy Istanbul was in third place and the price per square meter reached 9324 lira. In short, Istanbul and Ankara are the most profitable cities to invest in or find apartments in the real estate business in Turkey. Consumer price inflation rate in June 2020 increased by 12.62% compared to last year, this is the highest rate since August 2019 and also higher than expected 12.09%, which could be due to the restart of the economy after the measures Restrictions are caused by the coronavirus. Faster costs for food and beverages (12.93% vs. 12.87%), transportation (10.96% vs. 6.69%), housing and services (14.95% vs. 14.45%), hotels, cafes and Restaurants (11.13% vs. 10.94%), clothing and footwear (10.66% vs. 7.68%) increased.

Istanbul is the most expensive city in Turkey

Istanbul is the most expensive city in Turkey

Istanbul has the highest cost level in Turkey and ranks first in the cost of real estate trading and property purchase in Turkey, beverages and food, water, gas and electricity. Istanbul has a high cost of living compared to other cities in Turkey; Apart from being the largest and most popular city in Turkey, Istanbul is also the largest cultural and financial center of Turkey. It is considered that living in Istanbul is more expensive than the salary earned. In terms of income compared to the cost of living in Istanbul, it can be said that a monthly income of more than 10,000 Turkish lira is probably enough for a good life in Istanbul, and with a monthly income of less than 7,250 lira, one can have a not bad but stressful life in Istanbul.

Costs in Istanbul, the most expensive city in Turkey

If we compare Istanbul with other western countries, we can say that Istanbul is a cheap city for daily food, supermarkets, medical care, local clothes, local aid, local food, fresh vegetables and fruits in the weekly street markets. But compared to our country, the costs in this city are astonishingly high.

Ankara is the second most expensive city in Turkey

Ankara is the second most expensive city in Turkey

The Turkish capital, Ankara, is the second largest and most expensive city in Turkey; It is the administrative center of Turkey and has the best universities in Turkey, so there is a large number of government employees and university students in this city. As the capital city, Ankara is home to a large population of politicians and foreigners and embassy staff, so goods and services that are more difficult to find in other Turkish cities are easily found in this city. Ankara has the highest price levels in restaurants, cafes and hotels; It is also seen that Ankara has the highest level of transportation in the country. Despite these indicators, Ankara is also on the list of the most popular cities in Turkey and is also the second most important industrial city in Turkey after Istanbul. The average income in this city is 73,648 Turkish lira per year.

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