Turkish airport rules Entry and exit criteria

قوانین فرودگاهی ترکیه ظوابت ورودو خروج
Turkish airport rules Entry and exit criteria

Here we want to review the rules of Turkish airports and see what are the prohibited devices in Turkish airports. So by reading this article, you will understand what items you can not take with you when you travel to Turkey, or if you have any notes, we will also know the items that we sometimes doubt we have with us. In this article, we will also discuss other issues, such as the validity period of the passport to travel to Turkey.

Turkish airport laws

When entering Turkish territory, it is necessary to observe the following: This information is taken from the IATA International (International Air Transport Association) website.

Passenger accessories

You can import the mentioned items into Turkey.

1- Tobacco products: Only passengers over 18 years old and above can carry the following items:

  • 600 cigarettes
  • 50 cigars
  • 100 Cigarillo threads, each weight no more than 3 grams
  • 250 grams of tobacco with 200 cigarette papers
  • 250 g of pipe tobacco

2- Tea and coffee: one kilogram of each

3- Types of chocolates and candies: maximum 1 kg

4- Perfume and cologne: Maximum 600 ml

5- Types of gifts: up to 430 euros

For travelers under 15 with a maximum value of 150 euros

6- Types of jewelry: up to a maximum of $ 15,000 with equal value

7- Personal accessories: such as laptops, mobile phones, cameras and.

8- Types of drugs for personal use other than codeine drugs and psychotropic substances

9- Alcoholic beverages: If the passenger is 18 years old or older, she can import 1 liter of alcoholic beverages to Turkey. Obviously, no more than this amount is allowed.

Pets regulations

Each passenger can only carry 2 pets and also has the following documents:

  1. Vaccination certificate
  2. Official veterinary certificate
  3. Pet ID card

Depending on the airport, pets can accompany passengers, in the cabin or in the passenger luggage compartment.

Weapons and ammunition import rules

If you have a permit from the Turkish Ministry of Environment and Forestry, you can bring a limited number of firearms and ammunition to Turkey.

Baggage and accessories clearance regulations

After entering Turkey, you need to clear your luggage at the destination airport. Of course, note that passengers with transit flights do not need to clear their luggage

It is good to know that Turkish airports offer the following customs and baggage clearance services:

  • Adana Airport (ADA)
  • Ankara Airport (ESB)
  • Antalya Airport (AYT)
  • Bodrum Airport (BJV)
  • Bursa Airport (YEI)
  • Dalaman Airport (DLM)
  • Denizli Airport (DNZ)
  • Al-Azigh Airport (EZS)
  • Erzanjan Airport (ERC)
  • Erzurum Airport (ERZ)
  • Ghazni Eintab Airport (GZT)
  • Ghazipasha Airport (GZP)
  • Khatai Airport (HTY)
  • Istanbul Ataturk Airport (IST)
  • Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport (SAW)
  • Izmir Airport (ADB)
  • Caesarea Airport (ASR)
  • Konya Airport (KYA)
  • Short Airport (KZR)
  • Malatya Airport (MLX)
  • Nowshahr Airport (NAV)
  • فرودگاه سامسون (SZF)
  • Shanli Airport (GNY)
  • Sivas Airport (VAS)
  • Trabzon Airport (TZX)
Check-in and check-out criteria for Turkish airport

Exit regulations for Turkey

By observing the mentioned conditions, you can take the following items out of Turkey for free:

1- Tobacco products: 2 kg or 3 cartons of local tobacco products

2- Types of gifts: with a maximum value of 5,000 Turkish lira

  • If you want to export goods or goods worth more than 5000 lira from Turkey, you must show proof that you have converted your foreign currency into lira and the equivalent value has been more than 5000 lira.
  • It is good to know that items such as antiques, flour products, tea, cocoa, coffee and spices are not allowed to leave Turkey.

3- Alcoholic beverage:5 kg of alcoholic beverage or 12 bottles of rocky with a total value of 100 Turkish lira

Currency entry and exit rules

To enter or leave any currency in Turkey, you must follow the following rules.

Currency import rules to Turkey

You can enter Turkey without any restrictions on the lira or any foreign currency such as dollars and euros. Of course, note that upon arrival, it is necessary to register the amount of foreign currency with you and the exact number to be recorded in your passport.

Currency exit rules from Turkey

You can bring up to $ 5,000 or the equivalent in Turkish lira or any foreign currency.

If you want to take more than $ 5,000 out of Turkey, you must register it upon departure and:

  • For Turkish residents: You must have received this amount from Turkish banks and this must be stated in your passport.
  • For residents of countries other than Turkey: If you have this amount with you when entering Turkey, this must be stated in your passport. If you had a lira when you arrived and converted it into other currencies in Turkey, you will need to provide a bank document.
  • For Turkish citizens:up to $ 10,000 or equivalent. If you have more than this amount, it must be registered at the time of departure.

Useful suggestions for Iranians at Turkish airports

Currently, security at Turkish airports plays a key role, which is why inspections are much stronger than before. For this reason, we have suggestions that will make your passage through Turkish airports easier:

  1. Keep electronics such as laptops and cameras out of the suitcase as you will need to deliver them separately.
  2. We recommend that you seal and lock your luggage properly, as someone may place illegal items such as drugs in your luggage, so you should be well aware of the contents of your luggage. Do not forget that by discovering such substances in your luggage, the agents will not believe your words.
  3. Put your valuables such as gold, jewelry, etc. in your handbag because the airport will not be responsible for losing them in your luggage.
  4. You need to take off your jacket, coat, jacket and similar clothes and put them inside the security device, so make sure that there is nothing in your clothes that falls out of your pocket.
  5. Any object that endangers the safety of air passengers in any way is prohibited from entering airports. So be careful with the tools you have with you.
  6. When delivering good luggage, make sure that you do not make the mistake of luggage. Also, note that your luggage must be labeled, because airports are obliged to label the delivered luggage for identification, and if it does not have a label, you may have problems later.
  7. Your luggage should not be damaged after delivery. If you see any damage, report the problem to the authorities.
  8. You should put all kinds of metal utensils in your handbag because their presence in the suitcase may cause your suitcase to open.

Take a look at other important regulations

Here we review some regulations such as taxes, passports, etc. in Turkey.

Suitable time to arrive at the airport: The best time is 2 hours such as flight time.

Taxes: Note that VAT and VAT are calculated on all the goods you buy. Therefore, if you travel as a tourist and do not live in Turkey, you are not obliged to pay taxes; So you have to go to the tax office at the airport and return the amount you paid the tax by presenting the invoice.

Passport: Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months.

Visa: Iranians do not need a visa to enter Turkey.

Health certificate:You do not need to have a health certificate to enter Turkey.

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