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Üsküdar from the Asian part of Istanbul

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Üsküdar district of the Asian part of Istanbul

Istanbul’s Üsküdar district is another Asian region of Istanbul, which is bordered on the north by Beykoz district, on the south by Kadikoy district, on the east by Ataşehir and Omraniye districts, and on the west by Bosphorus Strait. This area has 33 neighborhoods, the opposite of which is the famous neighborhood of Aminonu, and this has made transportation to these two areas through the Bosphorus Strait easy by ship. In the Ottoman period, this area had many beach houses, only a few Remains of mansions and instead of burnt and old buildings, now new mansions made of old Üsküdar mansions, we can mention the mansions of Abed Effendi and Mahmoud Nadim Pasha. Area. In this coastline you can see all kinds of cafes, restaurants and seafood restaurants. Altunizadeh area is one of the modern areas of Üsküdar that has many shopping malls. Capitol, Akasya and Emaar Mall are some of the modern shopping malls in the area. This area has many sights. Like the Girl Tower, which is located on a small island in the middle of the Bosphorus and has many legends. You can reach the tower by boat. Also, Buick Chamlija Hill, which takes the name of “Istanbul Roof”, is one of the fascinating sights of this region. Since this hill has a special beauty and extraordinary scenery, most brides and grooms usually use this location to capture their images. Kandili Girls’ High School and Fateh Pasha grove are also places of interest in this area.

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منطقه اسکودار (Üsküdar)
Üsküdar from the Asian part of Istanbul
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