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Turkey has been one of the most popular destinations for foreign investors and buyers for the past two decades. When buying a house and investing, the first step for foreigners is to open a bank account in Turkey, to transfer their money from their countries to Turkey safely. Opening a bank account in Turkey is an easy and short-term process. The key challenge that foreigners may face in this process is not being familiar with the Turkish language. Our representatives who speak your language and will be with you at every stage of the real estate purchase, As with any other step, 4k group will help you open your bank account.

Istanbul Turkey Bank Account
The documents required to open a bank account in Turkey are as follows:

  • Your passport (Most banks in Turkey want a translation of your passport)
  • Tax number,
  • Proof of your address The address can be checked with a residence permit (İkamet Tezkeresi) or electricity bill with the name and address of the house.

Having a bank account in Turkey has several benefits. Some of these are as follows:
  • You can transfer money from your country to your account in Turkey whenever you need it.
  • You can pay your utility bills automatically
  • You do not need to pay in cash, you can pay with your car
  • When you invest in Turkish lira, Turkish banks pay high interest rates on your investments.
  • Having good relationships with bank staff is very important. We suggest that our clients work with only one bank so that they can establish a good relationship with their bank. The more transactions you have through the bank, the sooner the bank will get to know you and the more welcome you will be.


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The information required to transfer money to Turkey is as follows:

  • Full name of the recipient
  • Recipient’s full address
  • Name of bank and branch,
  • Recipient bank address,
  • receiver.

Yes, However, one day before you want to withdraw your money for amounts over 50,000 Turkish lira, you must inform the bank.

When you go to the bank with the required documents, opening a bank account takes less than an hour.

Not! Banks do not charge you to open a bank account.

Documents required to open a bank account are: Passport, Turkish tax number and proof of address (water, electricity or residence permit).

You can open a bank account in any Turkish bank.

Yes, and usually most banks have the ability to convert the Turkish language menu to English,

SWIFT stands for Financial Communication Association for the World Between Banks. Each bank has its own Swift code. Hence, each swift code is a unique identifier for registering a bank account. In case of money transfer abroad, a SWIFT number is enough to identify the recipient’s bank account internationally.

IBAN is a combination of fast recipient code and bank account number. For each money transfer, you need an IBAN number.

In Turkey you can open a bank account with all currencies.

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