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We help you get electricity, water, gas and internet subscriptions after buying a property in Turkey via Istanbul.
4k Group, which provides free after-sales service for your dream home as part of the buying process. Sharing applications is one of the few steps in our after-sales service. Our after-sales service is only available to customers who purchase a property with 4k Group.

In this article, you will find detailed information about subscriptions and consumer bills in Turkey. Buyers of real estate in Turkey will need to obtain the following types of amenities:

  • Electric subscription
  • Water sharing
  • Gas sharing
  • Internet membership

After buying the house, you will have your property document. Then, we will help you to get a subscription for your water, electricity, gas and internet subscription. At this stage, we will inform you about the easiest and safest ways to pay your bills. If you give a power of attorney to 4k Group, we will also receive and register all subscriptions on your behalf.

DASK (Turkish Natural Disaster Insurance)

This is a mandatory earthquake insurance. Compulsory earthquake insurance is government-required insurance that is renewed every year.

Preparation of DASK insurance policy

First, you must have a DASK insurance policy in Turkey for subscriptions such as electricity, water and gas. You can get it from an insurance company in your area or from a bank. The cost of insurance depends on the size of the property. The average cost is from 100 Turkish lira to 150 Turkish lira.

The information and documentation required for a DASK policy is as follows:

  • Your personal tax number
  • Personal phone number (valid in Turkey)
  • The full address of your property
  • Year of construction of your property
  • Number of floors of your property
  • Name and surname of the property owner

Once the DASK policy is finalized, you can apply for your subscriptions such as electricity, water and gas.

Electricity subscription

In Turkey, electricity is supplied by private companies. First, you inform the customer service of the company from which you are purchasing electricity. Then, you have to pay a fee to complete your transaction.
The average cost for our electricity subscription is from 250 Turkish lira to 500 Turkish lira. Once all the required documents are ready, you may receive a subscription within 2 days.

The necessary information and documents for our electricity subscriber are as follows:

  1. DASK policy
  2. Copy of your property document
  3. Permission to occupy
  4. Your personal tax number
  5. Original and copy of passport
  6. phone number
water subscription

Water is supplied by local Turkish municipalities. For example, ISKI (Istanbul Water and Sewerage Authority) is the reference for new water sharing and other related works in Istanbul.
When applying for a water share for the first time for a new property, you have to pay an average subscription fee of 600-700 TL. This amount will be between 100-150 Turkish lira when another property has already been canceled. Once you have all the documents required to subscribe, you may receive it within 3 days.

The necessary information and documents for Abmanman Ab are as follows:

  1. DASK policy
  2. Copy of property document
  3. Permission to occupy
  4. Original and copy of passport
  5. Personal phone number
Natural gas subscription

Private companies supply natural gas, which is one of the energy sources in Turkey. You can get a subscription contract in person by referring to the appropriate documents in person at the customer service centers. The company will then inspect your property and approve the installation.

After confirmation, after you pay an average of 1.200 Turkish lira, the installation will be completed.

The necessary information and documents for our gas subscription are as follows:

  1. DASK policy
  2. Original and copy of your passport
  3. Permission to occupy
  4. Personal tax number
  5. Personal phone number

Important note: If your passport is in Latin letters, a translation of your notarized passport may be required.

Important note

If your passport is in Latin letters, a translation of your notarized passport may be required.

Internet subscription

The Internet is provided by private companies in Turkey. Superonline and Turk Telekom are well-known and widely suppliers in the Turkish Internet service industry. Internet companies start your internet connection in an average of three days.

The necessary information and documents for our Internet subscription are as follows:

  1. The full address of your property
  2. Residence permit document
  3. Personal phone number

After sending the request with these details, a notification will be sent to your phone. You can pay the charge to authorized banks or internet branches using the user number in this message. The average cost depends on the internet company.


Buying property and citizenship questions

In general, no. However, you will receive electricity and water within three days. Internet and natural gas subscriptions take from one to two weeks, depending on the workload of the technicians.

Yes, when you request a connection for electricity, water and natural gas, you deposit an amount that will be refunded if the contract with these service companies is canceled. Internet companies, on the other hand, do not apply for deposits.

Not. Employees of the local electricity company and municipality visit your property, check your water and electricity meters monthly, and put your bills in your inbox. You pay for what you use.

Ancillary services are cheaper than most European countries. According to statistics in 2018, Turkey is ranked 16th in the ranking of the most expensive energy prices in the world.

You can pay your bills at banks, post offices and bill payment centers in Turkey. In addition, you can pay using online banking. You can also order automatically for your water and electricity bills. This way, your bills will be paid as soon as you have enough balance in your bank account or credit card.

Yes, however, in general, agents cannot speak English or any other foreign language. It is recommended that you make these requests with someone who can translate the conversations with the agents for you. Experienced 4k Group agents are with their clients at all stages to avoid communication gaps and to do so in an easier way.

In Turkey, a useful communication can be established with a power of attorney. If you prefer, you can leave us a power of attorney so that our experienced team can get our subscription on your behalf.

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