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Beyoğlu from the European part of Istanbul

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Beyoğlu from the European part of Istanbul

Beyoğlu is one of the European regions of Istanbul, which is bordered by Kâğıthane and Şişli regions to the north, Beşiktaş and Bosphorus Strait to the east, and Haliç, which is called the Golden Horn of Istanbul, to the west. It has 45 neighborhoods. .

Beyoğlu district has a very rich history and is historically the most important district of Istanbul. In the 19th century, as a result of the Ottoman Empire’s integration with the world capitalist system, Beyoğlu became a center of international trade. In general, the region developed in the 19th century. Which connected the Beyoğlu region to the Şişli region.

As you know, one of the most famous and lively streets in this area is Esteghlal Street. A street with a historical and old texture full of memories of yesterday and today generations with big and stylish stores of all reputable brands. Beyoğlu, Grand Pra and Demir Oren are some of the shopping malls in the area.

There are many places of interest and historical monuments in Beyoğlu, Galatasaray Square, Jahangir Street, Taksim Square, Rumi Galata House, 100-year-old Egyptian apartments, Kamundo Stairs, Galata Tower, Ataturk Room Museum, Istanbul Istanbul Museum, Madame Tussauds, Palace Artillery and … This area, due to its tourism, has accommodated many hotels and apartment hotels. Among the five-star hotels are the Sofitel Taksim Hotel, the Hotel de Caracas, the Prapalas Hotel and the Titanic City Hotel. Among the hospitals in Beyoglu district, we can mention Gomus Soyo and Qasem Pasha military hospitals. Beyoğlu district has many educational institutions, including the Central Campus of the Faculty of Fine Arts, the University of Architecture, Okan University and the University of Istanbul’s Istanbul.

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منطقه بی اوغلو (Beyoğlu)
Beyoğlu from the European part of Istanbul
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