4K Group Holding

4KGroup Holding was established in 2003 as one of the leading companies in the field of import and export and maintenance of heavy machinery as well as in the field of buying and selling real estate in the United Arab Emirates. In 2014, this company established and launched a company with strategic goals in Istanbul, Turkey, to improve the quality and service. Also, 4kgroup Holding has succeeded in obtaining all the necessary permits in the field of import and export, purchase and sale of real estate from Turkey, and as an official authority, under the supervision of Turkish lawyers and with the support of Turkish lawyers. Farsi, English, Turkish and Russian-speaking experts and professional consultants are working in Istanbul, Turkey, and are ready to serve you, dear compatriots. We hope to be the most up-to-date and best in this regard.

Services 4K Group Holding

  • Our consultants speak Persian, English, Arabic, Turkish, Russian and Ukrainian languages and understand you well.
  • We try our best to satisfy you dear ones by providing excellent services before and after the sale, such as a free tour, opening a bank account, getting a tax number, insurance, property deed services (Tapo) and many other excellent services. .

4K Group Holding Guarantee

We know the city of Istanbul well! For this reason, we introduce you to the best places and projects in Istanbul that are suitable for investment.
• We only sell safe real estate! So that you can get your property document without any problems.
Best price guarantee! We guarantee you a price that you will not be able to buy a property cheaper than the price of our holding compared to other real estate agencies.
trustworthy! We only work with reputable builders, which is why we do not sell or offer you any property.

4K Group Holding

We have all the legal licenses

Business license
united Arab Emirates
Specialized degree in real estate sales in the UAE
Specialized degree in real estate sales in Turkey
Company license
Real estate consulting
Free zone activity license
Repair and maintenance
Hotel and restaurant license in Istanbul
Free zone activity license
Buy And Sell
Free Zone Limited Company License
Istanbul Finance and Tax Office

Holding 4K Group is the largest real estate filing in Istanbul

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