The best sites in Türkiye

نیازمندی در ترکیه
The best sites in Türkiye

A want site in Turkey or any other country is a website or online platform that allows individuals and companies to post various ads for buying, selling, hiring, renting, services, and other personal and business needs.

People can respond to other people’s ads on these sites and exchange information or perform various transactions.

These sites usually have different categories so that users can easily search for their needs in different areas such as real estate, vehicles, goods, services, employment, etc.

Wanted sites allow users to post their ads for free or for a small fee and act as an online interpersonal intermediary for the exchange of information and transactions.

In this article, we are going to the best Online platforms for Turkish needsTo you to introduce.

These platforms allow you to easily find your home for rent or purchase, get the items you need at very reasonable prices, and also search and find the job of your choice.

  1. Sahibinden It is one of the most reliable classifieds sites in Turkey and offers many different classifieds, including buying and selling real estate, vehicles, electronic products and services.

  2. Hürriyet Emlak: This site is especially suitable for searching for real estate and housing in Turkey and has various advertisements in this field.

  3. Hürriyet İlan: This site includes various advertisements including employment, product sales, housing rentals and various services.

  4. Milliyet Emlak: Another resource to search for property and housing in Turkey that has many ads in this field.

  5. Letgo: It is one of the largest second-hand goods exchange sites in Turkey and may include a variety of products including home appliances, furniture, clothing, and more.

SAHİBİNDEN site is needed in Türkiye

The site “Sahibinden” is actually one of the largest and most reliable online platforms for various needs and ads in Turkey. This site allows individuals and companies to post multiple ads in various fields such as buying and selling property, vehicles, electronics, consumer products, services, employment, etc.

In other words, Sahibinden is an extensive advertising and demand site that allows people to trade and exchange information on various matters. This popular platform allows you to achieve your needs more easily and quickly and exchange information and trades you want.

This site is known as a very important and vital resource for people who are looking to buy, sell, rent housing, buy and sell second-hand items, provide various services or search for job opportunities.

Since its establishment in 2000, Sahibinden has become one of Turkey’s most respected and visited sites, providing a wide variety of services to the Turkish online community.

It means to buy “from the owner” It means direct purchase.

This site by Aksoy Holding Türkiye Operated and currently as the premier source for Buying and renting property in Türkiye is known.

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سایت صاحبیندن

Guide to using the SAHİBİNDEN site in Türkiye

  1. For optimal use of SAHİBİNDEN site in Türkiye، Creating a Turkish IP is the first step.
  2. To access this site, you must be in the Turkish Internet environment or use IP change tools.
  3. This website offers its services to customers in two languages, Turkish and English.
  4. People who access this site from outside Turkey must register and receive the tracking code via email.

View different parts of the site

Property rental site in Türkiye

After successfully entering the user panel, on the left side of the page you can see Turkey’s categories and requirements.

After entering the site, click on the word “EMLAK” in the right section. Then click on “KONUT” which means “Residential”.

On the new page, if you want to buy property in Turkey, click on “SATILIK” and if you want to rent property in Turkey, click on “KİRALIK”.

Also, below these two options, there is also the “Daily Rent” (GÜNLÜK KİRALIK) option, which you can use to rent an apartment or villa on a daily basis in Istanbul and other Turkish cities.

Then we enter the “SATILIK” (for sale) section. If you want to consider an apartment unit inside or outside the complex for purchase, click on “DAİRE”.

If you are looking for luxury units inside large towers with many amenities, click on “RESİDENCE”.

Address: It consists of three main parts, which include province (İL), city (İLÇE) and neighborhood (SEMT/MAHALLE).

Price (FİYAT) means the cost and price of the property. You can determine the minimum and maximum price you intend to buy property in Turkey in different currencies such as lira, dollar, euro and pound.

Size: In Turkey, there are two types of measurements in property documents. The gross square footage (BRÜT), which includes common spaces, etc., and the net square footage (NET), which shows the actual square footage of the purchased unit.

Therefore, in the advertisements, the square footage of the house may be listed as 80 square meters, but the actual square footage may be 50 or even less. Therefore, pay attention to the actual size of the property.

Number of rooms (ODA SAYISI): In Turkey, the term “ARTI” is used for the number of rooms and spaces, meaning “plus”. For example, 1+1 means one bedroom and one living room, and 2+1 means two bedrooms and one living room, etc.

BINA YAŞI; Floor (BULUNDUĞU KAT); Total number of floors of the building (KAT SAYSI); heating (ISITMA); number of bathrooms (BANYO SAYISI); balcony (BALKON); Furnished (EŞYALI); Unit status (KULLANIM DURUMU) which includes eviction, tenant handover, etc.; inside the complex (SITE İÇİ); And finally, there is the word search (ARA).

Also, after searching and entering an ad, you will definitely see the word charge (AİDAT), which is very important. Before buying a property in Istanbul, be sure to ask the amount of the monthly charge to avoid astronomical sums in residences and some complexes.

بخشهای مختلف سایت صاحیبیندن

Letgo site (Letgo) - the main site of the Turkish wall

Probably many of you have heard that there is a website called “Sahibinden” in Turkey and you may think that this is the only website similar to “Divar” in Turkey.

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But I must say that the reality is not so much. In Turkey, there are many websites similar to “wall”, but two of these websites are much more famous.

One such website is the “own” website, which we’ve already explained how to use.

A second website that seems to be better than “owning” “Let go” website Is.

Letgo site, a site similar to the demand wall in Türkiye

In the introduction of the “Letgo” site, we must state that this site is known as one of the main websites in the field of requirements and ads in Turkey and operates as a second-hand online store.

This website has millions of active users and is widely used to buy and sell most used goods.

Just like “Dewar” site in Iran, you can find the products you need by searching in different categories and buy them.

“Letgo” site supports English and Turkish languages. If you don’t know the Turkish language well, you can easily use the English language on this site.

An interesting point about this site is that to sell any item, it is enough to simply take a picture of it. “Letgo” automatically categorizes and introduces your products using artificial intelligence and image processing technology.

Also, you can register your used items for sale on this site and wait for potential customers.

Letgo users in Turkey can buy and sell a variety of products including cars, collectibles, electronics, clothes, home decoration equipment, furniture, dishes, and many more.

سایت دیوار ترکیه لتگو

Guide to using the Letgo website

There are various titles and topics on the “Letgo” site, which include:

  • Electronic appliances
  • Sports and recreational equipment
  • Vehicles
  • Motorcycles and others
  • vehicles
  • Home and garden tools
  • Fashion and accessories
  • Baby and children’s items
  • Movies, books and music
    other things
    On this site, you can search for different products in each of these categories and sell or buy.

In the search section, the “Letgo” website offers a wide variety of filters that allow you to easily find the product you want.

For example, you can narrow down the geographic scope of your search, set your desired price, choose whether or not shipping should be free, and select your desired city.

One of the other features of this site is the possibility of internal chat with sellers. Using this option, you can easily talk to the seller about the details of the product you want and get more information about it.

Using the Letgo application

“Letgo” application is very easy and simple to use. Just download the app on your phone. This application supports Android and iOS operating systems.

Then, to create a user account in “Letgo”, complete the registration process. At this point, all you have to do is enter a valid email address, create a password, and choose a profile picture.

By doing these steps, your account will be ready to buy and sell products.

اپلیکیشن لتگو (letgo)

HEPSIBURADA site needed in Türkiye

“Hepsiburada” store ( in Turkey is one of the oldest stores in the country, which has been operating since 1998 and was recognized as one of the popular brands in Turkey in 2011, 2012 and 2013.

This site means “everything here”, we introduce a reliable website in Turkey where you can buy and sell all kinds of new and used products. This website is especially active in the field of electronic devices and especially mobile phones.

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Through the “hepsiburada” website, you can easily find and buy a variety of products, including home appliances, seasonal clothing for women, men, and children, as well as electronic products from shavers to mobile phones, televisions, cameras, and game consoles. do.

Hepsi Borada store with its store panel allows sellers to sell their products on this site.

Although Hepsiburada itself also sells products, a very large percentage of products on this site are sold by intermediary suppliers.

سایت نیازمندی در ترکیه

Hürriyet Emlak website is needed in Türkiye

Property rental site in Türkiye

“Hürriyet Emlak” is one of the most reliable and famous websites in the field of buying, selling and renting real estate in Turkey.

The site allows customers to view and search a variety of real estate listings in a variety of categories, including apartments, villas, shops, land, and commercial properties.

The Hürriyet Emlak site is accessible in Turkish, Istanbul and English languages and provides comprehensive information on various properties in Turkey.

This site is known as a reliable source for people looking to buy or rent a property in Turkey and offers its users various possibilities to search and filter ads.

With Hürriyet Emlak, you can find a house, residential or commercial according to your needs and participate in real estate transactions in Turkey.

This website allows you to easily view and choose different properties, as well as according to the filters and advanced search tools it provides, you can find the property you want and participate in real estate transactions in Turkey.

There are different requirements in Turkey and different sites operate to answer these requirements. Each site usually operates in a specific field of requirements. for example:

  • General need sites: These sites respond to all types of general needs, including buying and selling property, vehicles, electronic devices, mobile phones, household appliances, furniture, etc. Like the Sahibinden site.

  • Employment sites: For job search and employment in Turkey, there are sites that provide information on various job positions.

  • Service sites: These sites provide various services, including transportation services, medical services, educational services, etc.

  • Real estate sites: To buy, sell, or rent property in Turkey, there are sites dedicated to real estate. Like Hürriyet Emlak.

  • Store sites: These sites sell ancillary products such as clothes, bags and shoes, sports equipment, etc … they pay.

So, yes, Turkish requirements are covered in different sites to meet all kinds of needs and demands.

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