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YOS test

YÖSآزمون یوس
YOS test

Having enough information and knowledge about the US exam will help international students and applicants to be fully informed about entering the prestigious public universities in Turkey. Turkey is located in the neighborhood of Iran and a high percentage of Iranian students who fail to enter prestigious universities in Iran, try to enter most of the prestigious public universities in Turkey. Foreign students and applicants to enter the prestigious public universities of Turkey must pass the US exam

YOS test

Participate and get a passing score in this test. With a passing score on the US exam, students can apply for medical and dental courses and study courses at Turkish public universities.

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About Yus Test

The US exam is the most important entrance exam for public and medical universities as well as dental universities in Turkey, which is held only once a year. This test is designed for applicants and students who have completed their secondary education in high schools abroad in Turkey. It should be noted that participation in the YÖS exam is possible with a diploma or post-diploma. Students and applicants from foreign countries must present their high school diploma or take the exam in the last year of study to obtain permission to take the YÖS exam.

By passing the YÖS exam, students and applicants can enter universities such as Istanbul University, Çokurova University of Adana, Karadeniz Technical University of Trabzon, Marmara University of Istanbul, Mayes Samsun University, Mersin University, Ankara University, Ataturk University ( Erzurum), Ak Deniz University of Antalya, Balik Asir University, Suleyman Demirel University (Sparta), Domlopinar University (Kutya) and Pamuk Kale Denizli University. Remember that the time of registration and the time of participating in the YÖS exam to enter the desired university are different, and students must be aware of the date of the exam and the date of registration of the relevant university, as well as the date of announcing the results. Dear friends, if you are thinking of graduating from the most prestigious universities in Turkey, you must pass the YÖS exam.

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US test questions

As mentioned, the US exam is the main test for entering Turkish public universities and studying in the most prominent fields such as medicine, law, psychology, pharmacy, mechanical engineering, architecture and others. In most cases, this test consists of eighty questions and approximately 55% of the questions in this test are questions to assess IQ (questions related to general abilities, intelligence questions). The remaining questions are related to the field of mathematics, and it should be noted that students and applicants who intend to take the YÖS exam must learn the math course thoroughly and accurately in high school to be able to answer the YÖS exam math questions. Give the correct. The questions of this test are in the form of a test (five options) and it is worth mentioning that in some universities, giving a wrong answer to each question will result in a negative score (the ratio of negative to positive score is 4: 1).

US test design

Every year, more than 5,000 international students take the YÖS exam to enter Turkish public universities. Until 2011, the YÖS exam was held annually in June by ÖSYM; However, after 2011, according to the .SYM Board of Directors, the responsibility for holding the YÖS exam was transferred to Turkish universities. For this reason, today the date of taking the YÖS test and the YÖS test questions are different in different universities in Turkey. One of the most important explanations provided by YSYM and always in progress is the following:
“All foreign students who intend to continue their studies at Turkish universities in undergraduate and postgraduate courses must graduate from secondary schools and enter the universities of Turkey in the USU exam prepared by the universities of this country. It is designed and approved by the YÖK organization, to participate and after obtaining sufficient scores in this test, to apply to participate in the study programs of the desired university. “

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The language of participation in the YÖS test is English and Turkish; But in recent years, some universities in Turkey have made it possible for Iranian students to answer the Yus exam questions in Persian. Iranian compatriots who have fully learned mathematics in high school can easily answer all the math questions of the YÖS test.

YOS test

Register to take the US exam

To take the YÖS exam, applicants must be fully aware of the registration requirements. The registration steps to take the YÖS exam are as follows:

The first step of registration: pre-registration

At this stage, applicants should refer to the websites of the respective universities. Students at most universities can register online with an email address. At the relevant university site, students must select the city in which they want to take the exam and also scan and upload their passport on the site. After completing and sending the relevant form, students will receive a confirmation email, and after receiving this email, students will be asked for a number and their account will be set up at the university. In the last step of pre-registration, applicants must set a username and password after activating their account. Once this is done, the main registration process will begin.

The second stage of registration: Original registration

After completing the first step, applicants will receive an email. There is a link in this email so that students can register in the relevant school system Aday Sistemi. In the next step, the city that the applicant has chosen for the test as well as her passport will be checked. Remember that form blanks must be filled in as correctly as possible. In the next stage, applicants will enter the payment stage. Paying for YÖS exam is possible online and by credit card. After online banking, applicants must wait for the payment process to be approved. After confirmation of payment of participation fees in the exam, student registration is successful.

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Third registration step: Check registration

Applicants can log in with their username and password and check the registration and exam date. At this stage, applicants will receive their test entry card in the form of an email.

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