Obtaining a tax number

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For any registration and financial transaction in Turkey, the tax number is the most important identification number. Each Turkish national identification number is automatically a tax identification number. A tax number is a ten-digit number assigned to an individual. Foreigners must have a tax number to open a bank account, buy real estate, subscribe to utilities, get insurance, receive health care, go through official paperwork, apply for a residence permit, and so on.

What are the conditions for getting a tax number in Turkey, buying a property, getting a Turkish passport and staying in Istanbul?

This transaction usually takes less than twenty minutes. After receiving the tax number, you can open your bank account and make your official transactions. To obtain a tax number, you must go to any local tax office and apply for it. All you need for this transaction is “Your Original Passport” and “Copy of Your Passport”. Registration is free. Your tax number will also be processed after registration on the screen of all Turkish financial institutions, including banks, which means that you can also open a bank account.


Buying property and citizenship questions

This is your special identification number that is used in your daily life in Turkey in registration applications. You must have a tax number for the process of buying and selling and financial transactions, including:

  • opening a bank account
  • Transfer of title deed
  • Power of attorney transactions
  • Apply for a residence permit
  • Insurance
  • paying tax
  • Subscribe to applications

Your original passport and a copy of the documents required to obtain a Turkish tax number.

Every city and its districts in Turkey have tax offices, you can get a tax number by visiting one of them or you can get a tax code online from the relevant site:


You can get it back by contacting the tax office.

Not. In Turkey, getting a tax number is free.

Receiving a tax number does not mean paying taxes. Using this number, you can know the debts and taxes registered in your name. This is a tool that you will use if you need to pay your taxes, such as: Income tax, annual property tax and document transfer tax.

Of course, 4k Group customers do not need it. This is part of our free after-sales service.

Once you receive it, you can use your tax number without time limit.

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