şişli from the European part of Istanbul

منطقه شیشلی (Şişli)
şişli from the European part of Istanbul
şişli from the European part of Istanbul

şişli region is one of the European regions of Istanbul, which has 4 neighborhoods and is adjacent to Beşiktaş region from the east, Kâğıthane area from the north and west, and Beyoğlu region from the south. This area is one of the old and well-known important areas in the city of Istanbul, şişli region, despite having no beach, many historical monuments, special jobs, modern commercial centers and many cultural and artistic centers. The historic district of şişli underwent significant changes in the 1920s around important neighborhoods such as Kurtuluş, Osmanbey and Nişantaşi, Where houses, gardens and mansions were gradually transformed into buildings and apartments. One of the most famous streets in this area is Büyükdere, which starts from Şişli and continues to Maslak area, and is known as one of the most important streets in this area, which has the appearance of New York and Tokyo streets. The Şişli region is very fertile in terms of the existence of educational institutions and universities. Bickent University and the University of Science are important universities in the region. Şişli State Hospital and Children’s Teaching and Research Hospital are among the public hospitals, and Osman oglu and Majidiye Koi Hospital are private hospitals in the area. This area is culturally rich and has many cinemas and theaters, which has made this area the main cultural center of Istanbul. Museums are active in the area, keeping the city’s artistic life alive. The Ataturk Military Museum and the Museum of the General Staff of Military History are among the cultural centers of this region. This region of Istanbul is growing and changing rapidly. Shopping malls in the area include Nişantaşı City Mall, Jewelry, Canyon, and Trump Mall. Attractions and monuments in the area include the Achik Hava Military Hall, St. Sprite Cathedral, Machka Park, and the Şişli Freedom Monument.

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