The best jobs in Turkey

بهترین مشاغل در ترکیه
The best jobs in Turkey

Turkey has seen a lot of job-seeking migrants in recent years; That is why in this article we will review the best jobs in Turkey. Turkey is one of the countries that has the best position in terms of geography and has two parts,Asianand European. Fertile plains, good weather and warm-hearted people make this country one of the best tourist areas. A large part of this Eurasian country is located in southwest Asia and the Middle East; Turkey due to having a common border

The best jobs in Turkey

Uses Iran for transit of goods with our country. Up to 75% of the population is Turkish and about 75% to 85% of the population is Sunni. The official language of the people of this country is Turkish (Istanbul) and their written script is Latin.

Istanbul is one of the most popular immigrant cities in Turkey, which has attracted many job seekers from neighboring countries in 2020. The capital of Turkey is Ankara, one of the attractions of which is the tomb of Ataturk, but Istanbul is the largest and most populous and cultural and economic center of Turkey, so the presence of job seekers in the largest metropolis of Europe is not surprising. According to statistics, Turkey was selected as the third largest tourist city in the world in 2010 in terms of the number of foreign tourists; Today, its special economic outlook is positively portrayed by the tourism industry. Thousands of hotels, as well as other tourism-related industries, have flourished since the popularity of the tourism industry in Turkey. Restaurants and cafes in tourist areas have made a lot of money from tourists who crave local or international cuisine while staying in Turkey.

Economy and labor situation in Turkey

Istanbul is the largest and most famous economic city in Turkey; Istanbul has a dynamic economy due to being an international bridge between land and sea borders. Approximately 20% of all industrial works in Turkey and 38% of Turkish industrial workspaces are located in Istanbul. In the late 1990s, the Turkish economy experienced a major economic shock, the first of which was the Asian economic crisis in early 1998, which had negative economic effects on all sectors of the economy, especially on exports. In the late 1990s, the Turkish economy experienced a major economic shock, the first of which was the Asian economic crisis in early 1998, which had negative economic effects on all sectors of the economy, especially on exports. The quake destroyed part of the manpower and capital; In recent years, however, the country’s recession has slowed dramatically. Istanbul and surrounding cities produce these products:

  • Linen
  • Fruit
  • olive oil
  • Silk
  • Tobacco

In 2016, a failed coup took place in Turkey, which caused some crisis in the country’s economy, but then in the last two or three years, the conditions of the tourism industry began to grow and jobs such as hotel management, recreational water industry, ticket Sales at entertainment venues, beaches, restaurants and cafes have generated significant revenue for the government.

The best jobs in Turkey for immigrants

Types of jobs in Turkey

Turkey is often classified as a developed country; In 2020, the country is ranked 19th in the world among the 20 most industrialized countries in the world, but this statistic among the most powerful European countries is that Turkey is in sixth place. Agriculture has a special place in this country, so that Turkey is ranked seventh in the world in terms of agricultural products and is ranked first in the world in the production of hazelnuts, figs, apricots and cherries. Industrial occupations such as textile, oil refining, food industry, chemical industry, steel industry, automobile and machine building have the largest share in Turkish industry; For example, Vestel Electric Industries in Turkey was the largest TV producer in Europe.

Banking and financial services are other jobs that have been effective in the Turkish economic industry; The history of stock exchange activity in this country dates back to 1886 and today the Central Bank of Turkey has several branches in major and prominent countries in the world. As mentioned earlier, Turkey’s tourist attractions have led to the rapid growth of the country’s tourism industry, and Turkish hotels and beaches, which are similar to the famous beaches of Italy and Spain in terms of attracting tourists, have contributed significantly to job creation in the country.

The best jobs in Turkey for immigrants

Types of jobs in Turkey

When an immigrant leaves for work, he / she must be fully aware of the job opportunities of the destination country. In the table published for the list of required jobs in 2020 in Turkey, among the most popular jobs, the following jobs can be mentioned:

  • Tour leader
  • Information Technology
  • Accountants
  • Welder
  • Construction painter
  • Sales specialist
  • hair stylist
  • Cooking and working in the kitchen
  • host
  • Electronics Engineer
  • Financial Advisor
  • Hotel and apartment reservation
  • environmental engineering

The best Turkish jobs for students

If you want to get a residence permit in Turkey through education, you can also work part-time in one of the following jobs.

Translation work in Turkey: One of the occupations that immigrant students can do with fluency in Turkish is translation and editing, the salary of which varies from translation to translation.

Sales in tourist-friendly cities: You can work in small and large stores in cities that are usually visited by many tourists and get a salary commensurate with your working hours.

Waiter:A student job that you can look at as a short-term income to get a better job.

Turkish Language Teacher: As long as you are fluent in Turkish, teaching the language to Iranians living in Turkey who are looking to learn the language is a good opportunity to earn money.

Hotel reception: In tourist cities where many Iranians come for entertainment, you can play an important role in welcoming guests who do not speak Turkish.

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