E-Nabiz; Turkish Mental Health Software

E-Nabiz؛ نرم افزار سلامت و روان ترکیه
E-Nabiz; Turkish Mental Health Software

E Nabiz Turkish mental health software program After migrating to Turkey with the electronic health system, you can also have a health certificate in cyberspace. Today, with the advancement of technology, everything is moving towards electronics and the Internet.

Even a simple activity such as a medical examination can take on a new shape with technology. With the introduction of the e-health system, Turkey has been able to take a big step towards the internetization of its citizens’ medical services. People who intend to stay in Turkey should research the system and take the necessary steps.

Treatment in Turkey and hospital conditions

How to join E Nabiz by logging in to E-Devlet?

The E Nabiz personal health system program has already been launched by the Ministry of Health and has reached approximately 8 million users. But now you can also enter the system through the E-Devlet port.

E Nabiz includes many services to get personal health information. You can log in to E Nabiz with your E-Devlet password and view your personal information.

With new additions to E Nabiz-related innovations, it is now available through E-Devlet. E Nabiz, a service of the Ministry of Health, is now also available through E-Devlet, and personal health history can be viewed through E Nabiz.

What you need to know about E Nabiz

E Nabiz is a program that the patient as well as the doctor can be informed about the details of the patient’s health and treatment through the internet andmobile hotlines.

This is a personal medical record system through which you can also view your examination and treatment and manage all personal information related to your health. You can view your medical history from an online system.

This program is the widest and most comprehensive global health informatics that you personally prepare. This program can provide your health record to your physician within the time and limit that you determine, and be a bridge between you and your doctor.

This is a structured program that can speed up the diagnosis process and the quality of treatment. This program helps the patient and the treating physician to see all the treatments performed for the patient, whether in public hospitals or even private clinics.

Even tests performed on the patient, medications, reports, and diagnoses made on the patient can be seen. In this way, life in Turkey and personal health are improved.

How to log in to E Nabiz?

Treatment in Turkey and hospital conditions in Istanbul

E-Devlet: The first way to log in is to use an electronic signature. In this method, you use your E-Devlet password and electronic signature, enter your national code and click on E-Devlet and log in.

family doctor: If you do not have an internet or national password, you can see a family doctor approved by the Ministry of Health.

The GP will store your mobile number in the system and you will be logged in by entering a one-time code that will be sent to your mobile phone as a text message.

When you log in, the conditions for opening a personal profile are written on the first page. To begin, check the box next to “I read the terms of the E Nabiz system” written as (I read).

How to use E Nabiz mobile software

Treatment in Turkey and hospital conditions in Istanbul

If you do not already have an E Nabiz account. You must open an account for yourself through the E-Devlet portal. When creating this account, you must set a personal E Nabiz password for yourself and enter the E Nabiz MOBIL application with this password.

My Nabiz E Health History

editing information

If you have entered health data into your E Nabiz system, this is the first page you will encounter when logging in to E Nabiz, and you can see your last two exams on this page.

On the same page, you can evaluate your latest examinations in terms of service quality and comment on these examinations, as well as delete the comments you have made about hospitals.

Getting an appointment

Treatment in Turkey and hospital conditions in Istanbul

In the calendar section of this page, if needed, you can view information about making an appointment that you have already made or want to make an appointment through the MHRS section, which is written as RANDEVU AI.

Report section

In the Notifications section, you can browse your account information, such as recent activity, last access, and last visit to the hospital.

My health profile

If you do not yet have health information in E Nabiz software, you will see the first screen when you log in. If you have health data, you can see this section in the My Health History section.

My health history

You can view the data that you have previously saved in your health profile, or that you have entered into the system via your mobile phone, in the health section labeled sağlık geçmişim.

This information is written as numerical or graphic data on this page. For example, data such as: Blood pressure, blood sugar, pulse and weight, etc.

Edit electrical information

You can view your profile information by logging in to the E Nabiz electronic system and clicking on the (profile duzenle) button or editing the profile on the main page.

Here you can change your upload-update, password, rename, change country, email, mobile, height and weight, city, blood type and.. You can even add more than one mobile or email to this page.


In the sharing options you can, from the sharing menu, options; No doctor should see my information (confirmation by SMS code or password required) My family doctor should see my information, the doctor who examined me should see my information, in the hospital where I was examined all doctors can get medical information See me, all doctors of the Ministry of Health can see my information, you can choose.

How to change your electronic password

When you log in to E Nabiz, clicking the edit button below the profile picture on the left side of the main page will open another page.

You can change your password and view and change all your personal information from this list.

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