Tuzla from the Asian part of Istanbul

منطقه توزلا (Tuzla)
Tuzla from the Asian part of Istanbul
Tuzla region of the Asian part of Istanbul

Tuzla district is one of the Asian districts of Istanbul, which is located at the eastern gate of the city and is home to the largest shipyard in Istanbul. It is bordered on the west by the Pendik region, on the east by the Gebze region, on the south by the Sea of Marmara and on the north by the forests of Istanbul. They have given their place to shipbuilding and ship storage in this area. This area has a coastline with a length of 13 km and an altitude of 25 to 30 meters above sea level. There are several transportation and communication routes such as rail, road and sea transportation to reach the Tuzla area. In this area, UTU Maritime College, Sabanji University, Okan University, Gadik University and Tuzla Civilization University are located. This area, like other areas. Asia has a public and private hospital. Among the shopping centers in this area, we can mention Shafa Park, Neo Marin, or Port shopping center, which in addition to having various shops, have extremely beautiful beach restaurants. Tuzla area is a place of historical monuments and monuments. Has many; Aqua Marina Water Park, Idos Castle, Tuzla Zoo, Waterfall Park and Tuzla Beach are some of the attractive and spectacular places in this area. It is interesting to know that the biggest international rally track in Istanbul is located in this area

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