Papara Card in Türkiye – a new way for easy and safe financial management

پاپارا کارت در ترکیه چیست؟
Papara Card in Türkiye – a new way for easy and safe financial management

Papara Card is a prepaid bank card in Türkiye.

This card in Turkey allows you to use it as a virtual bank card for online purchases and financial transactions.

What is Papara Card in Türkiye?

Papara Card is established without the need for a bank account, and you can use it to fund online purchases, bill payments, and other financial transactions.

Also, this card has security features like second password and two-step authentication.

Papara Card can be useful for people who need a bank account for various reasons, as it allows them to make financial transactions online without the need for a bank account.

Although some Iranians cannot get international Visa card and Master card accounts in Turkish Bank due to various reasons, Papara Card Turkey provides an easy way for these people without the need to obtain Turkish residence or Turkish citizenship.

Opening a Papara Card account for Iranians is very simple and cost-effective, allowing them to benefit from banking services and financial transactions in Turkey.

Papa Kart in Türkiye

Opening a Papara Card account for Iranians is very simple and cost-effective, allowing them to benefit from banking services and financial transactions in Turkey.

  • Online purchases: Papara Card allows you to use it to buy goods and services online on websites and online stores.
  • Paying bills: You can use Papara Card to pay bills for water, electricity, gas, mobile phone and other public services.
  • Money transfer: You can transfer money to other people and make monetary transactions through Papara Card.
  • Making bank transactions: With this card, you can use ATMs and points of sale for cash transactions.
  • Receive salary and income: Some people in Turkey use Papara Card to receive their salary and income.
  • Financial Management: This card allows you to manage your account balance and transactions online.
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Papara Card is used as a multipurpose financial tool in Turkey, allowing people to easily conduct financial transactions and reduce taxes and fees associated with a traditional bank account.

Opening a Türkiye Papara Card account

  1. To create an account in the Papara system, first open an account on the Papara website.
  2. You must deposit at least 9.9 currency units to your Papara wallet.
  3. Then, log in to your account and click on the “Account Request” option on the Papara Card website.
  4. At this stage, enter the address where you want your card to be sent on the Papara site and then confirm your card.
  5. Your Turkey Papara Card will be printed after this step and sent to your declared address by courier and delivered to you.
  6. The time it takes for the Papara card to reach you will vary between 4 and 7 working days. It will be sent along with the contract card and you need to sign this contract.
  7. After signing the contract, the card will be delivered to you.
  8. In the next step, when you receive your card, you must log in to your Papara card account and activate your card through the site. To activate your card, you need to click on the activation page from your card page.
  9. After that, you must enter your card information.
Papara Card in Türkiye

Papara card in Türkiye and its types

  1. The first type of papara card: To get this type of card, you have to spend 5 TL. But in this model, it is not possible to use ATMs to receive money.
  2. The second type of papara card: To get this type of card, you have to pay 10 liras. But this type of papara card allows you to use ATMs to get money.
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Costs of using Papara Card in Türkiye

  • To use this card, you need to pay 9.9 lira as a fee.
  • Also, the monthly charge for this card is 1 lira.

This monthly fee will be charged to you only if you use the card and it will be applied at the time of using the card.

Advantages and disadvantages of Turkish Papara Card

Like other credit cards, Papara Card also has advantages and disadvantages. For example, one of the most important limitations of this card can be the limitation in transferring money from it.

These limits depend on the type of account you have and may vary when using Turkish Papara Card.

It should be noted that the duration of your use of this card also affects your limits.

In other words, the longer you use this card, the limits will be reduced and it is possible to upgrade your account.

  • In unverified user accounts, the allowed amount of money transfer is up to 750 liras per month.
  • In approved user accounts, you can transfer money up to 50 thousand liras per month.
  • In user accounts with legal contracts, you can transfer money up to 250 thousand liras per month.

How to transfer money to Papara card account?

Papara cards and services provided by this company may have restrictions to people who are not in Turkey or do not have a Papara account.

Transferring money to the accounts of other cards in Turkey may be done at a lower cost, but you should note that the fees and rules related to transferring money to different bank cards may be different.

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To transfer money to another person’s account, you must have the other person’s email, phone, or Papara account number.

If someone doesn’t have a Papara account, you can use the invitation feature so that they can create a Papara account to receive money, and then you can transfer the money to their account.

Please note that the terms and conditions related to money transfer and use of Papara cards may change, so for detailed and up-to-date information, please visit Papara’s official website or its customer service center.

Some important points about Papara Card in Türkiye

As with any other credit card, to use the Papara card, you must pay enough attention to security issues. Never share your account information with other people.

Papara Card will not share your account information with others through email, SMS or call.

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