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If you have a property in Istanbul that you would like to sell, contact us now. Our team is a leader in real estate sales and has more than 20 years of experience in this field

Why choose 4K Group to sell your property?

Extensive visits to your property

Your property will be registered on our company website and the main real estate portals. Our websites have tens of thousands of visitors of different nationalities every day, so you will get the most out of it. Getting your property more visible to buyers is the fastest way to sell your property.

Foreign buyers

We have a large team of real estate experts who can speak more than 5 languages. This means that not only Turkish buyers but also international investors can buy your property from all over the world. You need to prepare yourself for foreign buyers as well.

Professional advertising

Selling a property requires a professional team with experience and training with the right tactics. Photos of your property will be taken by our professional photographer and the description that best shows your property will be written by our experienced editing team.

All services together

All the services you need to sell your property will be covered by us:
Successful Marketing Key Hold | Official documents Organizing visiting tours Filter real buyers

Real Estate Appraisal

It is important to find the true value of your property. Therefore, our experienced team works with real market data for it. It is also mandatory to receive a property evaluation report for the sale of property to foreigners in Turkey from 15/02/2019. We will guide you through the whole process.

Honesty and transparency in all stages

In all stages, in addition to accompanying you, our team explains all the available information and restrictions to you accurately and clearly and helps you sell your property to the best customer.

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