The best ways to earn dollars

The best ways to earn dollars

With the expansion of the Internet space and the development of technology, the methods of earning dollars have become very popular. But due to financial and economic restrictions in the country, many Iranians are looking for new and innovative ways to acquire Dollar incomeare.

Among the most used methods to earn dollars, we can mention earning through Google Adsense. By using Google AdSense, website owners can earn high dollar income by displaying Google ads on their site.

Another way to earn dollars is to use YouTube. By making interesting and useful videos and posting them on YouTube, potential audiences can pay you. This method is especially suitable for people who work in certain fields such as education, entertainment or recreation.

Entering the Amazon market is also another way to Earn dollars Is. By becoming a member of the Amazon marketplace and selling your products, you can earn significant profits. This method provides business people with new challenges.

In addition to these popular methods, other ways such as selling handmade products, starting an online business and even starting activities in the stock market are also considered as attractive and profitable ways.

Real ways to earn dollars

In this article, we are going to introduce you to all kinds of real business methods with dollar income. If you are interested in earning dollars, we suggest that you follow this post until the end. Because in this article, the team 4k Group It provides complete information on various methods of earning dollars, dear contacts. We hope this information will have a positive impact on the process and growth of your business.

The first method

Earning dollars from Google Adsense - google adsense

Maybe you are one of those people who didn’t know that Google has allocated a part of its income to sites that produce content, and you can easily earn dollars by producing content.

How to make money from the roadGoogle Adsense This is how the Google company provides advertisements to you and you by placing said advertisements on your site per You earn money by clicking on them.

In this service, advertisers pay an amount to Google They pay for their ads to be displayed to users, Google has also provided a platform for these ads to be displayed exactly to relevant users, so they leave the ads to the sites that do content creation (English) in related fields. and finally gives a part of the amount paid by the advertisers to the viewers

Guide to using Google Adsense

To earn dollars in this way, you must first have an account Google Adsense Create, to create an AdSense account, people must enter a valid address and bank account information, but you should note that Iranian webmasters cannot create an AdSense account through Iran’s address and account number due to sanctions.

Of course, don’t worry about this. If you want to earn dollars through Google Adsense, easily You can by openingBank AccountInternational in one of the country’s banksTurkey, activate your AdSense account and earn good dollar income through it.

The second method

Earn dollars from YouTube – youtube

You must have heard that YouTube is very well known as one of the sources of earning dollars among Iranians and all the people of the world in general, and there are various ways to earn dollars through YouTube, but the most famous way is earning from It is through the number of views of YouTube channel videos.

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People who want to make money through YouTube can make money by creating video content. All you need to earn dollars is a Gmail account, a YouTube channel with 1000 followers and a Bank Account It is possible that in this case you will be subject to receiving income. Of course, keep in mind that the amount of your income is calculated depending on the watch time of your videos.

Watch time means the time a person spends on your post, actually the time the audience spends on your content.

Important note:

لطفا به این موضوع توجه داشته باشید که حساب های بانکی کشور ایران به دلیل تحریم های موجود مورد تأیید یوتیوب نیستند، بنابراین باید نسبت به opening a bank account در خارج از کشور اقدام کنید.

opening a bank account

The third method

Earn dollars from Google AdMob – google admob

AdMob is another way to earn dollars that is special for developers and creators of mobile applications and games, keep in mind that the way AdMob works is very similar to Google Adsense Yes, if you are an app developer, Google will pay you a fee to display ads to your app users.

Earn dollars from Google AdMob – google admob

Keep in mind that to earn dollars through AdMob, you need the following:

  1. Register on the Google AdMob platform
  2. AOpening a bank account international (as we mentioned before, due to the existing sanctions, the information of Iranian banks is not verified by Google) so if you are looking to earn dollars, you must open a foreign bank account and since to have Bank account in Türkiye No need to receive Stay in Türkiye If you don’t have one, we suggest opening an international account in Turkey.

The fourth method

Earn dollars through freelance projects
Earn dollars through freelance projects

These days, freelancing activities have received a lot of attention from experts, and you can earn great income by doing freelancing projects inside and outside the country, and people who want to Earn dollarshave, they can earn with their skills and doing different projects as a freelancerhave dollars, in the bottom part to some of the jobs that you can do as a freelancerDo we point :

  1. Graphic Design
  2. Programming
  3. Bachelor of SEO
  4. Web design
  5. Content production
  6. Translation Etc

In fact, earning dollars through freelancing is very easy, and finding work through sites that define freelancing projects is simply possible.

If you are one of the applicants to earn dollars through freelancing, you can easily Opening an account International banking in Turkey, problem currency exchange fix and earn in dollars.

One of the famous freelance sites where you can find foreign projects and earn dollars by doing them

The following can be mentioned.

کسب درآمد دلاری از طریق پروژه های فریلنسری- درآمد دلاری در خارج از کشور

The fifth method

Earn dollars by selling products on Amazon

Undoubtedly, you have heard the name of Amazon store, selling goods in this store is another way Earn dollars It is, people who work in the field of making, producing and selling all kinds of products such as handicrafts, can easily offer their products in this big global store.

In fact, Amazon is a multinational technology company that focuses on e-commerce, information processing and artificial intelligence.  Amazon is among the 5 largest companies in the United States and is known as the most influential economic and cultural movement in the world.

To order your goods in this large store (amazon)Sell, first need one You have an accountBut, unfortunately, due to sanctions, Iran is not in the list of countries approved by the seller Products not on Amazon
But if you intend to sell your products on Amazon, you can use Obtaining Turkish residenceEnter this store easily.

Of course, keep in mind that there are several ways to obtain Turkish residence, you can In this link Read the complete information about obtaining Turkish residence

History of the Amazon site

On July 5, 1994, Jeff Bezos launched Amazon in her personal garage in Seattle. Of course, Jeff Bezos was aware that she was setting up her online store in a city where the big company Microsoft is also working there. Bezos expected this to help boost her brand’s credibility.

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Amazon At first, it was only an online market for selling books, but by 1998, there were two other productsThat is, music and video were also added to the products of this site. In the following years, Amazon gradually developed, so that in 2015, that small online store had become one of the largest online stores in the world, where everything was sold. Electronics, various software, video games, clothing, home appliances, food, toys, and jewelry were just some of the products sold on Amazon.

In 2015, Amazon was officially named the most trusted retailer in the United States. In 2017, with a value of 13.4 billion dollars, Amazon won the title of one of the largest food chain stores in the world, and in 2018, this site was able to serve 100 million people worldwide with its famous 2-day delivery service, Amazon Prime. slow From its birth in that small garage in Seattle to today, Amazon has grown significantly and gained a significant reputation in the world.

The sixth method

Earn dollars through Twitch

کسب درآمد دلاری از طریق گوگل و آمازون- روش کسب درآمد دلاری

It might be interesting for you to know that Twitch is actually a live video broadcasting service through which people can display their video content live. In the following, we will provide you with complete explanations on how to earn dollars from Twitch. we give.

1- Earning through Donit on Twitch

One of the ways to earn money in the Twitch service is that Twitch users can help you as much as you want in exchange for watching your online content on the site, this help can be with Twitch currency or dollars.

- فروش آنلاین کسب درآمد دلاری از طریق پروژه های فریلنسری- درآمد دلاری در خارج از کشور

2- Making money on Twitch through subscription

Producers of video content on Twitch can receive an amount from visitors by selling subscriptions to their page, this amount is paid monthly and it is interesting to know that this method is one of the most common ways to earn money through Twitch. Of course, in order to earn dollars from this method, you must first attract the audience.

- فروش آنلاین کسب درآمد دلاری از طریق پروژه های فریلنسری- درآمد دلاری در خارج از کشور 1 (1)

3- Earning through Twitch Affiliate - Twitch Affiliate

Affiliate is actually a privilege that online content producers benefit from if they attract an audience as well as continuous activity, when you can join Twitch’s Affiliate, you will be able to earn money on Twitch through advertising, sponsorship, etc.

In general, if you are interested in creating online content, Twitch can be a very good option for you.Keep in mind that in order to access the income you earn through Twitch, you must One Bank Account have an international.

- فروش آنلاین کسب درآمد دلاری از طریق پروژه های فریلنسری- درآمد دلاری در خارج از کشور (2)

4- Commenting and responding on foreign sites

Another way to earn dollars is to comment or respond to users on some English language sites. One of these sites where you can earn money by responding to users’ opinions, the site Ask WonderIt is called. This site is considered one of the most reliable sites in this field. Therefore, every year a large number of people generate income in it.

The next site that can still earn dollars is called Just Answer. This site is also a good option to earn dollar income. You should know that for this type of income generation, you will need an international bank account in most cases. So if you want to earn money in this way, take action to open your international bank account.

- فروش آنلاین کسب درآمد دلاری از طریق پروژه های فریلنسری- درآمد دلاری در خارج از کشور (2)

The seventh method

Setting up an online store
Selling online earning dollars through freelance projects - earning dollars abroad

Another way to earn dollars is to open an online store. Because the internet is a global space, you can sell your products and earn dollars by selling them to foreign people. Of course, if you have a normal store in the area of your products, you can only get an amount in Iranian currency, but the situation will definitely be better in the online store.

Now the problem that arises here is to understand how to send our product to other countries after sale? Many different solutions have been proposed to answer this question. Among these solutions is having an international account as well as a contract with Turkish couriers. Before concluding this contract, you need to mention that the shipping of the goods sold by you must be done at a lower price than the rest of the people.

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Be aware that you still have to pay a fee to the courier to sell to countries other than Turkey. In fact, you have to pay a double fee to get your product from Turkey to the destination country. Now, if you state on your site that the cost of sales is with the customer, your situation will be better. But again, due to the sanctions, few people are willing to buy from Iran. So you will have a difficult task ahead. But what is the solution to avoid this problem?

Our suggestion for you to earn dollars in this way is to sell products that can be downloaded. By selling these products, you will not have to worry about sending the product to other countries. But the thing you should know at this time is how to get your salary after the sale. For this problem, we offer you two solutions. First International account Open and secondly from the payment portal Digital currencies use.

The eighth method

Earn dollars using digital currencies

In this method, you do not need to have a dollar account. In other words, this is the method of buying and selling digital currencies or cryptocurrencies. Nowadays, buying and selling digital currencies has become very popular in all parts of the world, including Iran. The reason for this increasing popularity is their easy use and good income generation through them.

You buy and sell for that Digital currencies To start, it is enough to register in an exchange and then buy and sell or even investmenttake on. The methods through which you can earn from digital currencies are the following.

  • Mining digital currencies using special devices
  • to trade
  • buy and hold

Also, keep in mind that trading and investing in this method requires training. Also, keep in mind that trading and investing in this method requires training. In the meantime, remember that outside of the relevant trainings, you should already be familiar withExchangeا Also be familiar.

There are reputable exchanges in the world that you can easily register in. But because in this case, you may be blocked due to sanctions, so it is suggested that you do this more carefully. We mean more accuracy for work, more accuracy in choosing an exchange before investing. For example, the Binance exchange recently sent an email to Iranians and other embargoed countries warning them to get out of Binance.

But there are also international exchanges that do not have a problem with sanctions and you can easily operate in them. In addition to operating in some international exchanges, you canIranian exchangesOpen an account and start earning.

The ninth method

Earn dollars by selling photos online

If you are interested in photography, design and graphics and are active in this field, you can earn dollars by selling your photos online. Websites like Unsplash، Dribble Teespring،Shutterstock،can optionssuitable be for dollar income.

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