Buy a car in Turkey

خرید خودرو
Buy a car in Turkey

There may be a misconception about buying a car in Turkey in 2021; Given the life of modern societies, the car has become one of the most important needs of the people, it may be thought that buying a car can lead to investment in Turkey. However, car prices in Turkey are stable and do not normally rise. The country is trying to lower prices more than ever by bringing in companies such as Hyundai, Honda, Toyota, Renault and Ford.

Buy a car in Turkey

The variety of cars in Turkey is much higher than in Iran, and due to the competition between the mentioned companies, the prices are certainly much lower than in Iran. Unlike Iran, the cars used in Turkey are more diesel; The reason for this is that Turkey is an importer of fuel and you should know that the price of diesel cars in Turkey is higher than gasoline cars. To buy a car in Turkey, you must have a residence permit in Turkey, and it is interesting to know that buying a car in Turkey is more economical for non-Turkish citizens than for Turkish citizens, because the Turkish government has passed a law in which citizens of other countries Having a residence permit in Turkey, you can buy a car in Turkey without paying taxes. Iranians can also bring their cars to this country from outside Turkey, which is called car hood. Follow us to get acquainted with car buying laws in Turkey and its details.

In Turkey, foreign citizens have no legal restrictions or restrictions on buying and selling cars and can trade cars freely. As mentioned above, the main requirement for buying a car in Turkey is to have a document called Ikamet Tezkiresi or a Turkish residence permit. Keep in mind that an entry visa to Turkey is issued by the embassy but a residence permit is issued by the Turkish Immigration Office. Residence in Turkey issued to foreign citizens is usually temporary and eventually valid for one year. Types of residence permits in Turkey include:

  • Work residence for foreign workers
  • Study accommodation for international students
  • Investor residence for foreign investors
  • Family residence for people who are married to Turkish nationals

Comparison of purchase prices and automotive industry in Turkey and Iran

Comparison of purchase prices and automotive industry in Turkey and Iran

In the beginning, both countries assembled the cars of famous companies, but after a while, Iran started to build domestic cars due to sanctions, and Turkey started assembling different cars by importing famous car factories, and now It is known as one of the largest auto parts manufacturing countries. As mentioned, due to the presence of large companies in Turkey, car prices in this country are much lower than in Iran; In this country, you can find a variety of American, Japanese, German and European cars easily and at a much more reasonable price, for example, Renault Symbol is 110,000 lira in Turkey and 300,000 lira in Iran. Even the citizens of this country are faced with special offers from these companies; It can be concluded that the car industry and price in Turkey are in no way comparable to Iran.

Buy a car in Turkey first and second hand

Various companies operate directly in Turkey, and people who reside in Turkey can visit them after selecting the zero model they want. Zero license plates are often done at the same time. If this is not done, you can visit again with the receipt that will be given to you at the times set for your vehicle license plates. You can also buy second-hand cars, which is more common than buying a zero car in Turkey, because second-hand cars are much cheaper in Turkey, people are more inclined to buy a second-hand car. You should make sure that before buying a car, you should be an expert and get the relevant expert certificate. To buy second-hand cars and know their prices, you can use active sites such as (ARABAM, ARBA, SAHIBINDEN).

Car purchase tax in Turkey in 2021

As mentioned, according to Turkish tax laws, foreigners are exempt from paying taxes for buying a car, but they should pay attention to the following:

  • No one can use the car except family members.
  • Road use tax must be paid annually.
  • Blue license plates are license plates called Yabanci license plates and no Turkish person is allowed to buy them.
  • The purchased car must be registered in the traffic registry within 3 months.
  • A person’s residence card must always be valid when using the car, otherwise you will be fined.

Certificate and important points of buying a car in Turkey in 2021

Turkish Certificate and Important Car Buying Tips in Turkey in 2020

After buying a car in Turkey, you can drive for up to 6 months with your international license, which you obtained in Iran, but after this period, you must receive a special license for Turkey. Before buying a car in Turkey, pay attention to the following:

  • The price of gasoline cars is cheaper, but the price of gasoline is also more expensive than diesel.
  • Try to buy cars with Turkish license plates, because cars with foreign
  • license plates can not be used without a license, and more importantly, you can only sell these cars to foreigners.
  • Be sure to insure the car after purchase.
  • Before buying a car, be sure to take it to a car technician.
  • Since the export of assembled cars in Turkey to Europe is very wide, you can understand the quality of these types of cars, so you can buy them safely.
  • Body insurance is optional, but third party insurance is mandatory like in Iran.
  • Note that the cost of car repair in Turkey is relatively high, so be careful to buy it from a reliable person.
  • Gas cars are not allowed to stop in covered parking lots.
  • The toll label, called the HGS, must be affixed to the car after purchase for highway traffic.

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