Tapu | Property document and what you need to know about it

تاپو، سند ملک
Tapu | Property document and what you need to know about it

What is a title deed (Tapu)?

Property Deed (Tapo) A legal document is a proof of a person’s legal right to own a property. Powers of the General Office of Document Registration and Cadastre (Tapu ve Kadastro Genel Müdürlüğü – TKGM). TKGM (formerly Amiri’s Office) is an Ottoman Empire Heritage Institute in the Republic of Turkey as one of the oldest companies founded in 1847.

Since all property in Turkey is absolute property, once you own the property, you have full ownership of your property in Turkey. In addition, your family also has the right to inherit (succession) after your death.

The process of transferring a property document in Turkey

The transfer of the property document begins at the request of the seller in the notaries. You can find property deeds, General Registry and Cadastre offices in all cities of Turkey and applications are accepted on weekdays until noon.

The buyer does not need to be present at the property deed office when applying.

Property documents offices, General Registry Office and Cadastre All documents must be ready for application.

The documents required for the transfer of the property document are as follows:

  • Translation and original of the buyer’s passport
  • Buyer tax number
  • Identity information form
  • Evaluation report
  • Current property document
  • Seller ID

The title deed is paid within the time frame between the application and the final signature. These costs include property tax transportation tax, stamp tax and turnover tax.
By sending a text message about the date and time of the appointment, both parties are invited to the property deed for final signing. The appointment date is usually given on the same afternoon or within a maximum of two days, depending on the volume of work in the notary. If either party is a foreigner, a sworn translator must be present at the notary. The translator has the task of explaining the conditions of transportation to the party because the articles are prepared only in Turkish. After the seller and the buyer have signed the transfer agreement, the title deed will be printed by the agents and given to the buyer.


It is a legal document that proves a person’s ownership of a property.

The documents you need are as follows:

  1. Translation and original of the buyer’s passport,
  2. Buyer tax number,
  3. Identity information form,
  4. Evaluation report,
  5. Current property document,
  6. Seller ID.

You must provide all the required documents. If you buy a property, the seller will provide your documents. Preparing an evaluation report generally takes two days. In addition, if you are a foreign buyer, you must provide all translations of the documents. Once all the required documents have been prepared, the seller must apply for the transfer of the property document to the Land Registry and Cadastre Office. In general, the property deed invites the buyer and seller for final signatures in the afternoon.

The costs of transferring the property document are as follows:

  • By law, both buyers and sellers pay 2%. If you do not negotiate before buying the property, the buyer is expected to pay all the transfer tax as a custom in Turkey.
  • Cost of evaluation report
  • Real Estate Office Capital Turnover

First money! Before signing the document, the secretary asks the seller “Have you received the full amount of your property?”, And the answer should be “yes”. “First, confirm the full payment, then transfer the title deed,” which is the correct and customary method in Turkey.

Generally, this process takes a day or two, depending on the volume of work in the Land Registry and Cadastre.

All property documents in Turkey are absolute. There are no rental properties in Turkey.

You can buy and sell real estate of your own free will because all real estate in Turkey is absolute property. On the other hand, you can not sell the property you bought for Turkish citizenship with an investment within three years, and this must be stated on the title deed.

Yes, in this case, an apostille birth certificate is also required.

Yes, you can buy a property with several people. Depending on the size of the yard, only one or two toys will fit. There are no restrictions for shareholders of a property.

There is no limit to the number of people whose names can be listed on the same title deed.

According to Turkish civil law, if you buy a property after marriage, your spouse has the same right even if your spouse’s name is not written on the property deed.

Yes, it is possible! Reprinting a title deed is a simple task. The Land Registry and Cadastre will keep your original registration as a hard copy and high security software.

In Turkey, your family members have the right to succeed you after your death because the property you buy is your absolute property.

The title of the deposit action is to make a secure online payment for the purchase of the property, where the General Registry and Cadastre Office is located between the buyer and the seller. The money is paid into the office account bank account (Takas Bank) and after registration, the office transfers the money to the seller within a few seconds.

Using the following channels, you can contact the General Office of Document Registration and Cadastre.

website: https://www.yourkeyturkey.gov.tr
email: bilgiedinme@tkgm.gov.tr
Phone: 60 60 413 312 90+
Call center: 181

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