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Our company offers guaranteed delivery of property document with zero failure and happy ending. We are fully responsible for delivering your title deed under the agreed terms
A title deed is a document that proves that you own the property. When a property is sold in Turkey, the document is transferred to the registry offices. Although this transaction is not complicated, it requires sufficient knowledge and accuracy.

4K Group follows the document transfer process for its customers as a free after-sales service. With years of experience, we have delivered thousands of property deeds without any failure.
Once you have signed all the deeds of sale and transfer, the sales representatives of the 4K Group specialist will submit all the necessary documents to the Real Estate Registry. If you do not mention the lawyer’s name on the power of attorney, you must be present in person to transfer the title deed. At the agreed time, both the seller and the buyer (or the person acting as your attorney) will meet at the notary. And the transfer of the property document is done in the presence of a sworn translator.

Real estate documents in Turkey to receive a Turkish passport and a passport in Istanbul, Turkey and the costs of transferring the document in Turkey
The process of transferring the property document is as follows:
Real estate document in Turkey and its transfer to receive a Turkish passport and residence in Istanbul and all costs
  • All the necessary documents for the transfer of the property document have been prepared.
  • After filling out the paperwork, all the necessary details will be sent to the notary public.
  • The buyer pays the full amount on the day of transfer of the document and receives the real estate authority.

Due to the transfer of money from foreign accounts, foreigners usually transfer the property document in about 3 to 5 days. After signing the property deed, we will help you transfer our subscription subscription from the previous owner, such as water, gas and electricity, to your name. This is done quite comfortably, efficiently and easily.


Buying property and citizenship questions

Yes, at the time of transfer of the title deed, the buyer will pay the following fees.

  • By law, the buyer and seller share the cost of 4% of the document shipping tax. However, as is customary in Turkey, if you do not negotiate before buying a property, the buyer is expected to pay all shipping taxes.
  • Cost of evaluation report
  • Notarized capital turnover
Yes, in this case the parents have to sign for their children. Also, a child’s birth certificate with an apostille document is required in such cases. Also, a child’s birth certificate with an apostille document is required in such cases.
Yes, you can represent anyone you trust. You do not have to be a lawyer or a consultant.

Normally you can sell your property at any time and after. However, when you buy for Turkish citizenship, you will not be able to sell your property in the first three years, and this will be stated on the transfer forms.

Mortgages are used when the buyer owes money to the seller. Using the property as collateral, it secures the seller’s debt. Using the property as collateral, it secures the seller’s debt.

All property in Turkey is absolute property. You only have ownership for a specific period. In other words, you and your family will retain ownership of your property unless you decide to sell it. Following your death, your family will inherit your property.

4K Group helps you transfer your title deed as a free after-sales service.

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