Ataşehir area

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Ataşehir area
منطقه آتاشهیر (Ataşehir)
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General information of the area

Atashir is one of the most beautiful and large regions of Asia. This area has grown well in recent years and is a good investment option. Atashir is bordered on the west by Kadikoy and Skudar districts, on the east by Sanjaq Tappeh and Mal Tappeh districts, and on the north by Omraniyeh district.

This area consists of 17 neighborhoods, among which (Chern Koi and Kucuk Bakal Koi) are considered as prominent and famous neighborhoods of this area.

Istanbul Ataşehir District - Ataşehir

Atashir is 20 minutes away from Baghdad road and Bostanji port, and due to its proximity to Kadikoy, all access from Atashir to other areas is easy.

One of the advantages of this area is quick access to Bostanji and Koz or Tai metro and proximity to the main E5 highway. In addition, you can use the bus, taxi and Delmoosh.

One of the advantages of Atashir is the many shopping malls that exist in this area. The most famous shopping malls are Palladium, Brandium, Nevada, Optimum and Water Garden.

Water Garden Shopping Center is located in the whole of Istanbul. Along with tasting food and drink, you can also enjoy dancing with water and fire.

It is interesting to know that the largest plant park in Istanbul called (Nezhat Gok Yet) is in this area, which houses more than thousands of models of flowers and plants and is a suitable space for tourism.

Another advantage of Atashir is the presence of luxury restaurants and cheap cafes in this area.

Meatballs and Guzelmeh are famous Turkish dishes that you can prepare the best meatballs in Nevada Mall and the best Guzelmeh in Kucuk Bakal Koi.

The location of Yedi Tappeh University and Aji Badam and Fanar Baghcheh has made many students choose to live in this area.

Famous hotels in this area are:

  • Marriot Hotel
  • Green Park Hotel
  • Dedeman Hotel
  • Radisson Blu Hotel

Due to being 5 stars and having many facilities, you can make a comfortable trip for yourself.

Water Garden - Istanbul Watergarden

Watergarden Recreation Complex - Istanbul Watergarden

Water Garden Shopping Mall is located in the Asian part of Istanbul, in the Ataşehir district, a beautiful complex with an interesting layout next to the old buildings of this area of Istanbul, which stands out from afar. This shopping center is a commercial and entertainment complex that consists of a large market. There are also reputable brands from all over the world in this shopping center, which you can find information about on the official website of Water Garden Shopping Center. This shopping center may have fewer shops and stores than other shopping malls in Istanbul; But you can find almost everything you need for fun and shopping in this mall. In this shopping center, skyscrapers inspired by the architectural style of Burj Khalifa in Dubai have been built. It is also possible for visitors to walk on the roof of this skyscraper. At this height you can also enjoy the green space and recreational areas around the Water Garden Shopping Center.

In this shopping center you will see a modern lifestyle in an old part of Istanbul. When you go to this mall, you rarely see women with hijab. In this area you almost feel like you are in a European city. One of the attractive areas that you can visit in this shopping center is the existence of a water park in an area of about 15,000 square meters, which has places such as a children’s park, skating park, adventure park and a wide range of plants and trees. Built as a green area around the Water Garden Mall, the park is a special place to breathe fresh air and enjoy nature for visitors and, of course, locals. It is interesting to know that Water Garden Shopping Center is more known as a restaurant and entertainment center; So you can find a variety of traditional restaurants and fast foods in this center that offer you a unique variety of food from Turkey and other parts of the world. World-renowned brands are also active in this shopping center and offer you a variety of delicious food for all tastes. In addition to restaurants, there are numerous bars and cafes in the mall.

There is another part of Water Garden Shopping Center called Organic Market, which is built to promote healthy living and increase demand for natural products. The market is open seven days a week and you can find the latest local products. If you have forgotten the real taste of tomatoes and the smell of natural cucumber, we recommend you to visit the organic market of Water Garden Shopping Center.

In this shopping center you can also find a cinema complex with 10 theaters with a total capacity of about 4,000 people. This is a place where local and foreign artists, bands and orchestras take the stage and you too can enjoy their performances. Of course, the Water Garden Cinema Complex is part of the entertainment complex in this shopping center, which has a theater, entertainment clubs, a culinary art school for children and adults, a theater hall, a sports center, and a playground for children.

But one of the most attractive parts of Istanbul Shopping Mall is the unique show pool, which is built on a 5,000-square-meter plot of land in the heart of the mall. This pool is the largest and most advanced swimming pool in a shopping center in all of Europe. In this place you can see impressive performances of water dance, music, laser and fire. A large number of restaurants and coffee shops in this complex have also been built next to this pool; So you can enjoy the fountain of water and fire while eating or drinking a cup of tea. Of course, watching this scene at night will probably be more attractive due to the light dance.

The mall also has an underground car park where you have to pay a little over $ 10 per parking space. When visiting Istanbul Shopping Center, we recommend that you spend about 3 to 4 hours at this place. During this time you can be sure that both your children and your family members will enjoy being in this shopping center equally.

Mimar Sinan Mosque - Mimar Sinan Mosque

Mimar Sinan Mosque - Mimar Sinan Mosque

Sinan Atashir Architect Mosque is one of the prominent works of art and architecture in the region, which is also known as one of the symbols of the Atashir region. This beautiful and modern mosque is located in the center of Istanbul’s Ataşehir district in its Asian part.

Istanbul Ataşehir Botanical Park - Nezahat Gökyiğit

Istanbul Ataşehir Botanical Park - Nezahat Gökyiğit

Atashir Botanical Botanical Complex is one of the most attractive and spectacular places for flower and plant lovers. By visiting this advanced center, all the information about botany and its existing structures is displayed.

This advanced center in the Atashir district of Istanbul welcomes various visitors every day.

List of neighborhoods in Atashir area

The name of the neighborhood in TurkishThe name of the neighborhood in Turkish
Yenişehir MahallesiAşık Veysel Mahallesi
Küçükbakkalköy MahallesiAtaşehir Atatürk Mahallesi
Mevlana MahallesiAtaşehir Ferhatpaşa Mahallesi
Mimar Sinan MahallesiBarbaros Mahallesi
Mustafa Kemal MahallesiEsatpasa Mahallesi
Örnek MahallesiFetıh Mahallesi
Yeni Çamlıca Mahallesiİçerenköy Mahallesi
Yeni Sahra Mahallesiİnönü Mahallesi
Yenişehir Mahallesi 

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