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It is mandatory for foreign buyers to receive a property appraisal report. We help our customers receive this important document as a free service

From 15.02.2019, it is mandatory to have an evaluation report (evaluation) in every international sale of property (soon every sale in Turkey).

The government wants to ensure that foreign buyers of property in Turkey; They buy the property at a reasonable price.

Two validated and validated assessors from SPK prepare this study. One of them examines the plans, the details of the municipal registry and the Tapu office (property document). They visit the property to make sure you are buying the property shown to you. The controller checks the accuracy of housing price measurements and registration. Everyone swears, they are experts in swearing.

The government needs the market value of the property, rather than the value declared by the seller. A seller already had the chance to announce much lower selling prices to have a lower chance of paying transfer tax. Therefore, valuation estimation is also used as a property measurement criterion for calculating taxes.

Value of property in Istanbul and buy a house and get a Turkish passport

Evaluation reporting methods

If you are planning to buy a property in Turkey you need to be sure of the value of the property you are going to buy. There are two types of evaluation reports. Real estate appraisal and project appraisal with a feasibility study.

The Real Estate Appraisal Report includes the following information:

• Property document details
• Information about charts and locations
• Real photos
• Similar property prices in the area
• Property price forecast
• The General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre examines the debt situation and the technical situation

Upon request and according to the characteristics of the property, an assessment report can include more needs and conditions. Experts usually develop one of three different approaches to valuation reporting, depending on the qualifications of the property:

Comparison of similar property methods – This property is compared to many related real estates
Probable Income Method – Analyze the net income flow of a property
Reconstruction cost method – Reconstruction costs of the same real estate in the current economic conditions

Evaluation reports in Turkey

4K Group Holding works with independent experts in certified appraisal (Sermaye Piyasası Kurulu). These experts are certified to evaluate real estate and evaluate projects in Turkey.

(Sermaye Piyasası Kurulu) stands for Capital Markets Board – the main regulator of Turkish finance and banking. In Turkey, we call them reputable SPK specialists. We will provide you with detailed evaluation reports throughout Turkey.

Value of property in Istanbul and buy a house and get a Turkish passport

The evaluators are qualified and licensed to prepare the available reports as follows.

• Evaluate a house / villa or apartment
• Commercial buildings, offices, shops, shopping mall appraisals and shop appraisals
• Agricultural lands, lands, maps, plots and land assessments
• Hotel evaluation
• Urban Renovation Assessment (Urban Transformation Assessment)
• Mine assessment, gas station assessment,
• Ship, marine assessment, aircraft yacht, aircraft assessment
• Brand evaluation
• Company evaluation

Feasibility report in Turkey

Valuation reports are used not only for existing properties but also for future construction projects. Future project evaluation reports show you how you can build them with high profitability.

If you have a project and you want to know how to make the most of it, the project evaluation will be re-prepared by real estate experts in Turkey for a feasibility study.

The feasibility report includes the following:

• Financial analysis
• Project cost cash flow
• Project revenue flow
• Legal care
• Legal permits and licenses
• property rights
• Production License

ارزش ملک در استانبول و خرید خانه و دریافت پاسپورت ترکیه

Project evaluation helps you to find out if your plan is viable. For the following investment projects, you may need a feasibility report:

• Investing in land
• Invest in a hotel
• Shopping and investment shopping center
• Housing and Housing Investments
• Agricultural investments with crop analysis and harvest
• Industrial investments

for example; You may want to build a hotel project or buy a hotel in Turkey. You will receive the following details when ordering the project evaluation report:

• Evaluate land prices, property document information and location on the map and location information
• Check the debt situation, check the technical conditions in the municipality and the General Office of Land Registration and Cadastre
• Project development costs
• Construction and operating costs
• Financial statements include revenue streams and expenses
• Suggestions for achieving more practical and alternative investment projects

Evaluation report delivery delivery periods

4K Group cooperates with companies with real estate valuation in their service areas in Turkey. When buying a property with 4K Group, we will help you arrange this document as our sales service in 2 days. All our real estate transactions on our website have pre-evaluation reports, because we assure you of the best price guarantee.

In Turkish metropolises, a property appraisal report takes 3 days. Completing other cities can take another 3 days (6 days in total). Depending on the region, the hotel evaluation report takes about 15 days. For other reports such as project evaluation and feasibility, land price evaluation, company evaluation, brand evaluation, etc., you can request the delivery time of the report. These reports last between 2 weeks and 1 month.

For the price and time of the proposed real estate appraisal report and project feasibility report, please contact us directly.


Buying property and citizenship questions

If you are buying real estate in Turkey as a foreigner, an assessment report is required to obtain your title deed from a notary public.

The cost of a valid evaluation report by SPK varies depending on the city and its characteristics. For more details, you can refer to our costs page.

zero 4K Group Holding offers these services to its customers for free.

Professionals approve the property when requesting an appraisal report. They film, and oversee Tapo’s office. Finally, they search for registered municipal programs. Experts collect prices for comparison. The length of a study is between 20 and 35 pages. Preparation takes 2 days.
Tapo office does not want to be in the real estate law for more than 3 months. If the report expires, we will help our customers to renew it free of charge after 3 months.
The Real Estate Valuation Office will be set up under the Land Registry and Cadastre Office in accordance with the presidential decree on 5.2.2019. Real estate transaction price evaluation and figures for Turkey are very recent. We are at a very early stage. Because we do not have a large database, the accuracy of the report may vary by up to 20%.
After selecting a property with 4K Group, we directly arrange a fast and reliable service specialist.
SPK stands for Board Market Board, which in Turkish means Sermaye Piyasası Kurulu. It is the highest regulator in finance, stock exchanges and banking in Turkey.

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